Homeopathy for hair loss

Prescribed for hair loss

Thallium. Hair falls out very quickly, after illnesses. Spasmodic pains. The numbness of the fingers spreads to the lower extremities. Paralysis of the lower limbs. Muscle atrophy. Complete control over yourself and what happens. The fall is inevitable. Efforts must be made to salvage the situation.

Ignatia. The hair falls out on the head. In the morning, the eyelids are stuck together with pus. Itching in the inner corner of the eye. Lachrymation from the left eye. It seems that objects are moving before the eyes. Can’t stand candlelight. Tinnitus. Lips crack and bleed.

Pain in the jaw joint in the morning. In the morning, the tip of the tongue hurts a lot. Difficulty swallowing food and drink. The mouth is filled with white frothy saliva. Calcareous taste in the mouth, as if eating chalk. The beer is bitter, bland, stale and tasteless.

Sepia. Hair falls out. Eruption on vertex and back of head. Burning after scratching. Dandruff forms in circles. Music sensitivity. Buzzing in the ears with hearing loss. Women with dark hair and a heavy, tough character. Chilliness from cold air. Fetid urine with a reddish, clay-turbid sediment. The child wets the bed almost as soon as he falls asleep.

Ustilago. Alopecia, complete hair loss. The whole skin is dry, hot and full-blooded. Chronic urticaria with intolerable itching at night. Copper-colored spots on the skin. Worse from motion. Eczema. Destructive diseases of the nails. Burning in face and scalp. Viscous, coppery aftertaste. Loss of teeth. Dry mouth with difficulty swallowing.

Alumina. Dry hair falls out. His mind belongs to someone else. At the sight of blood or a knife, he wants to commit suicide. Falls off when walking with closed eyes. Purulent discharge from ears. Great dryness of the scalp. Eyes inflamed, itchy and sticky at night. Lachrymation during the day. Burning and dryness.

Burning pain, but little ulceration. Sees a yellow halo around the candle. Numb. Thinks he’s falling forward. Headache from chronic catarrh with constipation. Obscure visibility. Fiery spots before the eyes. Melancholy. Chronic blepharitis.

Protracted catarrh in the elderly. Thick yellow mucus is discharged from the nose. Dry, hard, yellow-green mucous crusts in the nose. The nose is swollen and very painful. Looks through the fog. Burning and dryness of the eyelids. In the nose, yellow-green mucous crusts. The tongue is covered with a viscous coating. Hoarseness from dryness in the throat.

Aversion to meat. Worse from potatoes. Desire for starch, chalk, lime, coal. The stool is hard, like sheep’s dung. Pronounced sexual desire with involuntary ejaculation. During menstruation, irritating urine flows out.

Cough accompanied by involuntary urination. Cramps in the calf muscles. Intolerable itching in warm bed. Worse in a warm room in the evening and under full moon. Better in open air and from cold.

Selenium. Baldness of the head and eyebrows. Eczema of the scalp. Hard and dry stools (Alumina, Opium, Plumbum and Bryonia). The patient wakes up at the slightest noise. He wakes up every morning at exactly the same hour and his pains are worse (Sulphur).

Aloe. Hair loss. Headache from heat. Better from cold applications. Life is a heavy burden. He thinks he will die in a week. Easily excitable, angry and vindictive patients. Must destroy the object of rage. Worse when sedentary. Worse morning and evening. Worse in hot, humid weather. Better from cold. Better after passing flatus.

Thuja. Hair is dry and falling out. Thickening of the eyelids. White scaly dandruff. The hair is thin, grows slowly, splits and falls out. Styes and tumors of the eyelids. Chronic catarrhal conjunctivitis with large warts.

Flashes of light before my eyes. Discharge of mucus and blood from the nose in obese persons. Thick green mucus with blood flows from the nose. The mucus is very viscous and difficult to separate. Thirst in the morning. Pressure in region of liver when walking.

Natrium mur. Hair loss and violent itching of the head. Painful, red eyelids. The eyelids look like bleeding meat. Burning in the eyes, with increased mucus. Eyes sensitive to sunlight, with burning lachrymation. Objects blur and letters merge. Small fiery dots before the eyes.

Inflammation of the left side of the nose, with itching and pain when touched. Nasal congestion at night. The gums bleed easily and are sensitive to cold, heat, or pressure. Tongue coated with white or geographic tongue. Persistent dry mouth. Aversion to bread. Loss of hair on the pubic and labia. Worse in the morning, from heat, after exertion and after lying down.

Jaborandi. Baldness. Flushing of the face and profuse sweating (Lachesis) in the climacteric. Copious night sweats. Softens the skin. Dries up profuse salivation. Parotitis. Loss of appetite with bitter taste.

Mercurius. Hair loss. Copious discharge of corrosive mucus from the nose. Acrid pus flows from the nose, smelling of old cheese. Stomatitis with membranous plaque. Thrush (Borax). Ineffective urging to stool with tenesmus. Worse from lying on right side, while moving and after sleeping. Diarrhea of green mucus, with prolapse of the anus. Dysentery with mucus and blood, with extreme tenesmus and pain (Mercurius corrosivus). Menses profuse.

Lycopodium. Hair turns gray early and falls out. Significant wasting of the upper body when the lower part of the extremely bloated. Weeping, suppurating eruptions on the skin. Eczema of the scalp in children. Greyish-yellow complexion. Throbbing headache from coughing. Writes the wrong words. Can’t find the right words.

Kalium carb. Dry hair falls out a lot and a lot of dandruff. Excruciating, shooting, stitching and shooting pains. Stitching pains in the liver in cold air. Stitching pains in the joints. All symptoms worse at 3 am. Elderly fat people. Aversion to being alone. It seems that the doves are flying around the room, and he tries to grab them with his hands. Anxiety with fear.

Apis. Nested hair loss. Diseases are localized on the left side of the body. Burning in all diseases. Meningitis, stupor with helpless cry. Erysipelatous inflammation of the eyelids, with puffiness of the face. Eyelids swollen and hot lachrymation. Ulceration of eyelids and loss of eyelashes.

Discharge of thick white offensive mucus with blood from the nose. Edema face. The tongue is red at the tip with brown stripes in the middle. Burning pains on swallowing. Drinks often in small portions or is not thirsty at all.

Ambra grisea. Hair falls out. Thin and hysterical women with frequent fainting. He sits and cries all the time. Profuse nosebleeds early in the morning. Spasmodic hiccough in hysterical women. Night leucorrhea with bluish-white mucus. Asthma, with copious urine. Worse in a warm room, from warm drinks, from music and talking. Better from cold air, cool food and walking.

Nitricum acidum. Hair falls out. Easily bleeding ulcers with zigzag edges. Cracking in ears while chewing. Green bleeding crusts in the nose in the morning. Putrid odor from the mouth. Tongue red, ulcerated, dry and cracked. The mouth is full of putrid and bloody saliva. Fatty foods cause nausea and heartburn.

Stool green with mucus. Fissures in the anus. Urine with a strong smell. Diabetes. No erections. Hard, brown knots on scrotum. Violent itching in the vagina after intercourse. Atrophy of the mammary glands with dense nodes. Cough with general mental depression. Profuse sweat on feet. Thin dark people with black hair. Worse in the evening in a warm room. Better in cold weather.

Mercurius. Hair falls out. Thirst for ice water. Trembling and chilliness all over the body, without heat or thirst. Gets colder in the open air. Constantly cold hands and feet. Chilliness in bed in the morning and evening. Attacks of fever at night. Ice hands. The pulse is doubled. Sometimes heat in the face, sometimes trembling. Profuse night sweat. Extreme indifference. The mood is irritable and short-tempered. Strong nostalgia. Nose bleed.

Ferrum met. Falling out of hair with goosebumps. Vertigo when going down hill. The head tilts to the right. Vertigo when looking at running water. Pain in the root of the nose in the evening. Dullness in the head. Shootings in the forehead.

Staphisagria. Very severe hair loss. When interrupted, he forgets what he was talking about. A lot of confused thoughts come to mind. Loses the thread of thought. Worse leaning forward and walking. Pressure over right eye. Shootings in left temple. Itching erosion on the scalp. Itching pimples on occiput. On the face, eruption of pimples with itching. Sharp pain under the left upper eyelid. Itching of the eyelids. Dry eyes.

Magnesia carb. Hair loss. Severe pain in head and right shoulder. Better in the evening and from slight movement. The face is dirty, dark yellow. Gluing of eyelids in the morning. He doesn’t like to be uncovered. Worse in the morning, from motion and in rainy weather.

Sulphur. Severe loss of hair from the head. Vertigo when lying on back at night. Immediately after supper, pain on left side under parietal bone. Pressing pain in the head is relieved by removing the headgear. Jerking pain over right eye. Violent pain in the middle of the head when coughing and sneezing.

Hair falls out. The forehead is covered with blackheads. Migraine once a week. Small vesicles with a clear liquid itch violently and form yellow crusts on the top of the head. Moist eruptions on vertex with pus. Honeycomb-shaped crusts on the head. Hair is dry and falling out. The scalp itches violently in the evening when getting warm in bed. Dandruff.

Severe headache on bending over. The ringing in the head comes out of the ears. In the morning, heat in the head. Itching in occiput. Itching in the eyebrows and on the tip of the nose. Twitching and itching of the eyelids in the afternoon. Styes on the upper eyelid in the inner corner of the eye.

Hepar sulphur. Severe hair loss. Eyes look into the void and see nothing. A blunt nail is inserted in half of the brain. Pain in the head after walking in the open air. Eyes stick together with mucus and pus. Yellowness of the face, with blue circles around the eyes. Swelling of left cheek and itching in ears. Nosebleeds and loss of smell. Acute sense of smell.

Hair loss. Suppuration. Any wound suppurates. Furuncles. The slightest pain causes fainting. Cracks in the feet. Rash on bends of elbows and knees. Eczema between scrotum and thigh. Pain in one half of the brain, as from a nail. Pain in right side of occiput. Vertigo