Homeopathy for pangs of conscience

Sepia. Reproaches of conscience. Does not fulfill his obligations towards others. The patient cries looking at her children. Reproaches her husband for lack of tenderness. Feels guilty because of exactingness, selfishness and aloofness. All her love seems to have turned to hate. Blames himself for not being able to experience real emotions. Emotionally and sexually frigid.

Medorrhinum. Considers himself guilty of the unforgivable sin. Excited, impatient and full of fears (Aurum). Fear of darkness and madness. Bad memory. Chronic infections of the pelvic organs. Rheumatism.

Aconitum. Reproaches of conscience for nothing. First stage of rheumatic inflammation from change of weather from warm to cold, windy. Great heat with anxiety. Thirst and mental suffering. Hot skin and internal heat. Profuse sweat and burning heat. Incessant throwing. Waiting for death.

Intense fear and anxiety. Fear of death. Prediction of the day of death. Great fear during pregnancy. Fear that the child will be deformed. Morning profuse sweat. Everything is done in a hurry. The music is depressing. When rising from a lying position, the red face becomes pale.

Silica. Feelings of guilt and sadness. Good professionals. Stress when appearing in public. Lack of stamina. Nervousness and fear of failure. There are no vital forces. They are afraid that they will not be able to find the right words to express their thoughts (Gelsemium).

Weakness of the connective tissue. They perform brilliantly because their inability exists only in the imagination. Diseases of the nerves and spine. Lack of energy. Mentally exhausted students. Weak character.

Cowardice and confusion. Cries every night. Pale, yellowish skin. Scary and nervous. Easily discouraged. Apathy. Increased sensitivity to noise. Can’t stand touch. Irritability with fits of rage. Stubbornness and discontent. Silent children.

Chelidonium. Pangs of conscience. Thinks he committed a crime. He is forever condemned. Irritable, short-tempered and grumpy. Outbursts of rage. Diseases of the liver (Lycopodium. Digitalis). Pain in right shoulder blade. Sleepiness on waking and after eating. Sad, depressed and melancholy.