Homeopathy for kidney failure


Lachesis. Urine dark, almost black. The skin is swollen, dark, bluish-black. Edema after scarlet fever and in drunkards. Worse after sleep. Fetid mucus in the urine. Blood in urine (Crotalus). Urine sediment like charred straw.

Black urine (Colchicum, Natrum muriatic, Acidum carbonicum, Digitalis, Apis, Ammonium benzoicum, Acidum benzoicum, Arsenicum, Arnica, Opium, Carbo veget., Kali carb. and Terebinthina). Foamy urine.

Digitalis. Black, scanty, cloudy urine. Fainting from weakness of the heart, with blue face. Kidney troubles with swelling, weak or slow pulse, and scanty, dark urine. Fading in the stomach, it seems life is fading away.

Colchicum. The urine is dark, cloudy and contains blood. Gout. Great sensitivity to touch and strongly odorous substances. Mental work is tiring. Coated tongue. Nausea. Profuse salivation.

Terebinthina. Cloudy urine. Sediment like coffee grounds. Edema after scarlet fever. Blood urine. Dyspnea. Strong drowsiness. Tongue, dry and glossy. Early stages of kidney disease. Violent burning and pain in the back (Lachesis). Acts on the kidneys and bladder. Dull pain in the region of the kidneys. Burning in the kidneys. The pains go from the kidneys to the ureters.

Burning when urinating. Protein in the urine. Urine dark, smoky and thick. Urine contains decomposed blood. Burning in the airways, with thin and difficult expectoration. Urine has an odor of violets. Fetid stools. Intestinal bleeding from coffee grounds. Smooth tongue, as if it had lost its papillae.

Pulsatilla. Urination with cutting pains above the pubis.

Berberis vulgaris. Sharp, stabbing pains go down and forward from the kidneys, filling the whole pelvis with pain. Urine contains a lot of mucus and a yellowish-dirty clayey sediment. Stones in the kidneys or in the ureter.

Cuprum. Uremia with convulsions. Worse in hot weather. Relapsing fever. The abdomen is hard. Obstinate constipation with blood. Green, watery diarrhea. Spasmodic vomiting is relieved by cold drinks. Lack of response.

Attacks of suffocation with coldness of the body. Prostration and dyspnea. Severe coldness of the body. Skin cyanosis. Cramps in the calf muscles. Pain in the epigastric region with shortness of breath. Collapse.

Pareira brava. Tearing pains go from kidneys to thighs. Arthritis with bubbling sensation. Rheumatism. Gout with urinary symptoms.

Arsenicum. Burning, agony, thirst and subsequent collapse. Uremia. Urine looks like dark dung water. Shortness of breath wakes the patient after midnight. The patient tears his clothes, which suffocate him. Fear of death. Restlessness often alternates with stupor.

Cannabis indica. Uremia with severe headache. Time and space seem to be greatly stretched. Gonorrhea. Sensation as if the top of the head were opening and closing.

Equisetum. Constant desire to urinate, with copious discharge of urine. Burning pain in the canal when urinating. Urinary incontinence.

Acidum nitricum. The urine smells like horse urine (Acidum benzoicum). Offensive green diarrhea with mucus in children. Strong attempts (Mercurius). Pale, soft and offensive stools.

Linaria. Urinary incontinence. Frequent painful urge to urinate in the middle of the night.

Calcarea ostrearum. Fetid urine with a white, but not turbid sediment.

Eupatorium purpureum. Frequent and painful urging, with copious discharge of brightly colored mucus urine.

Petroselinum. Sudden urge to urinate. If the child does not urinate immediately, he starts up and down in pain (Cannabis, Cantharis and Mercurius). Gonorrhea.

Clematis erecta. Mucus in urine, but not pus. Urine flows in an intermittent stream. Pain along the canal to the head of the penis. Inflammatory narrowing of the urethra.

Conium. Inflammation of the canal and bladder when there is pus in the urine. Passage of urine intermittent and jerky.

Apis. Scanty dark urine. No thirst. Pale waxy skin. Hives. Red pimples or redness in swollen areas. Anxiety.