Homeopathy for fistulas

Silica. Tendency to form fistulas. Rigidity and hardness. Weakness of spirit. Sad, fearful and anxious. Weak temper (Lycopodium. Causticum). Lacks character and energy. Sensitivity to cold. Shy and obedient. Brittle nails. Head and feet sweat profusely. Adaptable and restless. Prone to suppuration. Children are skinny. Big head and belly. They start walking late. Anxious and agitated. Fontanelles grow slowly.

The skin is yellowish. Lymph nodes are dense and enlarged. Chronic sluggish purulent inflammation. Extremely chilly. Worse at new moon. Scars and adhesions. Worse outdoors. Exhaustion. Indecision. Worse from cold. Headache relieved by wrapping the head warmly. Increased sweating. Adynamic. Sweat with an unpleasant odor. Better when wrapping. Greater sensitivity to cold.

Tendency to colds. Constipation from spasm of the anal sphincter. Fistulas. The growth of connective tissue. Cirrhosis of parenchymal organs. Worse in the morning. Better in a warm room. Better in summer. Wounds heal slowly and fester. Shyness. Attacks of anxiety and fear. Depression and resignation. Afraid to wake up. Compliance and apathy. Rage and stubbornness. Smart and intelligent. Obsession and inflexibility. Pustules and abscesses. Fistulas and boils. Zhiroviki. Scar keloid.

Cysts and nodules. Ulcers are scarred with compaction. Sweats during sleep (Calcarea carbonica, Calcarea phosphorica, Chamomilla, Mercurius, Sepia). Scars itch in warmth. Small wounds suppurate. The scratches heal slowly. Wrinkled copper skin. Acne with pustules on forehead and chest. Ulcers around the nails. Worse in winter and after rising from bed. Physical and mental weakness. Hypersensitivity and irritability.

Acidum fluoricum. Anal fistulas. Worse from heat. Itching in the area of ​​the fistula. Necrosis and fistula. Skin ulcers. Worse in the morning. Burning and piercing pains. Increased appetite. Better from cold compress. Constant hunger. Hunger even when eating. Varicose veins of the lower extremities. Varicose ulcers. Profuse sweating. Worse from tea, coffee and wine. Varicose veins. Better when walking outdoors.

Alumina. Very sensitive anal fistula. Constipation due to severe dryness of the mucous membrane of the rectum. Great dryness in the throat. Prolonged pain in the anal region. Small ulcers in the mouth. Constant expectoration and sensation of a lump in the throat. Stool like sheep’s dung, with cutting in anus.

Dryness in the throat in the evening. Sour diarrhea. Aggravation from potatoes. Severe bleeding from the intestines. It takes a lot of pushing to fix. Swallowing painful, as if the esophagus were constricted. Desire for pure white limestone and coal.

Blind hemorrhoids. Urine, brightly colored, urinates when straining to empty the bowels. Very typical. She cannot urinate without straining. She needs to urinate. Expressed sexual desire.

Berberis vulgaris. Stool with burning in anus. Restlessness, convulsions and trembling. Thirst, diarrhea and paralysis of the lower limbs. A haggard, aged face. Fistulas of the anus.

Nitric acidum. Ulcers, cracks and fistulas. Cracks around all holes. Hardening of glands and lymph nodes. Prolapse, fistulas and fissures of the anus. Inflammation of body outlets. Salivation. Gingivitis (Mercurius). Ulcers of the mucous membrane of the cheeks. Ulcers in the mouth. Bad breath. Bleeding ulcers with zigzag edges. White coating on the tongue. Dry mouth. The gums are bleeding.

Bad breath. Urine with an unpleasant odor or complete absence of urination. Muscle spasms. Violent weakness with trembling. Afraid of cold, draft and wind. Pains come and go suddenly. Furious anger, indifference and apathy. Pale, yellowish, waxy face with copper-colored birthmarks. The corners of the mouth are cracked and blistered. They are sad and suffering. Frequent bleeding of bright red blood.

Desperate and people-hating patients. Better from hot compresses. Purulent, greenish-yellow discharge from mucous membranes. Aggravation from dairy and fatty foods. Gnawing pains in the bones. Pain like a splinter. Extreme hunger. Weakness and exhaustion. Worse from heat. Frequent colds. Purulent ulcers. Diarrhea. They feel abandoned. Irritable. Nobody satisfies them. Evil resentment.

Aloe. Hemorrhoids bleed profusely and fall out like clusters. Pronounced tenesmus. Anal fistula. Jaundice with coated tongue. Bad breath. Swollen abdomen and constipation. Extreme loss of strength. Menses too early with pressure in rectum. Prolonged and exhausting uterine bleeding. Women of a nervous and phlegmatic warehouse.