Principles of Homeopathy

Like cures like

Homeopathy is a branch of alternative medicine that offers the treatment of various diseases based on the principle of “like cures like” – lat. Similia similibus curantur (homeo means “similar”, pathy means disease), in contrast to the postulates of allopathic medicine, where the symptoms of diseases are treated with drugs that are opposite in effect.

Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), a German doctor who first described a new method of treatment, deduced the basic laws and principles of homeopathy, and wrote many scientific works, is rightfully considered the father of homeopathy.

Principles of Homeopathy

Homeopathy uses very large dilutions of substances. These, in large doses, would produce the symptoms of the disease which we wish to cure in the patient.

Unlike homeopathy, in allopathic (traditional) medicine, any symptom is treated with a drug that causes the opposite symptoms. For example, fever is treated with a drug that lowers the temperature.

Homeopathic treatment activates the defenses of the body itself. At the same time, the dose of the medicinal substance itself is so small that toxic effects are out of the question!

At the same time, the action of homeopathic treatment is so effective and profound that the effect can come after just one dose of the medicine! The difficulty lies in correctly prescribing the drug to each specific patient according to the principle of maximum similarity; the drug is prescribed strictly individually.

True homeopathy is the treatment of all symptoms with one remedy! While these symptoms may be completely unrelated from the point of view of traditional medicine.

What does homeopathy treat?

Homeopathy helps in the treatment of almost all diseases. It is able to completely cure or alleviate the symptoms of both acute and chronic diseases. But it so happened that homeopathy is more used to treat diseases for which there is no effective treatment in traditional medicine.

Of the chronic diseases that homeopathy successfully treats, it is worth mentioning such diseases as: diseases of the cardiovascular system (hypertension, vegetative-vascular dystonia, hypotension), diseases of the digestive system (peptic ulcer, gastritis, hepatitis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis).

Genitourinary system (prostatitis in men, adnexitis, infertility, menstrual cycle disorders), allergic diseases, skin diseases, immune disorders, diseases of the musculoskeletal system (polyarthritis, rheumatism, gout) and many others. It is hard to imagine how to treat colds today without homeopathy!

The Royal Family of Great Britain has at its disposal a whole staff of homeopathic doctors, and practically does not use allopathic medicines. Thus, homeopathy is an effective, safe, side-effect-free method of treatment, the effect of which you can feel already after the first intake of a homeopathic medicine.

Recommendations for the duration of treatment

At the beginning of treatment, a temporary deterioration in well-being is possible

Increased fatigue. Headache. Liquid stool. Skin rashes. Exacerbations of chronic diseases.

To avoid or weaken these manifestations, the following rules must be observed during treatment: Limit the use of animal proteins (meat, fish, poultry, seafood). Reduce physical activity, stressful situations, devote enough time to rest and sleep. Drink 1.5 – 2 liters of pure water (not mineral) per day.

In the first 7 days of treatment, it is advisable to take sorbents (Enterosgel, Atoxil) – 1 dessert spoon 3 times a day 1 hour before meals or 2 hours after (or activated charcoal tablets at the rate of 1 tablet per 10 kg of body weight) and drink with one a glass of water.

After 2 weeks from the start of treatment, it is advisable to do tubage 1 time in 2 weeks 5 times (on weekends in the morning on an empty stomach): Slowly drink 100 ml of magnesium sulfate 25%. Lie on the right side with the hypochondrium area on a warm heating pad for 6 hours. Drink warm mineral water without gas (Essentuki 17) half a liter per hour.

Frequent loose stools are a normal expected reaction. With severe spasms, you can take no-shpu (1-2 tablets). When pain occurs, you need to drink jelly or milk. With hypoglycemia (sweating, fear, drowsiness) – sugar 2 pieces under the tongue. In case of intoxication (nausea, vomiting) – smecta 2 packets per half glass of water.

After 6 hours of lying on heating pads, drink half a glass of refined vegetable oil in small sips per floor. hours. Take nothing for an hour. An hour later, drink a quarter glass of lemon or grapefruit juice. Do nothing for 2 hours.

At night, drink warm vegetable broth. You can eat an apple without peel and seeds, rice and oatmeal. Take a packet of smecta in the morning, 15 ml in the evening. Lactulose (duphalac). Continue like this for a week.

The result of a properly performed tubage is a deep cleansing of the liver, pancreas, gallbladder and intestines. Stones and parasites come out.

When treating with homeopathic remedies, it is forbidden to use: coffee, mint, lemon balm, menthol (chewing gum, toothpaste, menthol cigarettes), camphor and other products containing essential oils (such as the Vietnamese asterisk balm).

Sharply limit: all alcoholic drinks (beer, wine, vodka, liquors), cocoa, chocolate, carbonated drinks; tobacco smoking.

If liquid stools, skin rashes and exacerbation of old diseases appear during homeopathic treatment, then the treatment goes in the right direction. Thus, the body says goodbye to old chronic problems driven deep inside.

Homeopathy for hair loss

Prescribed for hair loss

Thallium. Hair falls out very quickly, after illnesses. Spasmodic pains. The numbness of the fingers spreads to the lower extremities. Paralysis of the lower limbs. Muscle atrophy. Complete control over yourself and what happens. The fall is inevitable. Efforts must be made to salvage the situation.

Ignatia. The hair falls out on the head. In the morning, the eyelids are stuck together with pus. Itching in the inner corner of the eye. Lachrymation from the left eye. It seems that objects are moving before the eyes. Can’t stand candlelight. Tinnitus. Lips crack and bleed.

Pain in the jaw joint in the morning. In the morning, the tip of the tongue hurts a lot. Difficulty swallowing food and drink. The mouth is filled with white frothy saliva. Calcareous taste in the mouth, as if eating chalk. The beer is bitter, bland, stale and tasteless.

Sepia. Hair falls out. Eruption on vertex and back of head. Burning after scratching. Dandruff forms in circles. Music sensitivity. Buzzing in the ears with hearing loss. Women with dark hair and a heavy, tough character. Chilliness from cold air. Fetid urine with a reddish, clay-turbid sediment. The child wets the bed almost as soon as he falls asleep.

Ustilago. Alopecia, complete hair loss. The whole skin is dry, hot and full-blooded. Chronic urticaria with intolerable itching at night. Copper-colored spots on the skin. Worse from motion. Eczema. Destructive diseases of the nails. Burning in face and scalp. Viscous, coppery aftertaste. Loss of teeth. Dry mouth with difficulty swallowing.

Alumina. Dry hair falls out. His mind belongs to someone else. At the sight of blood or a knife, he wants to commit suicide. Falls off when walking with closed eyes. Purulent discharge from ears. Great dryness of the scalp. Eyes inflamed, itchy and sticky at night. Lachrymation during the day. Burning and dryness.

Burning pain, but little ulceration. Sees a yellow halo around the candle. Numb. Thinks he’s falling forward. Headache from chronic catarrh with constipation. Obscure visibility. Fiery spots before the eyes. Melancholy. Chronic blepharitis.

Protracted catarrh in the elderly. Thick yellow mucus is discharged from the nose. Dry, hard, yellow-green mucous crusts in the nose. The nose is swollen and very painful. Looks through the fog. Burning and dryness of the eyelids. In the nose, yellow-green mucous crusts. The tongue is covered with a viscous coating. Hoarseness from dryness in the throat.

Aversion to meat. Worse from potatoes. Desire for starch, chalk, lime, coal. The stool is hard, like sheep’s dung. Pronounced sexual desire with involuntary ejaculation. During menstruation, irritating urine flows out.

Cough accompanied by involuntary urination. Cramps in the calf muscles. Intolerable itching in warm bed. Worse in a warm room in the evening and under full moon. Better in open air and from cold.

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Homeopathy for melancholy


Natrum muriaticum. Sadness, melancholy, irritability and palpitations. Indifferent and joyless. Easily offended by a harmless joke. Doesn’t tolerate being contradicted. Anxiety from suppressed anger. Resentment from restrained aggression. Excessive prohibitions in his upbringing.

Patients are weak and insecure. They get irritated out of frustration. There is no courage to throw out your anger and direct it at yourself. Deep melancholy and sadness. Anxious hopelessness. Thoughts about past hurts. They cannot find pleasure.

Sepia. Great sadness and apathy when walking in the open air and at dusk. Very easily offended and angry. Attacks of crying or laughter. Fear of being alone. Greater sensitivity to the slightest sound. He quarrels and complaints about everything.

Short temper and irritability. Apathy, tearfulness and insomnia. Depression. Aversion to food. Visceroptosis. Flushes of heat with morning vertigo. Headache in occiput and left eye.

Better when walking fast. Painful sensibility of the scalp. Worse, before a thunderstorm. Prolapse of the pelvic organs, with a feeling of pressure on the bottom. Diseases of the genitals and yellow spots on the face. Yellow spots on the back of the nose. Varicose veins. Worse in a long upright position. Worse in cold air.

Better with exercise. Better warm. Bad memory. Forgets what she wanted to say. Diligence. Life has no meaning. Wanting to cry all the time. The patient is not satisfied. Gets upset because of health. Household chores are annoying. Sad and gloomy.

Calcarea carb. Passive. Compliant with fits of rage. Physical lethargy. Apathy. There is no energy. Gets tired quickly. Weak, soft character. The patient is incapable of effort. Night fears. Fear of the future. Afraid of what people will think. Melancholic depression. Extremely sensitive to cold.

Acidum phosphoricum. Apathy. Physical and mental weakness. Hypochondria due to sexual abuse. Weak back and frequent urge to urinate in the morning. Red stripes in the middle of the tongue. Sluggish, indifferent and apathetic. Complete indifference to everything. Copious night sweats.

The child does not want anything. Pain in occiput and back of neck from sadness. Chronic influence of sadness and love disappointments. Worse from noise. Vertigo when walking. Worse in the morning. Headache in schoolchildren after mental work. Better from warmth and after sleep. Thirst for cold drinks. Morning diarrhea without pain. Milky urine. Worse, from mental exertion.

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Homeopathy for tracheitis

For dry cough prescribed

Rumex. Dry, harassing cough on pressure, at night, on talking, and from inhaling cold air. Better after eating. Increased sensitivity of the larynx and trachea. Rawness behind the sternum on the left. Violent cough after lying down and at night. Aphonia. Dry, agonizing cough prevents sleep. Cough relieved by warm air and by covering one’s head.

Brown, watery diarrhea early in the morning, with rumbling and colic before stool. Diarrhea early in the morning, rousing the patient from bed. The patient is sensitive to cold air. Great weakness and restlessness in the evening. Worse from cold, damp and damp weather. Cough in the evening from cold air, and when lying down.

Acidum benzoicum. Bronchitis. Dry, hacking cough. Asthma. Dyspnea. Rheumatism. Green mucous sputum. Lots of mucus in throat. Significant weakness. Hoarseness. Bad urine.

Sticta pulmonaria. Tracheitis. Worse at night and in wet weather. Dry cough at night. Constant need to blow your nose, but nothing comes out of it. Discharge from the nose quickly turns into crusts. Insomnia in children after surgical operations. Expressed desire to talk about anything. Can’t be silent. Insomnia.

Phosphorus. Tracheitis with hoarseness in the evening. Extreme tenderness of the larynx, with complete loss of voice. Worse from talking and coughing. Croup at the beginning of the disease. Aphonia with rapid decline in strength. Cold and clammy sweat. A haggard, pale face. Loose lower jaw (Lycopodium).

Hepar sulphuris calcarea. Tracheitis from dry, cold winds, with hoarseness and wheezing. The slightest influence of cold causes an attack of coughing. Dry cough in the morning. Late cold period. A crust of bread seems to prick in the throat (Mercurius, Acid nitricum, Argentum nitricum, Alumina). Disease with pus formation.

Lycopodium. Tracheobronchitis with purulent sputum. Nasal congestion at night. The mucopurulent discharge dries up in the nose into elastic plugs (Kali bichromicum). Children wake up at night with stuffy nose (Like Ammonium carb., Nux vomica, Sambucus). Children comb their nose (Arum triphyllum). Envious (Pulsatilla, Staphysagria). Sits alone in his room, but needs other people nearby.

Belladonna. Dry, annoying, tickling cough. Bright red throat with enlarged tonsils.

Antimonium tartaricum. Dry, tickling cough (Bryonia). Pustules on the skin. Nausea with restlessness. Eructation of rotten eggs and drowsiness. Green, watery and frothy vomit with food debris. Trembling of the hands when vomiting. Vomiting, diarrhea and collapse. Cold body and profuse watery diarrhea (Veratrum).

Spongia. Tracheitis. Hoarseness, voice breaks during speech. Croup. Dry, hoarse, croupy, irritating cough. The cough is dry and wheezing, like sawing a pine board. Dryness in larynx, with hoarse, wheezing cough. Better when descending. The cough is ameliorated by eating and drinking. Desire to sing with extreme gaiety.

Sepia. Dry cough in women with rash on the body. Heaviness in anus, not relieved by stool (Nux vomica). Hemorrhoids protrude from the anus. Green, slimy, sour stools in children. Discharge of large green plugs from the nose. Better from warmth and from warm, fresh air.

Dryness in the throat. Feet swollen and burning violently at night in the climacteric. Ring herpes. Copious night sweats. Worse from sexual excesses, from fatty foods, and during pregnancy.

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Homeopathy for skin ulcers

Pulsatilla. Bluish color of the inflamed areas. Ulcers appear in the open air. Ulcers with yellow, thick purulent discharge.

Tarentula. Cubeba. Affected tissues are bluish. Violent burning pains.

Arsenicum album. Burning in ulcers, as from burning coals. Ulcers bleed when bandaged. The edges of the ulcer are raised. Ulcers with dark brown contents under a thin crust. Black clotted blood comes out of the ulcer. Itching in the ulcer turns into a burning sensation. Ulcers on heels with bloody pus. Old ulcers become painful.

Heat in face and body. Night pain is relieved by walking. Pricks all over the body. Unbearable pain infuriates. Pulsation in the head. The pain gets worse after eating. Skin soreness. Worse when others talk to him. Burning ulcers with a gray crust on the leg. Burning pain around the ulcer. Exhaustion and sleepiness during the day.

Mercurius solubilis. The skin on the palms of the hands is red, itchy and flaky. Superficial ulcers have a dirty or greasy appearance. Syphilis. The ulcer spreads and becomes irregular.

Causticum. Chronic ulcers from burns.

Ledum. Consequences of mosquito bites.

Lachesis. Gangrenous, deep dark blue ulcers with a fetid odor. Bleeding ulcers with putrid smell. Bluish or black inflamed areas. Great sensitivity to touch.

Argentum nitricum. Warty growths in the throat feel like sharp objects when swallowed.

Natrium mur. Warts on the palms.

Thuja. Warts on the outside of the nose.

Staphisagria. Warty growths. Eyelid ulcers.

Sepia. Erosions and ulcers of the cervix.

Antimonium crudum. Extremely sensitive calluses on soles. Patients walk with difficulty.

Borax. The slightest damage to the skin causes festering ulcers.

Asa foetida. Fetid ulcers of the periosteum, with great sensitivity to touch.

Acidum nitricum. Stitching pains in skin ulcers.

Kalium bichromicum. Round ulcers with deep regular edges. Ulcers as if cut with a chisel.

Arsenicum. Burning dark blue ulcers constantly increase in volume. Sebaceous ulcers hurt, even in sleep. Scanty ulcerative discharge.

Mercurius. Glossy ulcers.

Homeopathy for croup

Acute swelling of the larynx

Iodum. Acute and chronic laryngitis with marked hoarseness. Laryngitis with films. Inhalation is difficult from spasm of the larynx and from films. Inhalation is done in wave-like shocks. Loose, hard cough (Hepar). Hoarseness. The voice disappears. The child throws his head back to make breathing easier. Worse in the morning. Dark people with dark hair and eyes. Sickness from wet weather.

Hoarseness or complete aphonia. Filmy croup with wheezing. Children with dark hair and eyes. Inflammation of the larynx. The slightest exertion causes considerable difficulty in breathing. Cough with secretion of clear mucous sputum streaked with blood.

Aconitum. Assign at the beginning of the croup. The child in a dream suddenly wakes up, as if suffocating. Strong anxiety. The skin is hot. Fear. Breath is dry. There is no slime. Cold from cold dry wind. Croup brought on by cold weather. Profuse sweat and burning heat. Croup from dry cold wind.

The patient wakes up from suffocation. Croup from very cold weather. Great numbness in the fingers. Croup with dry cough and noisy expiration. Full-blooded sanguine. Dry cough at night. Inflammation of the left lung with involvement of the pleura.

Cutting pain on breathing and coughing. Pneumonia with great heat and great thirst. Spasms of the larynx. Wheezing cough with rusty sputum. Severe anxiety and restlessness. Hemoptysis of bright red blood.

Bloody mucous sputum. Stroke with intense full pulse. Pulsation of the carotid arteries. High temperature with full pulse. The need for large quantities of cold liquid.

Alternating heat and chill at night. Profuse, profuse sweat. Barking cough. Anxiety with high fever. Premonition of death. Inflammation is provoked by ice water and ice cream. Red perspiring face and great thirst. Green watery diarrhea, like chopped spinach.

The first stage of acute diseases. Intense thirst and fear of death. Dysentery with high fever. Bleeding from the intestines with bright red blood. Menstruation stops because of wet feet or cold baths. Fear of death during childbirth.

Sanguinaria. Diphtheria croup. The cough is loose, the mucus comes up with great difficulty (Kali bichromicum). Empty stomach after eating. Flushes of heat in the face (Sulphur), with red spots on the cheeks. Cough in the evening, while lying down. Pain on the right side of the chest.

Whistling rales and fainting weakness. Inflammation of the lungs and bronchitis with tenacious, rusty sputum. Persistent dyspnea and inclination to take deep breaths. Aphonia with swelling of the larynx. Ulceration of the mouth and salivation.

Sambucus. Spasms of the larynx in acute laryngitis. Croup. Pulmonary tuberculosis. Hard, ringing and metallic cough from deep breathing, talking and dry cold wind. Better by eating or drinking (Anacardium). Breathing is like a rooster crowing. Worse after midnight and from lowering the head.

Chlorum. Spasm of the glottis. Coryza with watery, excoriating coryza. Pain inside the nose and near the wings. Small, putrid sores in the mouth. Yellowish-white aphthae in the mouth. Stomatitis with offensive breath. Fear of the disease that threatens him. Pain from the top of the head descends to the left side of the body. Worse after eating. Impotence.

Kaolinum. Films in the larynx. Chest pain. The patient cannot bear to be touched.

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Homeopathy for farsightedness

The patient cannot see nearby objects.

Carbo animalis. Strong farsightedness. Shooting pain over left eye. Farsightedness. Objects seem to be far away. Darkening of the eyes when reading in the elderly. Better from rubbing the eyes. Shootings in the eyes. Aching pain in the eyes under artificial light. In the evening, the eyes hurt from the light. Discomfort in left eye interferes with vision. The pupil is very dilated.

Drosera. Farsightedness. When looking at small objects, flickering appears before the eyes. A veil before the eyes. When reading, the letters merge. In the evening, vision is blurred. A bright gleam flickers before the right eye. Eyelids itch. Cutting pain in left eye. Sharp pain in eyes when stooping.

When he tries to look at something, a burning pain begins in his eyes. Burning pain in right eye and left ear. Vertigo, seems to fall to the left. Pain in right temple. Every step reverberates in the brain. Itching of the scalp. Boring pain in vertex.

Spigelia. Fog in front of my eyes. Pressure over right eye. Stitching pain in right eye. Cannot turn left eye without pain. Pain in the eyes, as if there were sand in them. Burning pain in right eye. Blood-red waves. Sparks before my eyes. Sees well at a distance, but poorly up close.

Forced to strain his eyes when he writes, as if water were in his eyes. Short-term blindness. Pupil dilation. The eyes look cloudy. Yellow circles around the eyes. Burning pain at the edges of the eyelids. Acid tears flow from the eyes. In the morning, the face is swollen.

Conium. Farsightedness. He can clearly see objects at a considerable distance. Strong myopia. Items appear red. Weak eyesight. Blurred vision. Blindness in the sun. Red eyes. Blue swollen face.

Homeopathy for salivation

Kalium muriaticum. Salivation. Stomatitis. Mouth full of saliva. Ulcers on the inside of the lips and on the back of the tongue. Ulcers on the tongue and buccal mucosa. Dry mouth and peeling lips.

Opium. Profuse salivation. Dryness of the tongue without desire to drink. Mouth distortion. The mouth can only be opened by force. The lower jaw droops. Paralysis of the tongue. Cannot speak, open mouth. Stutters. White or black tongue. Dry mouth, cannot pronounce words. Intense thirst for light beer. Burning on tongue as from pepper. Bitterness in the mouth. Sour or bitter taste in the mouth.

Stramonium. Salivation from the mouth. Trembling of chin, lips, hands and feet. Grinding of teeth, with trembling all over. Trismus with closed lips. Screams until he loses his voice. Stutters and speaks with errors. The voice is thin, unable to utter a single intelligible word.

Strong silence. The swollen tongue hangs out of the mouth. Bloody foam on the lips. Rabies. Desire to bite. Convulsions from light, mirror or water. Bread tastes like straw. Dryness of tongue and palate. Buttered bread tastes like sand. Inability to swallow. Thirst with salivation. Salivation with thirst and hoarseness.

Antimonium tartaricum. Profuse salivation with nausea. Phlegmatic, melancholic with a bad sense of humor. Flickering before eyes, with constrictive headache. Sunken eyes with dark circles. Nostrils flare like wings in pneumonia. Aphthae around the mouth and pustules on the face.

White or yellow-brown coating on the tongue. Very strong thirst for cold water. Wants fruits and cold drinks. Vomiting of mucus with bile and blood. Colic before stool with flatulence. Belly full of stones. Mucous, bilious or bloody diarrhea. The stool is green as grass.

Burning in the anus after stool. Bloody urine with pain in the bladder and burning in the urethra. Bloody leucorrhea when sitting. Expands the rigid pharynx of the cervix during childbirth.

Mercurius. Very sour salivation. Difficult to swallow. Salivation during pregnancy. Epidemic mumps (mercury iodide). Thick, yellow, moist coating on the tongue. Sweet taste in the mouth. Toothache at night. Gums bleed at the slightest touch. Salty, metallic, coppery or putrid taste in the mouth.

Tongue moist with great thirst. The breath is very offensive. The tongue is swollen and teeth marks are visible along the edges. Accumulation of soapy and viscous saliva, stretching into long threads. Profuse salivation. Soapy saliva is pulled into a long thread. Profuse salivation. The teeth are loose. Afta in the language.

Ulcers in the mouth bleed at night. Bloody salivation. Green chair. Constant hoarseness. Blue ulcers, bleed easily. Paralysis of various limbs. Exhausting perspiration. Something hot rises up my throat. Pain in the esophagus while eating. Discharge of sticky, offensive saliva at night.

Pain in parotid gland when warm. A lot of saliva is released. Spitting constantly. Very fetid odor from the mouth. In the morning, bitter taste in the mouth.

Constant bitterness in the mouth. Sour belching after bread. Rye bread tastes bitter. Metallic taste in the mouth. Very salty taste on the lips.

Accumulation of mucus in the throat, increased secretion of mucus and expectoration; its release from the posterior nasal openings; rawness and pain, Hydr.

Constant expectoration and sensation of a lump in the throat; viscous mucus – Alum. Thick, tenacious mucus in the throat, causing expectoration in the morning, Arg-n.

Constant expectoration from throat, mucus gray and salty, sour, acrid or bitter, Phos. Swallowing of blood, accumulation of mucus on waking in the morning, Sulph.

Spitting out frothy saliva streaked with blood, Canth. Bloody mucus, yellow, purulent, granular, Lyc. Thick mucus which constantly accumulates, Nat-c. Expectoration of mucus with dry throat, Lach.

Homeopathy for pangs of conscience

Sepia. Reproaches of conscience. Does not fulfill his obligations towards others. The patient cries looking at her children. Reproaches her husband for lack of tenderness. Feels guilty because of exactingness, selfishness and aloofness. All her love seems to have turned to hate. Blames himself for not being able to experience real emotions. Emotionally and sexually frigid.

Medorrhinum. Considers himself guilty of the unforgivable sin. Excited, impatient and full of fears (Aurum). Fear of darkness and madness. Bad memory. Chronic infections of the pelvic organs. Rheumatism.

Aconitum. Reproaches of conscience for nothing. First stage of rheumatic inflammation from change of weather from warm to cold, windy. Great heat with anxiety. Thirst and mental suffering. Hot skin and internal heat. Profuse sweat and burning heat. Incessant throwing. Waiting for death.

Intense fear and anxiety. Fear of death. Prediction of the day of death. Great fear during pregnancy. Fear that the child will be deformed. Morning profuse sweat. Everything is done in a hurry. The music is depressing. When rising from a lying position, the red face becomes pale.

Silica. Feelings of guilt and sadness. Good professionals. Stress when appearing in public. Lack of stamina. Nervousness and fear of failure. There are no vital forces. They are afraid that they will not be able to find the right words to express their thoughts (Gelsemium).

Weakness of the connective tissue. They perform brilliantly because their inability exists only in the imagination. Diseases of the nerves and spine. Lack of energy. Mentally exhausted students. Weak character.

Cowardice and confusion. Cries every night. Pale, yellowish skin. Scary and nervous. Easily discouraged. Apathy. Increased sensitivity to noise. Can’t stand touch. Irritability with fits of rage. Stubbornness and discontent. Silent children.

Chelidonium. Pangs of conscience. Thinks he committed a crime. He is forever condemned. Irritable, short-tempered and grumpy. Outbursts of rage. Diseases of the liver (Lycopodium. Digitalis). Pain in right shoulder blade. Sleepiness on waking and after eating. Sad, depressed and melancholy.