Homeopathy for farsightedness

The patient cannot see nearby objects.

Carbo animalis. Strong farsightedness. Shooting pain over left eye. Farsightedness. Objects seem to be far away. Darkening of the eyes when reading in the elderly. Better from rubbing the eyes. Shootings in the eyes. Aching pain in the eyes under artificial light. In the evening, the eyes hurt from the light. Discomfort in left eye interferes with vision. The pupil is very dilated.

Drosera. Farsightedness. When looking at small objects, flickering appears before the eyes. A veil before the eyes. When reading, the letters merge. In the evening, vision is blurred. A bright gleam flickers before the right eye. Eyelids itch. Cutting pain in left eye. Sharp pain in eyes when stooping.

When he tries to look at something, a burning pain begins in his eyes. Burning pain in right eye and left ear. Vertigo, seems to fall to the left. Pain in right temple. Every step reverberates in the brain. Itching of the scalp. Boring pain in vertex.

Spigelia. Fog in front of my eyes. Pressure over right eye. Stitching pain in right eye. Cannot turn left eye without pain. Pain in the eyes, as if there were sand in them. Burning pain in right eye. Blood-red waves. Sparks before my eyes. Sees well at a distance, but poorly up close.

Forced to strain his eyes when he writes, as if water were in his eyes. Short-term blindness. Pupil dilation. The eyes look cloudy. Yellow circles around the eyes. Burning pain at the edges of the eyelids. Acid tears flow from the eyes. In the morning, the face is swollen.

Conium. Farsightedness. He can clearly see objects at a considerable distance. Strong myopia. Items appear red. Weak eyesight. Blurred vision. Blindness in the sun. Red eyes. Blue swollen face.