Homeopathy for cholera

Veratrum album. Cholera. Prostration (failure), coldness and decreased sensitivity. Brad (Belladonna). Stools are copious, watery and greenish like spinach. Bloody diarrhea, with sharp cutting pains in the abdomen and cramps in the limbs. Profuse diarrhea, with cold sweat on forehead.

Fainting on every effort to have a stool. Cold sweat on forehead. Vomiting and diarrhea at the same time. Colic in abdomen, with cramps in calves. Diarrhea like rice stool. Great prostration and cold sweat on forehead. Worse at night. The face is red when lying down, but becomes deathly pale when sitting. Hands are cold and clammy.

Camphora. Cold and collapse (rapid breakdown). The stool is scanty, and the nausea is considerable. The upper lip rises, revealing the teeth. The facial expression is disgusting. The whole body is cold. The voice is shrill.

Jatropha curcas. Cholera. Vomiting of viscous masses and diarrhea. Cholera with great prostration, vomiting and diarrhea. Vomiting like rice water or egg white. Cramps in the calves and coldness of the body.

Podophyllum. Cholera without pain. Diarrhea in summer. The stool is watery and comes out with force and noise, like from a faucet. Aversion to food.

Acidum carbolicum. Cholera in neonates with cerebral symptoms. Belching. Watery diarrhea, with constant urging. Nausea. Flatulence in the lower intestines. Vomiting with great flatulence. Morning sickness. Vomiting with plethora of brain. Gas colic. Inflammation of the mucous membranes, with offensive discharge and prostration.

Opium. Children’s cholera. The face is red. An ominous onset of hibernation. The pupils do not react to light. No diarrhea or vomiting. The patient is lethargic and drowsy (Carbo vegetabilis, Sulphur, Valeriana, Ambra grisea, Psorinum).

Ferrum phosphoricum. Cholera infantum with frequent intestinal eruptions. The child quickly loses weight and falls into a stupor. Red face with dilated pupils.

Arsenicum album. Diarrhea after drinking (Cinchona. Ferrum). Painful heartburn. Burning in stomach with diarrhea. Mucous, bloody diarrhea with tenesmus and burning in the rectum. Black, offensive diarrhea in dysentery. Diarrhea from ice water or ice cream. Alcohol, rancid fat, and lobster salad cause diarrhea. Cholera.

Violent vomiting with diarrhea. Yellow, profuse and offensive stools. Green or yellow bilious vomit. Burning thirst. Cold body. Internal heat. Restlessness and diarrhea in children after eating, drinking and after midnight. Rapid weight loss.

Dry, yellowish or brownish skin in children. Desire to change location. The patient either sits or stands. Heat with burning thirst. Desires warm drinks. Trembling from cold drinks.

Secale cornutum. Cholera. Copious diarrhea is expelled in splashes. The fingers are outstretched. Tingling in limbs.

Cadmium sulphuricum. Black vomit.

Antimonium crudum. Diarrhea from overheating and cold baths. Diarrhea at night and early in the morning. Thick milky white coating on the tongue. Slow digestion with fermentation, nausea and vomiting. Belching of eaten food.

Lack of appetite. Thirst at night. Worse from sour wine. Violent vomiting of bile and mucus when eating. Lumpy stool. Colic with watery diarrhea. Cholera in newborns with yellow, offensive stools. Diarrhea from acids and sour wine. Alternating diarrhea and constipation in old people. A large amount of mucus is secreted from the anus.

Elaterium. Profuse, watery, olive-green stools.

Iris versicolor. Summer diarrhea in children with inflammation of the anus, as from abrasions. Worse at two o’clock in the morning. Nausea. Sour feeling in the mouth. Biliary vomiting. The stool is watery or yellow-green in color. Diarrhea with bile or oily particles.

Pulsatilla. Diarrhea after midnight from cakes or ice cream.

Croton tiglium. Diarrhea is yellow-green in color, vomits with force and noise, like tap water. Diarrhea from eating or drinking.