Homeopathy for peptic ulcer

Ulcers of the stomach and intestines

Kalium bichromicum. Ulcers of the stomach and duodenum. Dull pain in right hypochondrium. Solid food causes pain when swallowing. Desires beer and sour. Great swelling of the stomach, cannot bear tight clothing. The stool is black, watery, frothy and bloody. Scanty, brightly colored urine with copious sediment.

Anuria with pain in the kidneys. Lack of sexual desire in overweight people. Chronic urethritis with viscid, copious discharge. Prostatic fluid leaks out with stool.

Kalium carb. Strong need for emotional support in ulcers (Argentum nitricum). Passive, shy and cunning patients. Children look to their mothers for approval. Children do not express their feelings for their mother for fear that she will leave them.

Conversation mistakes. Confusion of thoughts. Afraid of a person on whom he is emotionally dependent. Weeps while describing her symptoms (Med., Puls., Sep., Sil).

Dulcamara. Vomiting of sticky mucus. Pain on the left side of the umbilicus in the evening. Paralysis of the tongue. Violent belching with hiccough. The soup goes back down the throat. Hunger, with aversion to all food. Noise and rumbling in the intestines. Violent nausea with chilliness and trembling.

Pain above navel when sitting bent forward. When bending forward, the intestines seethe, as if from a laxative. Rumbling in the intestines, with pain in the sacrum. In the morning, on an empty stomach, cutting pain in the intestines. After the passage of gases, the pain in the abdomen stops.

Sulphur. Drawing and burning pain in region of liver. Ulcers in the intestines. Lots of gases. With gases, loose stools, similar to bile, involuntarily depart. Diarrhea with heat and warm sweat. Mucus stool, three times a day.

Lumpy stool with mucus. Throbbing pain in rectum, after stool. Burning and itching in the rectum in the evening, worms seem to crawl.

Ipecacuanha. Stool with blood. Nausea and vomiting. Green stool, the color of onion or grass. On stooping, vomiting of eaten food. Vomiting of yellow mucus. Vomiting of green gelatinous mucus. Lemon chair. Frequent loose stools with nausea in the abdomen. Stool with bloody mucus. Scanty red urine.

Argentum nitricum. Worse from sweets. Predisposed to ulcers. Anxious and very dependent. They require care, like small children. Likes fresh air. Worse in a hot stuffy room. Dark forebodings and anxiety. Excitement and rush. Unable to control their own impulses. Impaired coordination.

Phosphorus. Perforated stomach ulcer. Vomiting of coffee grounds immediately after eating. Cancer of the stomach in the stage of ulceration. Oily stools, like frog spawn. Spasms of the esophagus. Diabetes mellitus after pancreatitis.

Profuse and watery diarrhea in the morning (Sulphur. Podophyllum). Green, slimy diarrhea in the morning greatly debilitates the patient. Cholera. Liquid exudate comes out of a wide open anus.

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Homeopathy for kidney failure


Lachesis. Urine dark, almost black. The skin is swollen, dark, bluish-black. Edema after scarlet fever and in drunkards. Worse after sleep. Fetid mucus in the urine. Blood in urine (Crotalus). Urine sediment like charred straw.

Black urine (Colchicum, Natrum muriatic, Acidum carbonicum, Digitalis, Apis, Ammonium benzoicum, Acidum benzoicum, Arsenicum, Arnica, Opium, Carbo veget., Kali carb. and Terebinthina). Foamy urine.

Digitalis. Black, scanty, cloudy urine. Fainting from weakness of the heart, with blue face. Kidney troubles with swelling, weak or slow pulse, and scanty, dark urine. Fading in the stomach, it seems life is fading away.

Colchicum. The urine is dark, cloudy and contains blood. Gout. Great sensitivity to touch and strongly odorous substances. Mental work is tiring. Coated tongue. Nausea. Profuse salivation.

Terebinthina. Cloudy urine. Sediment like coffee grounds. Edema after scarlet fever. Blood urine. Dyspnea. Strong drowsiness. Tongue, dry and glossy. Early stages of kidney disease. Violent burning and pain in the back (Lachesis). Acts on the kidneys and bladder. Dull pain in the region of the kidneys. Burning in the kidneys. The pains go from the kidneys to the ureters.

Burning when urinating. Protein in the urine. Urine dark, smoky and thick. Urine contains decomposed blood. Burning in the airways, with thin and difficult expectoration. Urine has an odor of violets. Fetid stools. Intestinal bleeding from coffee grounds. Smooth tongue, as if it had lost its papillae.

Pulsatilla. Urination with cutting pains above the pubis.

Berberis vulgaris. Sharp, stabbing pains go down and forward from the kidneys, filling the whole pelvis with pain. Urine contains a lot of mucus and a yellowish-dirty clayey sediment. Stones in the kidneys or in the ureter.

Cuprum. Uremia with convulsions. Worse in hot weather. Relapsing fever. The abdomen is hard. Obstinate constipation with blood. Green, watery diarrhea. Spasmodic vomiting is relieved by cold drinks. Lack of response.

Attacks of suffocation with coldness of the body. Prostration and dyspnea. Severe coldness of the body. Skin cyanosis. Cramps in the calf muscles. Pain in the epigastric region with shortness of breath. Collapse.

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Homeopathy for cystitis

Inflammation of the lining of the bladder

Staphysagria is very useful in treating honeymoon cystitis, a term used to describe bladder infections that develop after intercourse. When urinating, the woman must get to the toilet as quickly as she can, otherwise a leak may occur. On an emotional level, there may be repressed anger and resentment.

However, it is often so deep that the person is not aware of it, and the only clue to the homeopath may be the abusive attitude that they are trapped. Burning in urethra when urinating. After urination, the burning stops. Burning in urethra between urination.

Honeymoon leads to cystitis. Cystitis after gynecological examination. Suppresses anger and sadness. Anger is hidden, the person is soft and gentle, but in deep sadness. Cystitis occurs after sex. Pain is felt during and after urination.

Cantharis. Infections characterized by intense, burning pain during urination. There may be blood in the urine, and there may be a feeling of not being able to completely empty the bladder or rectum.

Surprisingly, it has been found that irritation of the bladder can increase a person’s sexual desire. Frequent and painful urination, with cutting and burning pains. Urine is expelled in drops, with intense burning pain. Burning pains in the urethra, with ineffectual attempts to urinate.

Intense nocturnal painful erections. When urinating, the pain in the back and abdomen is so severe that the patient cannot urinate without groaning or screaming. Tearing pains and burning in the urethra before, during and after urination. Marked sexual arousal. Violent itching in the vagina and lustfulness. The sound of water causes spasm. Imperative urge to urinate.

Urine comes out in drops with extreme pain. The pain is burning and cutting in the neck of the bladder. Violent pains with intolerable tenesmus. Urine burns. Cantharis will help if you suffer from excruciating pain before, during and after urination. Every drop of urine is like burning acid.

Pulsatilla. In the bladder, the pain comes on suddenly and intensely, with an extremely urgent need to pass urine. The person feels worse indoors. As a rule, they do not like fatty foods. Emotionally, they can be very affectionate, crave physical intimacy, and can become whiny or sentimental.

Involuntary urination. Frequent urge to urinate. Worse when the patient lies down. Tenesmus of the bladder. Enlarged prostate. Emotional and shy young women. Soft and pliant in nature. They cry while telling their story in order to evoke sympathy in the listener. Pain worse after urination.

China. Clear urine becomes milky when standing.

Aconitum. Copious excretion of urine in diarrhea. Blood in the urine when standing up to urinate. Involuntary urination. Brown urine passes with burning. The urine sediment is brick-colored. Diuresis with profuse sweating and frequent watery diarrhea. Retention of urine, with pricks in the region of the kidneys. Urine passes with difficulty in small portions. Frequent painful urge to urinate.

Urine as pure as water. Symptoms appear suddenly, often after fright or exposure to cold. Immersion in ice water can cause cystitis. Fear can lead to urinary retention. There is a feeling of pressure in the bladder and a burning sensation before urination.

Mercurius corrosivus. Tenesmus of the bladder. Urine passes in drops with great pain.

Causticum. Burning and tickling in the perineum. Itching in the urethra. The patient wishes to insert a stick into the urethra to scratch it.

Phosphorus. Bleeding from the urethra in amenorrhea.

Hepar sulphur. Urine flows without tension, slowly drop by drop vertically from top to bottom. Even soft stools come out with difficulty. It seems to the patient that urine remains in the bladder after urination. Urine comes out very slowly. The patient waits until urine begin to come out. The bladder is weak. Urine barely drips vertically down.

Cannabis sativa. Soreness of the urethra when touched. The patient walks with legs apart to avoid pressure on the urinary tract.

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Homeopathy for chills

Internal shiver

Polyporus. Open air causes violent chills. Pain in large joints. Migraine with liver damage. Burning in stomach with pain in liver. Diarrhea of undigested food. Anemia. Stool mucus with blood and bile. The patient can hardly stand up. Yawning and stretching. Worse in the morning. Neuralgia of the facial nerve.

Better during meals, from acids and at night. Outbreaks of intermittent fever in spring, summer or winter. Chill with heat seven times a day. The skin is icteric. Night sweats. Weakness from malaria. Jaundice.

Lachesis. Chill at 2 p.m. Dyspnoea is relieved by coughing up a small amount of thick sticky mucus. Constriction in the throat. The fever returns in the spring. The patient asks to cover him with blankets so that he cannot move. (Gelseminum). Fever with burning heat and oppression of the chest and loquacity.

Carbo veg. Left-sided chill. Absence of thirst during fever. Flatulence. Collapse.

Causticum. Trembling with fright, with fainting. Weakness. Prostration.

Actea racemosa. Nervous chilliness without trembling of the body. Chill without fever. Chill during menstruation. Chilliness with prostration.

Ferrum metallicum. Red face with chill.

Rhus. Dry cough with chill. Chill begins in the thigh of one leg. Trembling begins between the shoulder blades.

Natrum muriaticum. The chill begins in the sacrum (Eupatorium). Numbness of hands and feet. Tingling of the fingers.

Gelsemium. Chill runs down the spine. Chill rises and descends in waves from sacrum to occiput. During the chill, there is a dry, agonizing cough (Cinchona and Sulphur). Along with external cold, internal heat is observed. Thirst is absent. Urticaria and febrile vesicles about the mouth. Sweat all over body except face.

Calcarea carb. They are afraid of the cold. Cold and damp feet. Slowly closing fontanelles. Slow mental development. Slow and careful. Lunar face. Rickets. Worse at full moon. Edema. Crooked legs. Weakness of connections. Loose fabrics. Enlarged tonsils and adenoids. Enlarged lymph nodes. The hands are soft and moist. A sluggish handshake.

Lycopodium. Chill at 4 p.m. on left side of body. They are afraid of the cold. Frequent chills. Suffocation in warm clothes. Suffocation in a closed room. Needs fresh air. Better in a warm bed. Better from very hot food. One foot is cold, the other is hot.

Phosphorus. They are afraid of the cold, but love ice-cold drinks.

Arsenicum album. Violent chilliness and feverish trembling all over. External warmth brings relief. The tongue is cold. The face and certain parts of the body turn blue. Anxiety anxiety. Cold clammy sweat. Hot forehead, warm face and cold hands. Violent chilliness in bed. Nausea after fever.

During chill, tearing pain in legs. Chilliness with goose bumps. Heat in the face without perspiration, with cold hands and feet in the evening. Hot cheeks and cold hands. After the pain, thirst. Violent palpitations at night. Trembling after drinking. Trembling passes after dinner. Chilliness gets worse after eating.

Trembling when walking in open air. Chills, then fever. Twitching after drinking. Thirst after chill during the day. In the evening intense heat in the face. After heat, perspiration with tinnitus. Fever every day at the same hour. Trembling around 17.00. Drawing in the limbs and trembling of the scalp in the afternoon.

Internal heat, with restlessness and weak pulse. The face is red, but feels chilly. Chilliness in the feet in the evening. Trembling after dinner. Trembling during pain. Thirst for beer. Chill between 1-2 o’clock in the afternoon or night. Burning pains ameliorated by hot compresses.

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Homeopathy for metrorrhagia

Bleeding from the uterus

Sabina. Uterine bleeding in clots, with pain from sacrum to pubis. Protracted uterine bleeding from fetal pressure on the uterus. Bleeding after miscarriage or childbirth. Liquid blood with black clots. Menses, with cramps in the abdomen. Violent uterine bleeding with painful uterine contractions. Walking weakens the menstrual flow.

Thlaspi bursa pastoris. Menorrhagia. Profuse bleeding. Blood in clots, with menstrual colic. Bleeding with spasms from miscarriage. Menstruation is frequent, lasts extremely long, turning into bleeding. Hemoptysis and nosebleeds. Bleeding due to cervical cancer. The blood is dark and clotted.

Ambra grisea. Menses very profuse with epistaxis and varicose veins in the legs. Metrorrhagia between menses. Bleeding after stool or after walking. Isolation of blood between periods. The slight exertion of constipation causes blood to come out of the vagina. Leucorrhea mucous bluish-gray. Constipation during childbirth. Nervous tender women with anxiety, insomnia and constipation.

Ustilago. Uterine bleeding of bright red blood. Menorrhagia from retroflexion of uterus. Metrorrhagia. Uterine stimulator (Secale). Menorrhagia in menopause. The blood is dark, the bleeding is passive.

Weakness of contractions with a relaxed uterine pharynx. Inflammation of the ovaries. Amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea. Menses too frequent, excessively profuse. Constant discharge of dark blood with small black clots. Spasmodic pains in left ovary.

Sabina juniperus. Diseases of the uterus. Prevention of threatened miscarriage in the third month. Pain from the sacrum goes to the pubis during a miscarriage. Discharge from uterus bright red, with blood clots in motion. Postpartum hemorrhage with retained placenta.

Sanguinaria canadensis. Uterine bleeding during menopause. The blood is bright red. Uterine bleeding with migraine. Weakness and apathy. Dilated pupils with blurred vision. Moody, irritable and grumpy. Ear redness. Buzzing and tinnitus. Sensitivity to sudden sounds.

It seems that she is riding in a railway car, she is shaking and shaking. It feels like everyone around is talking hastily and indistinctly. Trembling all over. The sense of smell is enhanced. Smells cause nausea in the patient. Vertigo with nausea. Falls when trying to get up from a sitting position.

Mitchella. Uterine passive bleeding. The blood is pale red. Bleeding is accompanied by pain when urinating.

Trillium pendulum. Uterine active bleeding (Cinchona).

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Homeopathy for allergies

Psorinum. Allergies at the same time of the year. Impetigo (Sulphur. Hepar sulphuris). The skin is dry. The skin looks dirty even after a bath. The face is covered with sebum. Sad and depressed. Untidy. Bad breath. Dry, scaly and itchy eruptions. Cough morning and night (Phosphorus. Tuberculinum).

Bronchitis and asthma from open air. Worse when sitting. Cough with yellowish-green salty expectoration. Cough after purulent rash or eczema. Better lying down with outstretched arms. Patients do not hope for recovery. It seems like they are dying. The cough comes back every winter.

Dulcamara. Allergic rhinitis. Red-haired women with frequent colds. Diarrhea. Chronic diseases of the respiratory tract. Lymphadenitis. Symptoms on the left. Arthritis from cold and from dampness. Worse from cold and damp air. Better in dry hot weather and when moving.

Silica. Sluggish and slow children with diathesis. Eczema behind the ear. Moist and scaly eruptions. Dizziness. Long-term non-healing wounds. Thinks he’s falling forward. Redness and burning in the face. Pain shoots from back of neck to right eye. (Spigelia left eye). Looks like my head is going to explode. Better from a tight bandage. Offensive sweat in head and face.

Antimonium crudum. Urticaria from meat or overeating. Skin symptoms depend on digestive disorders. Horn growths. Thick hard scales. Spongy ulcers. Pustules and boils in indigestion. Urticarial rash. White bumps with a red rim. Measles with violent vomiting.

Complaints after swimming in cold water. Old people have inflammation of the skin, calluses and horny growths. Fistulous ulcers. Fungal infection of the joints. Obesity. Severe bleeding and effusions.

Homeopathy for lumbago

Ferrum metallicum. Lumbago at night. Better in slow motion. Neurocirculatory dystonia with anemia. Emotionality. Anemic, asthenic patient. Flushes of heat. Worse from perspiration. Redness is replaced by pallor of the face. Worse at rest. Spontaneous red dermographism. Palpitations.

Throbbing headaches. Unstable appetite. Bulimia and anorexia. Unstable chair. Vomiting and regurgitation. Arterial hemorrhages. Worse in winter. Shoulder pain. Pain in the deltoid muscle on the left. Worse at night. Better in summer.

Cimicifuga. Severe aching pain in the lower back. Pain in the crown and occiput. All headaches from inside out. Pain in the eyeballs. Headaches on motion and relieved in open air. Tendency to swallow frequently.

Extreme soreness of the muscles of the limbs. Pain in the muscles of the back and neck. Worse in the morning from motion, from cold air, and during menstruation. Better outdoor warm air.

Aesculus. Worse from walking or bending over. Dull lumbar pain with constipation and hemorrhoids.

Arnica. Severe muscle pain. It looks like the patient was beaten. Inflammation is not of the ligaments, but of other soft parts. Back pain. Severe pain when trying to get up. Stiffness of occiput from draft. Rheumatic pains in the interscapular region. Better from warmth. Worse from cold. Constrictive pains in the muscles of the back. Better from bending back.

Sulphur. Rheumatic pains in the back. Sudden loss of strength when trying to get up. Severe pain in sacrum and coccyx; worse from cold and heat; pain disappears during movement.

Petroleum. Rheumatic pains in the back in the morning before rising from bed (Ruta).

Staphisagria. Lumbar pains make the patient get up early.

Valeriana. Drawing, piercing, jerking pains in limbs. Tension in the lower back.

Calcarea ostrearum. Curvature of the spine in children. Weak legs. Chronic inflammation of the hip joint. Rheumatism of lumbar and shoulder muscles from working in water (Rhus). Gouty swellings on the fingers. Deforming arthritis.

Rhus tox. Lumbago. Lumbar pain is better from motion. Stiffness in the lower back; relief during movement; from wet weather.

Calcarea fluorica. Chronic lumbar pains at the beginning of the movement. Better when moving on.

Secale cornutum. Grasping pains in the back.

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Homeopathy for cholera

Veratrum album. Cholera. Prostration (failure), coldness and decreased sensitivity. Brad (Belladonna). Stools are copious, watery and greenish like spinach. Bloody diarrhea, with sharp cutting pains in the abdomen and cramps in the limbs. Profuse diarrhea, with cold sweat on forehead.

Fainting on every effort to have a stool. Cold sweat on forehead. Vomiting and diarrhea at the same time. Colic in abdomen, with cramps in calves. Diarrhea like rice stool. Great prostration and cold sweat on forehead. Worse at night. The face is red when lying down, but becomes deathly pale when sitting. Hands are cold and clammy.

Camphora. Cold and collapse (rapid breakdown). The stool is scanty, and the nausea is considerable. The upper lip rises, revealing the teeth. The facial expression is disgusting. The whole body is cold. The voice is shrill.

Jatropha curcas. Cholera. Vomiting of viscous masses and diarrhea. Cholera with great prostration, vomiting and diarrhea. Vomiting like rice water or egg white. Cramps in the calves and coldness of the body.

Podophyllum. Cholera without pain. Diarrhea in summer. The stool is watery and comes out with force and noise, like from a faucet. Aversion to food.

Acidum carbolicum. Cholera in neonates with cerebral symptoms. Belching. Watery diarrhea, with constant urging. Nausea. Flatulence in the lower intestines. Vomiting with great flatulence. Morning sickness. Vomiting with plethora of brain. Gas colic. Inflammation of the mucous membranes, with offensive discharge and prostration.

Opium. Children’s cholera. The face is red. An ominous onset of hibernation. The pupils do not react to light. No diarrhea or vomiting. The patient is lethargic and drowsy (Carbo vegetabilis, Sulphur, Valeriana, Ambra grisea, Psorinum).

Ferrum phosphoricum. Cholera infantum with frequent intestinal eruptions. The child quickly loses weight and falls into a stupor. Red face with dilated pupils.

Arsenicum album. Diarrhea after drinking (Cinchona. Ferrum). Painful heartburn. Burning in stomach with diarrhea. Mucous, bloody diarrhea with tenesmus and burning in the rectum. Black, offensive diarrhea in dysentery. Diarrhea from ice water or ice cream. Alcohol, rancid fat, and lobster salad cause diarrhea. Cholera.

Violent vomiting with diarrhea. Yellow, profuse and offensive stools. Green or yellow bilious vomit. Burning thirst. Cold body. Internal heat. Restlessness and diarrhea in children after eating, drinking and after midnight. Rapid weight loss.

Dry, yellowish or brownish skin in children. Desire to change location. The patient either sits or stands. Heat with burning thirst. Desires warm drinks. Trembling from cold drinks.

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Homeopathic remedies for arthritis

Bryonia alba. Weakness in the legs when climbing stairs. Burning sensation in right knee. Itching and perspiration in the tendons of the knees at night. Sharp pain in the knees when walking. Violent drawing pain in calf. Moist eruptions on thighs. Sudden swelling of the legs.

Cramp in left calf in the morning. Heat and swelling of the foot. In the morning, injections in both heels pass after getting up. Feeling of heaviness and numbness in the feet. Calluses hurt at the slightest touch. Visible twitching in arms and legs when sitting.

Asarum. The right knee is numb. Paralyzing pain in left carpal joint. Itching in right armpit. Tiredness of the thighs when going upstairs. Severe pain in the hip joint. Burning pain from wrist to thumb and forefinger.

Aching pain in right thigh when walking. Pain in the hip joint when walking. Aching pain in left arm. Pain in the muscles of the left thigh. Drawing pain in the knee. Severe pain in the knees. Paralytic weakness in the arm. Drawing in the fingers in the evening. It is better when he hangs his hand.

China. In the right knee, when walking, a sharp pulling pain. Jerking pain in left little finger. When sitting, the lower limbs go numb. One hand is cold, the other is warm. Blue nails. Drawing in left buttock when sitting. Exhaustion in the thighs. Fish in the thigh.

Hard swelling in thighs. When walking, the knees bend and knock against each other. Hot swelling of the right knee, with drawing pains, from which the patient wakes up at midnight.

Apis. Joints swollen, pale red. Severe itching and swelling. Muscular rheumatism. Extremely sensitive to the slightest pressure. Numbness. Burning pains worse from any movement. Paralysis.

Acidum benzoicum. The knee joint crackles with dryness. Myelitis. The loin is stiff. Tearing pains in the bones. Itching and burning of the skin. The fingers are very swollen. Skin ulcers. Felon. Knots in the wrist. Rheumatism of the joints with calcareous inclusions. Pain and redness of the big toe of the right foot at night. The pain starts on the right side and moves to the left side.

Colocynthis. Rheumatism. Joint stiffness.

Aranea. Diseases of the calcaneus, with boring and burrowing pain.

Carbo veg. Cramps in the hands. Tearing sensation in left shoulder. A large boil on the shoulder is surrounded by many itchy pimples. Paralytic pain in the hand. Numbness of hands. Writes slowly and with difficulty. Itching eruptions on the hands. Violent itching in palms at night. Tearing pain in the fingers of the right hand.

Burning at tip of right thumb. Tearing sensation under the nail of the thumb. Tearing sensation in right thigh. Burning in thigh at night. When walking, numbness of the thighs. Drawing pain in knees when standing. Violent burning in right knee. Violent cramp in foot when walking in open air.

Cannabis indica. Aching pain in heel when sitting. Sudden dull pain inside the palm. Cold hands. Burning in left knee. Cramp in joint of thumb when writing. When eating, he cannot hold a fork in his fingers. Eruptions of pimples on buttocks and thighs.

Cramp in calf when walking. Clicking in the knee when going upstairs. Pressure in left knee and forehead. Hysterical fits. After eating, tired and lazy. Very heavy legs after eating.

Belladonna. Drawing pain from sacrum to pubis. Rheumatic pain in the back. Shootings in the upper part of the left shoulder. Furuncle on the shoulder. The shoulder blades are covered with large red pimples. Pain under left shoulder blade. Itching in left shoulder blade. Pain between the shoulder blades in the evening.

Spasms in the lumbar region on the left. Severe pain in sacrum and coccyx prevents sitting. Cannot lie on back. Shootings from left shoulder blade to right.

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Homeopathy for orchitis

Testicular inflammation

Apis. Orchitis with severe testicular hypertrophy. Stinging pains in right ovary. Morning diarrhea. The stool is green, yellow, watery or viscous. Urine dark and scanty in ascites. Urinary incontinence at night and when coughing. Pain in the region of the kidneys and bladder.

Aurum. Hardening of testicles. Melancholy, with thoughts of suicide. Exhausting erections and wet dreams. Everything doubles. Objects move randomly. Photophobia. Loss of vision. Music brings relief. Red swelling of the left nostril. Complete loss of taste.

Passionately desires sour. Liver enlargement and ascites. Nocturnal diarrhea, with burning in the rectum. Obstinate constipation with hemorrhoids. Heartbeats cause great anxiety. Intolerable nocturnal pains in the bones, aggravated by heat.

Hypersensitivity to pain and cold air. Chill and stiffness. Worse in the morning, from being cold. Warm pajamas are unbearable. Better from motion, while walking and getting warm.

Ustilago. Chronic orchitis. Sexual dreams every night with ejaculation. Great emaciation of the genitals. Attacks of severe pain in the right testicle. Sexual dreams with ejaculation. Significant mental depression. Frontal pain when walking.

Thuja. Aching pain in testicles. Urine red with dirty brick sediment. Chronic urinary incontinence. Chronic gonorrhea. Ulcers on the foreskin and glans penis. Sexual desire is extremely increased or suppressed. Warts, condylomas in the form of cauliflower on the genitals, on the hairy parts of the body and on the mucous membranes. Spongy tumors. Aversion to life.

Pulsatilla. Epididymitis (inflammation of the epididymis). Testicles swollen and painful. Better outdoors and in a cool place. Yellow or green discharge from the urethra. Tearing pains in testicles. Worse in a warm room. Ejaculation at night with erotic dreams. Heart symptoms from dyspepsia. Violent chilliness and pain in sacrum during menstruation.

Cold water seems to be running down my back. Gouty arthritis. Worse from warmth of bed, on left side, in wet weather and before menstruation. Worse from fruit, nuts and ice cream. Better from cold air and cold things. Strong desire for fresh air, which brings improvement.

Cystitis. The urine is often cloudy with mucus. Cystitis during pregnancy (Cantharis, Equisetum and Dulcamara). Gonorrhea with yellow-green discharge. Orchitis (inflammation of the testicle). The testicle is enlarged, painful and dark red (Hamamelis).

Clematis. Gonorrheal inflammation of the testis. It is hard as a stone (Conium, Arnica, Staphisagria, Spongia, Aurum).

Rhododendron. Chronic inflammation of the testicle. It is hardened, but tends to atrophy. It seems to be crushed.

Acidum oxalicum. Severe pain in spermatic cord on least movement.

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