Homeopathy for helminthiasis

Сina. Children have worms coming out of their mouths. Frequent hiccups. Boring pain above navel, relieved by pressure. Ascariasis. Children are unfriendly, everything is unpleasant for them, they scream. Nothing pleases the child. Blue circles around the eyes. He constantly picks his nose. Grinding teeth in sleep. Everything looks yellow. The tongue is red with large papillae.

Tongue coated brown or yellow. Great hunger after eating. The ball seems to be rolling in the throat, frequent swallowing. Vomiting of mucus and roundworms. Chair with Ascaris. Violent pain in umbilical region, aggravated by breathing. Cutting in small intestine in the morning. Pain in the abdomen, like labor pains. Pulsation above the pubis. Voluptuous itching in the anus.

Spigelia. Ascariasis. The patient can see the pulsation in the region of the heart through the clothes. Violent itching of the anus. Toothache from cold water, ameliorated by lying down. Better during rest, after midnight and from warmth. Liquid, soft stools. Morning chill. Hot flushes and night sweats during the climacteric.

Terebenthina. Helminthiasis with foul breath. Tickling in the anus. Tape helminths. Dry cough. Enterocolitis with bleeding. Worse in wet weather and when lying down. Gangrene. Stool occurs in the afternoon and evening. Bleeding from the lungs. Swollen eyelids. Typhoid fever. Scarlet fever. Double vision.

The pulse is thready in septic fever. Postpartum sepsis. Dysentery. Neuralgia of the lower extremities in wet weather. Better when walking and in dry weather. Lumbago. Destroys cancer cells.

Sabadilla. Worms with nausea and vomiting. Colic in the abdomen, like the rapid turning of a wheel.

Ferrum met. Pinworms pass with slimy stools. Itching in the rectum. At night, the worms crawl out of the anus. Persistent constipation. Itching in the rectum. Mucus and blood come out with every stool. Violent discharge of blood from hemorrhoidal cones. Frequent diarrhea.

Sulphur. Ascariasis. Gluttonous children who do not grow up. Redness of all natural orifices. Urinary incontinence. Urinating very often cloudy urine with an irritating odor. After urination, cutting in urethra. As soon as he sees food, his appetite disappears. Morning diarrhea gets the patient out of bed. Acid stool in a child causes excoriation. Acrid, corrosive stool.

Tanacetum. Helminths in children. Amenorrhea. Dysmenorrhea. Scanty menses. The pupils are greatly dilated.

Mercurius. Itching in the anus, as from roundworms. Roundworm crawls out of the rectum. Isolation of several large worms. Constant urge to urinate, but no urine comes out. Unusually weak urine flow. Gets up three times in the night to urinate, and each time passes a lot of urine. Urine with white flakes.

Urine as if mixed with flour, with a thick sediment. Urine reddish. Very dark urine. Brown-red urine. Rare discharge of fiery red urine. In the morning, cutting when urinating. Burning during urination.

Stannum. Ascariasis. Bitter belching, with epigastric pressure. Constipation. Children with helminthiasis. Vomiting of blood, bile and mucus in the morning. The pains are relieved by walking. Pressing on the abdomen relieves the pain. Nocturnal ejaculations. Menses early, profuse with melancholy. Prolapse of the uterus and vagina. Hoarseness. Significant loss of strength in arms and legs.

Ignatia. Sensation, pinworms crawling in the rectum. Bleeding from the anus, with itching in the perineum. Pinworms crawl out of the anus. Strong thirst. Bitter or sour belching. Salivation from mouth during sleep.

After eating and drinking, hiccup. Noise and rumbling in the intestines. White-yellow stool passes with great difficulty through the anus. Ineffectual urge to stool. Sensation of something crawling in the anus. Itching in anus and perineum when walking. Exhaustion after stool.

Squilla. Liquid, slimy, offensive excrement, with pinworms and many white patches. Frequent emission of very offensive gases. Hard, scanty stools in the evening. The stool is stained with blood. Scanty discharge of watery urine. Urine hot with blood. Wakes up at night to urinate. Contractive pain in testicles. Convulsive twitching of left arm. Drawing pain in thighs when walking.

Nux vomica. Itching in the rectum, as from pinworms. Pinworms come out of the anus. Diarrhea in the morning and afternoon, dark. Stool covered with white mucus. Difficult stool, passes with burning. After sufficient stool, frequent and ineffectual desire to stool. Blood comes out with the stool. Whitish stools with sticky mucus and streaks. Pain in the rectum in the evening. Stinging in the urethra before urinating.

Silicea. Helminthiases. The water tastes unpleasant, and he vomits when he drinks it. Cannot swallow food. Baby vomits after feeding. Thirst. Great constipation before and during menstruation. Feces recede back up after its partial release. Soft stool with a terrible smell. Painful hemorrhoids. Children wet the bed at night.

China. There are a lot of pinworms in the stool. It looks like pinworms are crawling in the rectum. Shooting pain in perineum when sitting down. In the evening, during urination, burning in the front of the urethra. Urine passes in a weak stream, very frequent urge to urinate.

Hyoscyamus. Frequent discharge of pinworms. Mucous or watery diarrhea. Lots of flatulence after moderate supper. Frequent but natural stools. Soft stool, in small, thin fragments. The urine is cloudy with a white-gray sediment. Very frequent urination with rumbling in the abdomen. Paralysis of the bladder.