Homeopathy for tracheitis

For dry cough prescribed

Rumex. Dry, harassing cough on pressure, at night, on talking, and from inhaling cold air. Better after eating. Increased sensitivity of the larynx and trachea. Rawness behind the sternum on the left. Violent cough after lying down and at night. Aphonia. Dry, agonizing cough prevents sleep. Cough relieved by warm air and by covering one’s head.

Brown, watery diarrhea early in the morning, with rumbling and colic before stool. Diarrhea early in the morning, rousing the patient from bed. The patient is sensitive to cold air. Great weakness and restlessness in the evening. Worse from cold, damp and damp weather. Cough in the evening from cold air, and when lying down.

Acidum benzoicum. Bronchitis. Dry, hacking cough. Asthma. Dyspnea. Rheumatism. Green mucous sputum. Lots of mucus in throat. Significant weakness. Hoarseness. Bad urine.

Sticta pulmonaria. Tracheitis. Worse at night and in wet weather. Dry cough at night. Constant need to blow your nose, but nothing comes out of it. Discharge from the nose quickly turns into crusts. Insomnia in children after surgical operations. Expressed desire to talk about anything. Can’t be silent. Insomnia.

Phosphorus. Tracheitis with hoarseness in the evening. Extreme tenderness of the larynx, with complete loss of voice. Worse from talking and coughing. Croup at the beginning of the disease. Aphonia with rapid decline in strength. Cold and clammy sweat. A haggard, pale face. Loose lower jaw (Lycopodium).

Hepar sulphuris calcarea. Tracheitis from dry, cold winds, with hoarseness and wheezing. The slightest influence of cold causes an attack of coughing. Dry cough in the morning. Late cold period. A crust of bread seems to prick in the throat (Mercurius, Acid nitricum, Argentum nitricum, Alumina). Disease with pus formation.

Lycopodium. Tracheobronchitis with purulent sputum. Nasal congestion at night. The mucopurulent discharge dries up in the nose into elastic plugs (Kali bichromicum). Children wake up at night with stuffy nose (Like Ammonium carb., Nux vomica, Sambucus). Children comb their nose (Arum triphyllum). Envious (Pulsatilla, Staphysagria). Sits alone in his room, but needs other people nearby.

Belladonna. Dry, annoying, tickling cough. Bright red throat with enlarged tonsils.

Antimonium tartaricum. Dry, tickling cough (Bryonia). Pustules on the skin. Nausea with restlessness. Eructation of rotten eggs and drowsiness. Green, watery and frothy vomit with food debris. Trembling of the hands when vomiting. Vomiting, diarrhea and collapse. Cold body and profuse watery diarrhea (Veratrum).

Spongia. Tracheitis. Hoarseness, voice breaks during speech. Croup. Dry, hoarse, croupy, irritating cough. The cough is dry and wheezing, like sawing a pine board. Dryness in larynx, with hoarse, wheezing cough. Better when descending. The cough is ameliorated by eating and drinking. Desire to sing with extreme gaiety.

Sepia. Dry cough in women with rash on the body. Heaviness in anus, not relieved by stool (Nux vomica). Hemorrhoids protrude from the anus. Green, slimy, sour stools in children. Discharge of large green plugs from the nose. Better from warmth and from warm, fresh air.

Dryness in the throat. Feet swollen and burning violently at night in the climacteric. Ring herpes. Copious night sweats. Worse from sexual excesses, from fatty foods, and during pregnancy.

Dryness in the trachea, scratching; hoarseness; worse, damp, cold weather, towards evening, talking, Carb-v. Viscous mucus in trachea; tickling and itching in trachea, causing coughing, aggravated expiration, Nux-v.

Tickling sensation in trachea, as if like a feather; feeling as if something had fallen into the trachea; difficult expectoration; whistling in the trachea; as if a lump of mucus were moving in the trachea, Calc.

Dryness and burning in larynx and trachea, Ars. Rawness in trachea, with frequent hacking cough; expectoration of copious purulent sputum, constant tickling and scratching at part of trachea, Phos.

In the morning in the lower part of the trachea viscous mucus; sore and sore in trachea after coughing, Cann. s. Irritant cough in trachea; pain in the trachea after coughing; foul-smelling yellow mucus comes off – Stann.

Constant irritation in trachea, worse at night, Sulph. Pain in trachea, worse from smoking or talking, after coughing; on entering a warm room, Bry. Scratching and tickling in trachea after going to bed; tickling in trachea, Caps.

Expectoration of mucus from trachea immediately after eating, Sil. Tickling in the trachea causes coughing, constriction; film formation in trachea, aggravated by inhalation, Brom.

Sensation: something swollen in throat and cannot be swallowed; trachea sensitive to touch, tickling in fauces aggravated by sleep and by touch, Lach.

Dry cough with pressure on the trachea, with pressure from the dress, when the head is tilted back, while eating; when waking up from sleep; accompanied by hoarseness and sore throat, shooting into the ear, Lach. Dry cough with

bloody sputum; caused by tickling in the trachea; with hoarseness, rawness in trachea, Phos.

Dry cough in the evening, from tickling in the trachea; conversation; in long paroxysms, causing urination, the voice almost disappeared; pain and rawness in trachea, Caust.

Dry paroxysmal cough at night in bed; caused by tickling in the trachea, pressure on this area and inhalation of cold air; with great fatigue and pain in left lung, Rumx.

stomach cough; worse when stomach is empty, Bism. Chronic cough, mucous expectoration, Ant-t. Dry cough to vomiting; cough with hoarseness, tickling and pain in trachea; expectoration thick, yellow, lumpy, profuse and smelly, Sil.

Dry laryngeal cough, with hoarseness and pain in the chest, Brom. Barking cough and loss of voice, Spong. Pain in larynx with urging to cough, sore and piercing pain in trachea; hoarseness; cough from tickling in throat, worse from motion, Iod.

Spasmodic suffocating cough in nervous faces, Ambr. Cough from tickling in larynx, with vomiting of food, Dros.

Spasmodic cough – Ipec. Catarrhal cough, burning pain behind sternum, hoarseness, Merc. Cough with excessive phlegm; with pale and profuse urine, Sil. Cough during the day with copious expectoration, dry and tickling at night, Puls.

Cough with stinking expectoration and stinking breath, Caps. Violent cough with little expectoration after eating, lying on back and early in the morning, Nux-v.

Irritable hacking cough of old people – Seneg. Dry night cough, better sitting, Hyos. Periodic dry cough with itching and tickling in the throat and behind the sternum; worse at night, Con. Cough on entering a warm room, Bry. During and after meals, Calc.

During meals – Lach. After eating, Nux-v. Cough causes headache, Nat-m; in occiput, Sulph; pains of the heart, Agar; eruption of urine, Caust, Ferr, Puls. Night cough, with involuntary passage of urine, Colch. Sensation as if lungs were full of smoke.

Sensation as if trachea were swollen, scratching, irritation, Apis. Sharp scraping behind sternum and in throat; paroxysmal cough from tickling and pressure in trachea, Rumx. Irritation of the nose, larynx and trachea; cough with difficult expectoration and tenacious mucus, Kali-bi.