Homeopathy for melancholy


Natrum muriaticum. Sadness, melancholy, irritability and palpitations. Indifferent and joyless. Easily offended by a harmless joke. Doesn’t tolerate being contradicted. Anxiety from suppressed anger. Resentment from restrained aggression. Excessive prohibitions in his upbringing.

Patients are weak and insecure. They get irritated out of frustration. There is no courage to throw out your anger and direct it at yourself. Deep melancholy and sadness. Anxious hopelessness. Thoughts about past hurts. They cannot find pleasure.

Sepia. Great sadness and apathy when walking in the open air and at dusk. Very easily offended and angry. Attacks of crying or laughter. Fear of being alone. Greater sensitivity to the slightest sound. He quarrels and complaints about everything.

Short temper and irritability. Apathy, tearfulness and insomnia. Depression. Aversion to food. Visceroptosis. Flushes of heat with morning vertigo. Headache in occiput and left eye.

Better when walking fast. Painful sensibility of the scalp. Worse, before a thunderstorm. Prolapse of the pelvic organs, with a feeling of pressure on the bottom. Diseases of the genitals and yellow spots on the face. Yellow spots on the back of the nose. Varicose veins. Worse in a long upright position. Worse in cold air.

Better with exercise. Better warm. Bad memory. Forgets what she wanted to say. Diligence. Life has no meaning. Wanting to cry all the time. The patient is not satisfied. Gets upset because of health. Household chores are annoying. Sad and gloomy.

Calcarea carb. Passive. Compliant with fits of rage. Physical lethargy. Apathy. There is no energy. Gets tired quickly. Weak, soft character. The patient is incapable of effort. Night fears. Fear of the future. Afraid of what people will think. Melancholic depression. Extremely sensitive to cold.

Acidum phosphoricum. Apathy. Physical and mental weakness. Hypochondria due to sexual abuse. Weak back and frequent urge to urinate in the morning. Red stripes in the middle of the tongue. Sluggish, indifferent and apathetic. Complete indifference to everything. Copious night sweats.

The child does not want anything. Pain in occiput and back of neck from sadness. Chronic influence of sadness and love disappointments. Worse from noise. Vertigo when walking. Worse in the morning. Headache in schoolchildren after mental work. Better from warmth and after sleep. Thirst for cold drinks. Morning diarrhea without pain. Milky urine. Worse, from mental exertion.

Tuberculinum. Sadness and melancholy. Contradictory mood. The mood is constantly changing. Fear of impulsively committing suicide. Irritability and anger. Frequent colds. They change doctors. Dark forebodings. Aversion to work.

They constantly complain. Fears. Irresistible fatigue after waking. Travel. Anxiety. Indifference and laziness. Anxiety. Indifference and laziness. Constant doubts. Confusion of thoughts.

Lycopodium. Dark forebodings. Fast saturation. Fear of failure. Increased content of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Tympanitis. Sadness and shyness. Constipation and anger. Smart and resourceful. Weak muscles. Icteric skin color. Prematurely aged due to diseases of the kidneys and liver. Memory is weak. Arrogance and dictatorship. Lack of self-confidence. Aversion to work.

Silica. Sad and melancholic. They think that they are unable to practice their profession because of the fear of failing. No inclination to mental work. Cries when they say something to him. Smart and intelligent. Weeps when treated with tenderness. Weak memory, distraction. Stubborn and dissatisfied. Increased irritability. Often angry.

Fits of rage (Calcarea carbonica). Restrains his impulses. Makes mistakes in speech. Startles at the noise. A short conversation is boring. Can’t stand being spoken to in a loud voice. Extremely conscientious. Conscientious and scrupulous. Careful. Conscientious in the details.

Indecisive. Walking in a dream with a growing moon and a full moon. Pangs of conscience. Intrusive ideas. It seems that he committed a terrible crime. Restless and impatient.

Phosphorus. Melancholy, trembling and paralysis. Tall and thin. Sensitive to touch, smells, noise and lightning. The skin is soft, white, waxy and translucent. Mood swings. Long eyelashes. Susceptibility to tuberculosis. Sexual excitement with rage. They are growing fast.

Narrow chest. Rachiocampsis. Deep depression. Anemia. Feelings are heightened. Tendency to bleed. Short bursts of enthusiasm or aggression. Excitation or depression. Fury or apathy. Capable of complete self-destruction.