Homeopathy for peptic ulcer

Ulcers of the stomach and intestines

Kalium bichromicum. Ulcers of the stomach and duodenum. Dull pain in right hypochondrium. Solid food causes pain when swallowing. Desires beer and sour. Great swelling of the stomach, cannot bear tight clothing. The stool is black, watery, frothy and bloody. Scanty, brightly colored urine with copious sediment.

Anuria with pain in the kidneys. Lack of sexual desire in overweight people. Chronic urethritis with viscid, copious discharge. Prostatic fluid leaks out with stool.

Kalium carb. Strong need for emotional support in ulcers (Argentum nitricum). Passive, shy and cunning patients. Children look to their mothers for approval. Children do not express their feelings for their mother for fear that she will leave them.

Conversation mistakes. Confusion of thoughts. Afraid of a person on whom he is emotionally dependent. Weeps while describing her symptoms (Med., Puls., Sep., Sil).

Dulcamara. Vomiting of sticky mucus. Pain on the left side of the umbilicus in the evening. Paralysis of the tongue. Violent belching with hiccough. The soup goes back down the throat. Hunger, with aversion to all food. Noise and rumbling in the intestines. Violent nausea with chilliness and trembling.

Pain above navel when sitting bent forward. When bending forward, the intestines seethe, as if from a laxative. Rumbling in the intestines, with pain in the sacrum. In the morning, on an empty stomach, cutting pain in the intestines. After the passage of gases, the pain in the abdomen stops.

Sulphur. Drawing and burning pain in region of liver. Ulcers in the intestines. Lots of gases. With gases, loose stools, similar to bile, involuntarily depart. Diarrhea with heat and warm sweat. Mucus stool, three times a day.

Lumpy stool with mucus. Throbbing pain in rectum, after stool. Burning and itching in the rectum in the evening, worms seem to crawl.

Ipecacuanha. Stool with blood. Nausea and vomiting. Green stool, the color of onion or grass. On stooping, vomiting of eaten food. Vomiting of yellow mucus. Vomiting of green gelatinous mucus. Lemon chair. Frequent loose stools with nausea in the abdomen. Stool with bloody mucus. Scanty red urine.

Argentum nitricum. Worse from sweets. Predisposed to ulcers. Anxious and very dependent. They require care, like small children. Likes fresh air. Worse in a hot stuffy room. Dark forebodings and anxiety. Excitement and rush. Unable to control their own impulses. Impaired coordination.

Phosphorus. Perforated stomach ulcer. Vomiting of coffee grounds immediately after eating. Cancer of the stomach in the stage of ulceration. Oily stools, like frog spawn. Spasms of the esophagus. Diabetes mellitus after pancreatitis.

Profuse and watery diarrhea in the morning (Sulphur. Podophyllum). Green, slimy diarrhea in the morning greatly debilitates the patient. Cholera. Liquid exudate comes out of a wide open anus.

Nux vomica. Nausea in the morning. Vomiting of mucus, with a sour taste. Vomiting blood. Very sad after eating. Chill after dinner. During dinner, heat in the head. Frequent hiccups for no reason. Can’t put hand on stomach, it causes nausea. Pressure in stomach, as from a stone. Rumbling in the side of the abdomen with anxiety. Pulsation in the region of the stomach.

Jaundice, with aversion to food. Stitching pain in region of liver. Sensation of warmth in the abdomen in the morning. After eating, the abdomen is distended. Noise in abdomen, like frogs croaking. When walking, as if the insides were splashing. Trembling in the abdominal muscles.

Carbo veg. Gas colic with odorless flatus. Audible rumbling in abdomen, with nagging pain. In the morning, copious discharge of gases without smell. Fetid gases. Mushy stools with burning in the rectum. During stool, prickling in rectum. Burning in anus. After breakfast, urge to stool.

Hard stool passes with great effort. Stool with much mucus. With each stool, blood is shed. At night, a sticky mucus is discharged from the anus, with itching and excoriation. After stool, constrictive pain in abdomen.

Cocculus. After eating, pain under the stomach. Aversion to food and drink. Aversion to sour. Bread tastes sour. In the stomach, sensation of a crawling worm. When it freezes, there is an urge to vomit and profuse salivation. Stomach pain interferes with sleep. Audible rumbling in the abdomen. Sharp pain on the right side of the abdomen. Burning and distension of the abdomen. After supper, suffers from flatus.

Drosera. Vomiting blood. Pain in the abdomen with diarrhea. Frequent stools with cutting in abdomen. There is bloody mucus in the stool. Bread tastes bitter. In the morning, bitter taste in the mouth. Bitterness rises from the stomach into the mouth. After eating, nausea with inclination to vomit. Vomiting at night and before dinner. In the morning, vomiting of bile.

Colocynthis. Pressure in stomach, as from a stone. Frequent hiccups. Putrid taste and bitterness in the mouth. Bitter taste in mouth after beer. Decreased appetite. Strong desire to drink, without thirst. Very frequent vomiting. Abdominal pain is relieved by a cup of coffee. After potatoes, severe pain in abdomen and rapid stool.

China. Lunatic hunger, but no pleasure in food. Aversion to water and desire for beer. Craving for cherries. Strong desire for wine. Anorexia. Belching with air. Doesn’t get any pleasure from food. Often you want unknown products. Bitter, sour eructation after bread and butter. After drinking milk, sour eructations.

Ulcer of the pyloric stomach – Uran-n. In anemic persons, Arg-n. Dry red tongue, thirsty, emaciated, Ars. After the burn – Kali-bi.

Bleeding from the stomach, if the blood is bright, Ipec. If the blood is dark – Ham. Cancer of the stomach, Ars, Hydr, Cund. When vomiting, Kreos. Constant sensation as if the stomach were full of water, Kali-c.

Ulcers in the duodenum from a burn. Ulceration of the intestines in chronic diarrhoea, Kali-bi. Ulceration in the large intestine, with slimy, bloody stools; in dysentery, Merc-c.

Cutting or tearing in lower right abdomen, swelling, sensitive, irritable, Lach.

Burning pain, swelling in caecum, melancholy, restlessness, prostration, fever, thirst, Ars. Sluggish fever, restlessness, tearing, Rhus. Grumpy delirium, pain and tenderness in abdomen, full, tense pulse, Verat-v.

Proctitis with tenesmus, Aloe, Podo. Subacute inflammation with profuse mucus, Colch. Chronic, purulent stool, tendency to constrict, Nit-ac, Phos.

Urging, burning and great pain in the rectum, Caps. Narrowing of rectum from cancer, Hydr. Simple narrowing – Nit-ac. Ulcers in bowels, Nit-ac, Graph, Sulph. Incessant urging, nothing passes but mucus and blood, Merc-c.

Burning in the rectum, strong urge to go down and at the same time passing urine; involuntary stool, Aloe.

Ineffectual urging, or with passage of a few hard pieces, Bell. Violent urge and difficult stool, Hep. Great exertion, no stool, bowel prolapse – Ign, Podo. Frequent invalid urge, especially if urge to urinate is Nux-v.

Strained urge, only mucus or only hard pieces like pebbles – Sil. Force before and after stool; constant urge to bottom; stools, slimy, purulent, bloody, or constipated, Sulph.