Homeopathy for strabismus

Gelsemium. Strabismus. Nervous, excitable and hysterical women. Sensation of a tight band around the head above the ears. Double vision. Lethargy, drowsiness and fear of movement. Headache with hazy vision and double vision. Black spots before eyes. Dilated pupils, dull headache from occiput all over the head.

Lack of thirst. Dull headache in ears when swallowing. Cannot sit or lie down, must stand or walk. Ptosis after an attack of ophthalmia. Pain in the eyes. Inflammation of the retina and choroid. Blindness. Dilated pupils and photophobia. It seems that before the eyes of a bluish snake. Retinal disinsertion. Opacification of the vitreous body.

Spigelia. Strabismus. Twitching over the eyes. Pale face with circles around the eyes. Weakness and nausea in the morning from hunger, disappears after breakfast. Colic near the umbilicus. Stool with mucus and worms. Worms.

Stramonium. Strabismus in diseases of the brain. The slightest noise frightens him. Nervous deafness. Cracked lips. Speech is slurred. Saliva, like egg white, hangs from the lips. The tongue is yellow-brown and swollen.

The food tastes like straw. Dryness in fauces with difficulty in swallowing. Diarrhea, stool in children, has a putrid smell. The child constantly keeps his hands on the genitals. Constipation alternates with diarrhea.

Amblyopia from wasting diseases: Chin. From sexual excesses — Ph-ac. From tobacco and alcohol — Nux-v; phos.

From excessive eye fatigue — Ruta. If, at the same time, the visions are color — Santon. Perfect blindness (amaurosis): fresh — Acon.

With vision of bright objects — Bell. From abuse of alcohol and tobacco — Nux-v; vision of different colors; letters appear red when read — Phos; vision worse when reading, photophobia — Hep.

In states of nervous exhaustion and irritability — Phos. In paralytic states — Plb-ac. Strabismus after convulsions — Bell.

In those with chorea, with twitching of the muscles, Hyos. Converging strabismus — Cycl. In helminthic symptoms — Cina, Spig.

Mows first one, then the other eye; weakness of the internal rectus muscles of the eyes, Alum. Mows inward right eye — Alum.

Mows then one, then the other eye — Gels. Squinting, bulging eyes, bulging, engorged, delirium — Stram.