Homeopathy for teething

Helleborus niger. Teething in newborns with diarrhea. Chewing movements, nostrils dirty and dry. White, jelly-like stool, like frog spawn. Automatic movement of one arm and one leg. The tongue is very dry and trembling.

Better in open air, sitting with head bent and from distraction. Watery diarrhea with nausea. Frequent urge to urinate, with scanty urine. Chilliness without thirst, with pain in the limbs and tingling in the joints.

Magnesia muriaticum. Slow eruption of teeth, with large, swollen abdomen. Hard stool crumbles when passed. Constipation. Worse at night, from cold and out of bed. The stool is large and comes out in small lumps, like sheep’s dung. The patient is very agitated during menstruation. Menses dark and in the form of clots. Better from warmth and in bed.

Kalium bromatum. Excitation in children during teething. Night terrors in children. Constipation. Migraine with throbbing in temples and photophobia. The stool is very dry, hard and sparse. Acne on the face of obese young people.

Podophyllum. Flatulence during dentition, with green, sour stools in the morning. Thirst. Teething with groaning and weeping in sleep. Children clench their teeth. Delirium during fever. The stools are watery, copious stream, with a disgusting smell in hot weather. Stool like chalk with gagging.

Clay-colored or black stools. Jaundice and great weakness. Prolapsus anus, hemorrhoids and morning diarrhea. Prolapse of anus after delivery, with frequent stools in the morning.