Homeopathic preparations

Agaricus muscaricus

It is prescribed for muscle spasms and frostbite with unbearable itching. Convulsions stop during sleep. In acute poisoning with vomiting and diarrhea. For allergies with itchy rashes.

Aconitum Napellus

Apply at the beginning of the disease. The face is red and swollen. Pain is accompanied by goosebumps, numbness, thirst and severe dryness of the skin. When sweat appears, the indications for aconite end.

Actea racemosa

Indicated in diseases of the uterus and ovaries. It has the chief characteristics of being worse during menstruation and better with eating.


Suitable for diarrhea with urgency and relaxation of the sphincter of the anus. Violent tenesmus and fainting after stool. Hemorrhoids with prolapsed knots, with burning and tenesmus. When urinating and passing gases, feces are released. Prolapse of the rectum in children.


Constipation from dry mucous membranes (bryonia). Even soft stools take a lot of effort to get out.

Anacardium orientale

Loss of memory from mental labour, sexual excesses and old age. Better with eating all symptoms.

Antimonium crudum

A cold bath is the cause of illness. The tongue is coated with a thick white coating. Constant irritability. Worse from heat and cold baths.

Apis mellifica

Swelling of the genitals is better from cold. Burning, heat, redness. Swelling of the throat, tongue, lips. Pale skin and lack of thirst. The child presses his head into the pillow and constantly turns his head from one side to the other, wakes up with a sharp piercing cry caused by pain. Cramps on one side of the body. Allergies with itching.

Argentum nitricum

Singers hoarse. Fear of loneliness. Arnica Injury. The big toe is swollen, reddened, hot and shiny, extremely sensitive to the slightest touch. The patient cannot bear to be touched or even attempted to be touched.

Arsenic album

Cold drinks aggravate. Better from warmth. Foamy, egg white-like expectoration. Worse at night. Coryza, watery, corrosive. Edema. Exhausting diarrhea. Burning and thirst. Pain on left side after midnight. Stuttering from excitement in public.

Arum triphylum

Symptoms of scarlet fever. Crimson tongue, tonsillitis, high fever. Aphonia. Aurum Caries. Antidepressant. Suicidal tendencies. Chronic alcoholism.

Baptisia tinctoria

Cramping at the beginning of a meal. Gastrointestinal infections. Sharp muscle sensitivity. Fetidness of all discharges. Numbness. Senseless facial expression.

Baryta carb.

Mental retardation. Dwarf growth. Senile atherosclerosis. Senile dizziness. At 3 o’clock in the morning severe pain in the side.


Red face. Sudden start. Swelling. Pulsation. Excitation. Pupil dilation. Chatty. Sees ghosts. Afraid of water (Gyosc. Stram.). Seizures. Strong fever. Scarlet fever. Shiny red joints. The erysipelas are normal. Erythema after sunburn. Sensitive to touch. Pressure on lower abdomen (Sep. Lil. tig.). The mammary glands are hard and red. Day and night urinary incontinence. Accelerated pulse. Pulsation in forehead. Worse from noise and motion. Worse from 4 pm to 3 pm. Hot sweat on face. Thirst.


Arthritis. Left-sided renal colic. Worse from motion and pressure. Itching is better from cold. Endocrine system disorders.


Stomatitis. Afraid to move down. bromium Asthma. Better at sea. Expansion of the right pupil. Left-sided lymphadenitis. Numbness in right hand.

Bryonia alba

Right-sided dry pleurisy. Worse, slightest movement. Lying on the affected side. Stitching pains in the side. Beginning of bronchitis. Movement in the joints is painful. When the joint is compressed, the pain decreases. Peritonitis. Intercostal neuralgia. Mastitis. The migraine is aggravated by walking. Profuse perspiration of the whole body has a sour smell.

Veratrum album

Collapse. Sweat on forehead cold. Cramps in calves. Cholera. Vomiting and diarrhea. The chair looks like rice. Cramps in the abdomen. Desire to cut and tear clothes. Religious and erotic mania (Stram.). Violent. Threatens. Worse in wet weather. Hands are cold and clammy. Dizziness.


Venous bleeding. Varicose veins. Bleeding hemorrhoids.


Paralysis. Blindness before headache. Grimaces. Flu. Shiver.

Hepar sulphuris

Suppuration. Right-sided neuralgia. Pain from touch. Pain at base of nose. Pain in frontal sinuses. Internal chill. Desires warmth.


Violation of cerebral circulation. Sunstroke. Worse from motion. Dislikes a covered head. Vertigo. Seizures.


Constipation. Lumpy and bulky feces. Slime. Diarrhea. Rash behind the ears. Eczema with viscous yellow fluid. Worse from heat. Night itching worse in warm bed. Thick crooked toenails. Fungal diseases. Cracks in the skin.


Pulmonary edema. Jaundice. Bradycardia. Adenoma. Dizziness. cardiac arrhythmias.


Whooping cough. Attacks of coughing. Vomiting of mucus. Worse after midnight. Pulmonary edema.


Diseases from dampness (Natr. Sulph.). Urinary retention in children. Urine white. Pain in the jaw is accompanied by increased appetite. Cough comes on when going from warm to cold, damp room. Coughing causes pain in the abdomen.


Hysteria. Seizures. Morning neuralgia. It looks like nails are being driven into the head. The headache is followed by vomiting and copious urine. Pain in stomach immediately after eating. Prolapse of the rectum in children.


Emaciation. Gluttony. Palpitation. Diarrhea. Goiter. Asthma. Adenoids. Diseases of the endocrine system.


Profuse accumulation of mucus in bronchi. Aversion to food. Nausea. Vomiting of mucus. The tongue is clean without plaque.


The heart is squeezed with an iron hand. Joints begin to be affected from top to bottom. Suffocation. Fainting. Cold sweat.

Calcarea carbonica

Rickets. Late teething. Starts walking late. Strong sweating of the head. Shortness of breath when going uphill. Cold feet. The stool has a sour smell and contains undigested food. Slow thinking. Vertigo on rising and on turning the head. Afraid of open spaces. Headaches appear in the morning on the right side. They are worse from physical and mental work, as well as from alcohol. Profuse sweat from least exertion. The cure for obesity.

Calcarea fluorata

Connective tissue diseases. Broken and twisted bones. Calcium exchange.

Calcarea phosphorica

Poor healing fractures. Headache on mental exertion.


Frequent urination with burning. Pain persists after passing urine. Urine with blood. Burns with blisters. Reduced sexual activity.

Carbo vegetabilis

Collapse. Cold. Cyanosis. Bloating in the supine position. Morning vertigo with nausea. Loss of voice. Worse in damp evening. Fetid discharge. Food poisoning. cuprum metallicum Seizures. Spasms. Whooping cough. Asthma with vomiting. Epilepsy. Colic. Long-term hepatic remedy.

Kali bicromicum

Very viscous yellowish mucus. Worse after midnight. Better sitting and leaning forward. Yellow coating on the tongue. Decreased vision before migraine. Pain in a small area of ​​the body. Ulcer of the stomach and duodenum. Diseases of the veins.


Bleeding. Climax. All symptoms pass from left to right. Sun Migraine. Wakes up with headaches. Pain in temples and crown. The back of the head is filled with lead. Haemorrhoids. Alcoholic cachexia. Profuse sweat in the morning. Cirrhosis. Bedsores. The collar strangles him.

Lilium tigrinum

Decreased vision from fatigue. Diseases of the pelvic organs.

Lycopodium. Persistent constipation. Flatulence. Worse from 4 to 8 pm. Cirrhosis. Sand in clear urine. Coryza with normal sense of smell. They see only the left half of the object. Chicken blindness. Itching and burning in the genitals. Chronic diseases of the liver. Urolithiasis disease.


Cramping during teething. Epilepsy. Constipation. Compression in the anus.


Profuse salivation. Thirst. Bad breath. The gums are bleeding. Violent urge to stool. Worse at night. Night sweats. Suppuration. Chronic alcoholism.

Acidum nitricum

Cracks and ulcers on the border of mucous membranes. Bleeding from gums. The head is compressed in the morning. Hypertension. Increased acidity.

Nux vomica

Active and funny. Cunning and angry. Convulsions and spasms. Worse from noise, motion and touch. Trembling of the hands of drunkards. Irritability. Desire and diarrhea from coffee and alcohol. Nausea in the morning. Heartburn. Sour burp. Constipation without tenesmus. They love spices. Migraine on waking. Liver diseases. Tobacco poisoning.


Constipation. No urge to stool with large amounts of feces. Delirium tremens. Sleepiness after eating. Pupil constriction. No pain. Thirst with chill and no thirst with heat. Wheezing breath. Crimson face. Hot sweat. Lead colic.


Eczema of the head and behind the ears. Abrasions and cracks. Frostbite with itching. Smelly sweat on feet. Worse in winter. Dyspepsia. Increased appetite at night. Pain in stomach goes away after eating (Anac. Chel.). Seasickness. In the evening there is heat in the face and cold feet. Chills are replaced later. Dry and cracked skin.


Hysteria. Afraid of death. Insomnia. Sexual arousal. Megalomania. The pressure goes from top to bottom to the genitals. Internal cold. The head is in a vice.


Menstruation is scanty. Menstruation ended after a cold. Cold liquids are retained, warm liquids are erupted. Tongue covered with white greasy coating. Diarrhea after fatty food. Better outdoors. Thrombophlebitis of the lower extremities. All night dry cough. Better sitting in bed. The headache is relieved by contracting the head. The pain moves from one place to another. The pain decreases with a change in position. Chilliness. Melancholy.

Rhus toxicodendron

Rheumatism. Left-sided inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Itching and burning in skin diseases. Burns. Red triangle on the tongue. Numbness in left arm and shoulder. It seems that the heart is tired. Diseases from dampness (Dulc.). Vertigo on rising. Sciatica. When tilting the head, it seems that the brain hits the cranium. The pain is better when the head is thrown back. Feeling like you’ve been doused with cold water. Need to stretch. Thirst in heat. Worse from dampness.


Prolapse of the uterus. Beli yellow-green. Strong itching. Constipation. Haemorrhoids. Desire for sour and seasonings. Flatulence. Does not tolerate milk. Smoker’s diarrhea. Throbbing pains over left eye. Back pain.


Suppuration. Non-healing scars. Chronic ulcers. The pus is thin and smelly with blood. Scabs on the head. Rickets. Pain in occiput from excessive mental exertion. Right side pain above the eye. Epilepsy on new moon. Persistent neuralgia. Night pains in the joints. Worse lying down. Better sitting. Cough from cold drinks. Better from hot. The scratches fester. He eats a lot and loses weight.


Redness of various orifices of the body. Heat attacks. Furuncles. Itching. Rheumatism. Chronic runny nose. Asthma. Dyspepsia of drunkards. Diarrhea from flour. Constipation. Weakness after influenza. Hot and stuffy. Desire to get out into the fresh air. Exit from drinking.


Vertigo with pallor. Seasickness with chills. Multiple sclerosis. Pain in the right side of the head. Migraines in women in a smoky room.


Condylomas. Warts. Frequent and painful urination with burning. Cutting pain in urethra. Complication after vaccinations. The forehead is clamped in a vise. The nail is driven into the crown. Occipital pains are better when the head is thrown back. Pain over left eye. Leucorrhoea and pain in left ovary during menstruation. Cough after eating. Heat with thirst. Sweat on exposed parts of the body. Dense growths.

Ferrum metal

The face turns red for any reason. Aversion to meat. Nausea at the beginning of a meal and at midnight. Worse after midnight. Nosebleeds relieve pain. Headaches during menstruation. Morning right supraorbital neuralgia in the morning. Frequent nosebleeds. Asthma attacks after midnight. Better from slow walking. Prolapse of the rectum in children. Convulsive cough comes on in the morning and ends after eating. Chill between 3 and 4 pm. Diseases of the blood.

Acidum phosphorus

Growing too fast. Tired of mental work. Involuntary pale diarrhea. Pressure in the crown. Whiskey squeezed. Nervous exhaustion.


Burning sensation in the brain rises from the spine. Avoids mental and physical work. Complete indifference. Tendency to bleed. Hematemesis. Hemoptysis. Improves memory.


Purulent follicular angina. Small whitish dots merge into raids. Must move (Rhus tox.). The pain passes from the forehead to the back of the head. Morning chills. Cold sweat on forehead. Night sweat. Wet feet disease.


Hysteria. Fainting. Seizures. Anger. Toothache from hot food. Red face. Painful menses. Children’s catarrhs ​​during teething. One cheek is red, the other is white. Complications after childbirth.


Diseases of the liver. Falls forward. Spasms of the eyelids. Belmo on the cornea.


Exhaustion from loss of blood. Diarrhea. Copious night sweats. Ascites. Bloating. Diarrhea immediately after eating. Cirrhosis of the liver. Gout. The pain is aggravated by movement. Sees objects in yellow and pink. Headaches every 2 days. Worse from touch. Better from pressure and in a warm room. Exhaustion from loss of fluids. Remedy for fear. Diseases of the kidneys.


Worms. Urine becomes cloudy quickly. At 1 pm paroxysms of chilliness with thirst. Heat in limbs with pain in abdomen. Insomnia. Cough comes on when moving. Itching in the nose. Headache appears before an attack of epilepsy. Epilepsy. Nose picking. Grinding of teeth. Jumping in a dream.

Escullus gipoc

Crimson hemorrhoids. Leucorrhoea with weakness in the back. Burning discharge from nose (Arsen.). Stimulates the immune system.