Homeopathy for salivation

Kalium muriaticum. Salivation. Stomatitis. Mouth full of saliva. Ulcers on the inside of the lips and on the back of the tongue. Ulcers on the tongue and buccal mucosa. Dry mouth and peeling lips.

Opium. Profuse salivation. Dryness of the tongue without desire to drink. Mouth distortion. The mouth can only be opened by force. The lower jaw droops. Paralysis of the tongue. Cannot speak, open mouth. Stutters. White or black tongue. Dry mouth, cannot pronounce words. Intense thirst for light beer. Burning on tongue as from pepper. Bitterness in the mouth. Sour or bitter taste in the mouth.

Stramonium. Salivation from the mouth. Trembling of chin, lips, hands and feet. Grinding of teeth, with trembling all over. Trismus with closed lips. Screams until he loses his voice. Stutters and speaks with errors. The voice is thin, unable to utter a single intelligible word.

Strong silence. The swollen tongue hangs out of the mouth. Bloody foam on the lips. Rabies. Desire to bite. Convulsions from light, mirror or water. Bread tastes like straw. Dryness of tongue and palate. Buttered bread tastes like sand. Inability to swallow. Thirst with salivation. Salivation with thirst and hoarseness.

Antimonium tartaricum. Profuse salivation with nausea. Phlegmatic, melancholic with a bad sense of humor. Flickering before eyes, with constrictive headache. Sunken eyes with dark circles. Nostrils flare like wings in pneumonia. Aphthae around the mouth and pustules on the face.

White or yellow-brown coating on the tongue. Very strong thirst for cold water. Wants fruits and cold drinks. Vomiting of mucus with bile and blood. Colic before stool with flatulence. Belly full of stones. Mucous, bilious or bloody diarrhea. The stool is green as grass.

Burning in the anus after stool. Bloody urine with pain in the bladder and burning in the urethra. Bloody leucorrhea when sitting. Expands the rigid pharynx of the cervix during childbirth.

Mercurius. Very sour salivation. Difficult to swallow. Salivation during pregnancy. Epidemic mumps (mercury iodide). Thick, yellow, moist coating on the tongue. Sweet taste in the mouth. Toothache at night. Gums bleed at the slightest touch. Salty, metallic, coppery or putrid taste in the mouth.

Tongue moist with great thirst. The breath is very offensive. The tongue is swollen and teeth marks are visible along the edges. Accumulation of soapy and viscous saliva, stretching into long threads. Profuse salivation. Soapy saliva is pulled into a long thread. Profuse salivation. The teeth are loose. Afta in the language.

Ulcers in the mouth bleed at night. Bloody salivation. Green chair. Constant hoarseness. Blue ulcers, bleed easily. Paralysis of various limbs. Exhausting perspiration. Something hot rises up my throat. Pain in the esophagus while eating. Discharge of sticky, offensive saliva at night.

Pain in parotid gland when warm. A lot of saliva is released. Spitting constantly. Very fetid odor from the mouth. In the morning, bitter taste in the mouth.

Constant bitterness in the mouth. Sour belching after bread. Rye bread tastes bitter. Metallic taste in the mouth. Very salty taste on the lips.

Accumulation of mucus in the throat, increased secretion of mucus and expectoration; its release from the posterior nasal openings; rawness and pain, Hydr.

Constant expectoration and sensation of a lump in the throat; viscous mucus – Alum. Thick, tenacious mucus in the throat, causing expectoration in the morning, Arg-n.

Constant expectoration from throat, mucus gray and salty, sour, acrid or bitter, Phos. Swallowing of blood, accumulation of mucus on waking in the morning, Sulph.

Spitting out frothy saliva streaked with blood, Canth. Bloody mucus, yellow, purulent, granular, Lyc. Thick mucus which constantly accumulates, Nat-c. Expectoration of mucus with dry throat, Lach.