About the site

Dear friend, glad to see you on my site. I’m sure you didn’t get here by accident. In 1986, I received my medical degree, and within a few years I saw that most chronic diseases could not be treated with pharmaceuticals. Life made me look for other ways. Any disease begins on a spiritual level. Microbes don’t cause it.

They come to the ground prepared in advance, to the place where the negative energies of our thoughts and emotions have accumulated. Homeopathic remedies carry information about the substance. They can work on the subtle energy plane and eliminate the cause of the disease.

Only after homeopathic treatment did I have completely cured patients. Moreover, these are people with serious illnesses (more details can be found in the cases section), who have been treated in the capital’s clinics for many years to no avail.

Of course, not all those who applied had a complete cure (the degree of neglect of the disease, the patient’s lifestyle and the state of immunity matter), but they also have a significant improvement. Pharmacies sell many complex homeopathic preparations. In this case, many different drugs are combined.

The chance of one of them hitting the target increases, but other drugs prevent it from working at full strength. The desire to put homeopathy on a commercial basis will not lead to a noticeable result. Only an individually selected drug for a particular person will give the desired effect.

This site will help you choose your own homeopathic remedy. You can enter three (the more, the better) of the most striking and unusual symptoms into the site’s search engine in turn. Your drug should be in every answer. Moreover, psychological symptoms are more important. For example, writing just a cough is not enough.

This symptom has many remedies. I must write – a dry cough appears after a hot bath or after strong emotions. By choosing the drug in this way, you can achieve success. We can pick up a homeopathic remedy together without leaving home through Internet correspondence.

However, not always, everything is so simple. You need to know the potency of the drug. How often to take it. It often takes months to study the character, habits, dreams, hobbies, fears and dreams of a person in order to find the only necessary homeopathic remedy. Everyone has a chance to become a healthy person without operations and toxic pharmaceuticals. Use it right now. Good luck, my new friend.