Homeopathy for cystitis

Inflammation of the lining of the bladder

Staphysagria is very useful in treating honeymoon cystitis, a term used to describe bladder infections that develop after intercourse. When urinating, the woman must get to the toilet as quickly as she can, otherwise a leak may occur. On an emotional level, there may be repressed anger and resentment.

However, it is often so deep that the person is not aware of it, and the only clue to the homeopath may be the abusive attitude that they are trapped. Burning in urethra when urinating. After urination, the burning stops. Burning in urethra between urination.

Honeymoon leads to cystitis. Cystitis after gynecological examination. Suppresses anger and sadness. Anger is hidden, the person is soft and gentle, but in deep sadness. Cystitis occurs after sex. Pain is felt during and after urination.

Cantharis. Infections characterized by intense, burning pain during urination. There may be blood in the urine, and there may be a feeling of not being able to completely empty the bladder or rectum.

Surprisingly, it has been found that irritation of the bladder can increase a person’s sexual desire. Frequent and painful urination, with cutting and burning pains. Urine is expelled in drops, with intense burning pain. Burning pains in the urethra, with ineffectual attempts to urinate.

Intense nocturnal painful erections. When urinating, the pain in the back and abdomen is so severe that the patient cannot urinate without groaning or screaming. Tearing pains and burning in the urethra before, during and after urination. Marked sexual arousal. Violent itching in the vagina and lustfulness. The sound of water causes spasm. Imperative urge to urinate.

Urine comes out in drops with extreme pain. The pain is burning and cutting in the neck of the bladder. Violent pains with intolerable tenesmus. Urine burns. Cantharis will help if you suffer from excruciating pain before, during and after urination. Every drop of urine is like burning acid.

Pulsatilla. In the bladder, the pain comes on suddenly and intensely, with an extremely urgent need to pass urine. The person feels worse indoors. As a rule, they do not like fatty foods. Emotionally, they can be very affectionate, crave physical intimacy, and can become whiny or sentimental.

Involuntary urination. Frequent urge to urinate. Worse when the patient lies down. Tenesmus of the bladder. Enlarged prostate. Emotional and shy young women. Soft and pliant in nature. They cry while telling their story in order to evoke sympathy in the listener. Pain worse after urination.

China. Clear urine becomes milky when standing.

Aconitum. Copious excretion of urine in diarrhea. Blood in the urine when standing up to urinate. Involuntary urination. Brown urine passes with burning. The urine sediment is brick-colored. Diuresis with profuse sweating and frequent watery diarrhea. Retention of urine, with pricks in the region of the kidneys. Urine passes with difficulty in small portions. Frequent painful urge to urinate.

Urine as pure as water. Symptoms appear suddenly, often after fright or exposure to cold. Immersion in ice water can cause cystitis. Fear can lead to urinary retention. There is a feeling of pressure in the bladder and a burning sensation before urination.

Mercurius corrosivus. Tenesmus of the bladder. Urine passes in drops with great pain.

Causticum. Burning and tickling in the perineum. Itching in the urethra. The patient wishes to insert a stick into the urethra to scratch it.

Phosphorus. Bleeding from the urethra in amenorrhea.

Hepar sulphur. Urine flows without tension, slowly drop by drop vertically from top to bottom. Even soft stools come out with difficulty. It seems to the patient that urine remains in the bladder after urination. Urine comes out very slowly. The patient waits until urine begin to come out. The bladder is weak. Urine barely drips vertically down.

Cannabis sativa. Soreness of the urethra when touched. The patient walks with legs apart to avoid pressure on the urinary tract.

Lithium carb. Pain in the heart when urinating.

Capsicum. Thick discharge from urethra. Burning pain when urinating.

Sepia. Discharge from the urethra in drops. Discharge from the urethra in the morning seals the opening of the urethra. Recurrent urinary tract infections with frequent use of antibiotics and thrush. Sex in women is painful and leads to cystitis. Genital herpes.

Magnesia muriaticum. Urination after pressure on the lower abdomen. Weak bladder.

Conium. Intermittent slow urination. Prostate hypertrophy. Diseases of the uterus.

Zincum. Involuntary urination. The patient urinates only lying down. The patient urinates while sitting, arching back.

Crotonum. Eczema of the scrotum. Violent itching of the scrotum. The pain prevents the patient from scratching the scrotum.

Acidum nitricum. Urine dark with the smell of horse urine. Urine passes in drops, with severe pain.

Muriatic acid. Urination is accompanied by involuntary passage of stool. Urine is excreted slowly. The patient strains until the rectum fall out.

Thuja. Cutting after urination. Red urine with thick brick sediment. Burning in urethra when not urinating. Cutting when urinating. Itching and pain in the glans penis. At night, prolonged erection of the penis. Drawing in testicles. Sharp pain in left testicle and sweat on scrotum. Burning in the vagina. Secretion of mucus from the female urethra.

Pimple on scrotum and great swelling of foreskin. On the foreskin there are small purulent pustules with impressions in the center. Red warts on the edge of the foreskin, like warts. Tickling, itching and heavy bleeding from warts. Unbearable pains and tenesmus of the bladder at the end of urination.

Petroleum. Eczema of the scrotum. Worse in winter. Better in summer.

Argentum met. Very frequent urination and copious discharge of urine. Pain in left testicle. Dreamless wet dreams every night.

Natrium muriaticum. Involuntary urination. Severe pain at the end of urination. Burning and cutting in urethra after urination. Spasmodic contractions in the abdomen.

Clematis erecta. The flow of urine is slow or intermittent. Strong pain. Intermittent slow urination.

Calcarea carb. Hematuria. Bladder stones. Polyps of the bladder.

Petroselin. Sudden strong urge to urinate. Children jump up and down with the pain of an urgent urge as their clothes are unbuttoned.

Lilium tigrinum. Frequent urge to stool and urination. Displacement of the uterus.

Arnica montana. Cystitis after injury to the perineum, such as after childbirth. Bladder emptying problems.

Nux vomica. Intense chilliness. The person is very irritable. Constant urge to urinate and a feeling that the bladder is full. Frequency – is the predominant symptom. Man driven, ambitious and very competitive.

Sarsaparilla. Pain occurs after urination. A small amount of blood in the urine. Patients urinate while standing with urinary retention.