Homeopathy for lumbago

Ferrum metallicum. Lumbago at night. Better in slow motion. Neurocirculatory dystonia with anemia. Emotionality. Anemic, asthenic patient. Flushes of heat. Worse from perspiration. Redness is replaced by pallor of the face. Worse at rest. Spontaneous red dermographism. Palpitations.

Throbbing headaches. Unstable appetite. Bulimia and anorexia. Unstable chair. Vomiting and regurgitation. Arterial hemorrhages. Worse in winter. Shoulder pain. Pain in the deltoid muscle on the left. Worse at night. Better in summer.

Cimicifuga. Severe aching pain in the lower back. Pain in the crown and occiput. All headaches from inside out. Pain in the eyeballs. Headaches on motion and relieved in open air. Tendency to swallow frequently.

Extreme soreness of the muscles of the limbs. Pain in the muscles of the back and neck. Worse in the morning from motion, from cold air, and during menstruation. Better outdoor warm air.

Aesculus. Worse from walking or bending over. Dull lumbar pain with constipation and hemorrhoids.

Arnica. Severe muscle pain. It looks like the patient was beaten. Inflammation is not of the ligaments, but of other soft parts. Back pain. Severe pain when trying to get up. Stiffness of occiput from draft. Rheumatic pains in the interscapular region. Better from warmth. Worse from cold. Constrictive pains in the muscles of the back. Better from bending back.

Sulphur. Rheumatic pains in the back. Sudden loss of strength when trying to get up. Severe pain in sacrum and coccyx; worse from cold and heat; pain disappears during movement.

Petroleum. Rheumatic pains in the back in the morning before rising from bed (Ruta).

Staphisagria. Lumbar pains make the patient get up early.

Valeriana. Drawing, piercing, jerking pains in limbs. Tension in the lower back.

Calcarea ostrearum. Curvature of the spine in children. Weak legs. Chronic inflammation of the hip joint. Rheumatism of lumbar and shoulder muscles from working in water (Rhus). Gouty swellings on the fingers. Deforming arthritis.

Rhus tox. Lumbago. Lumbar pain is better from motion. Stiffness in the lower back; relief during movement; from wet weather.

Calcarea fluorica. Chronic lumbar pains at the beginning of the movement. Better when moving on.

Secale cornutum. Grasping pains in the back.

Drosera. Sharp pain from the left side of the back, extending into the penis. Deep small ulcer on dorsum of right hand, with itching. Paralytic pain in right thigh when walking. After eating, pain in the thigh, with heaviness in the legs. Itching in coccyx when sitting.

Trembling of knees when going upstairs. Cutting pain in right calf when sitting. Drawing pain from feet to calves. All limbs seem to be paralyzed. Pain in all limbs.

Ambra grisea. Thin and nervous patients with numbness of the skin. After sitting, there is stiffness in the lower back.

Ledum. Pain in the back after sitting. Reddish urine. Yellow urine, with white chalky sediment. Tumor of the penis. Itching in the head of the penis. Strong and prolonged erections of the penis. Nocturnal emissions, semen bloody or watery. Restricted breathing.

Bad breath. With a slight cough, discharge of blood. Red itchy pimples on the back. Pressure in both shoulder joints, worse from motion. Palms sweat all day. Numbness in back after long sitting. Cramping pains in the thighs. Cold feet in the morning.

Zincum. Worse from sitting. Better from walking.

Cinchona. Violent pain in the small of the back from the slightest movement. Uterine bleeding and ringing in the ears. Wheezing, whistling breath. Asthma in wet weather. Trembling of hands and feet from loss of blood. Constantly wants to change position. Nails blue, brushes cold as ice.

Kalium carb. Lumbago before and during menses. Sharp pains in the lumbar region at 3 o’clock in the morning make the patient get up and walk. The pains go down to the sacrum.

Lumbago before and during menstruation. Legs refuse to work. Weakness. The patient falls into a chair, completely exhausted. Pain from the lower back extends to the thigh and buttocks.

Stramonium. Severe back pain. Pain in right thigh. Boils, burning and itching in the feet. Passionate desire for fresh air. She stumbles while climbing the stairs, steps over two steps, because she considers them one. Snoring during fainting.

Goosebumps in the limbs, with lachrymation. The limbs seem to be separated from the body. The limbs are numb. Paralyzed limbs. Weakness when walking. Can’t stand on his feet. On palms, violent eruptions of blisters, with itching, as from nettles.

Dulcamara. Dull pain on inhalation in left side of small of back. Very dry nose in the evening. Hemoptysis. Jerking pain in right armpit. Palpitation at night. In the middle of the right shoulder blade, tickling and pricking. Burning and itching in right shoulder.

Pain in the sacrum. Paralytic sensation in right shoulder. Trembling of hands in cold damp weather. Eczema on hands. Violent perspiration on the palms.

Hyoscyamus. Constant back pain. Cough, worse at night. Shootings in the shoulder blades. Numbness of hands.

Mercurius. Drawing pain in right thigh when sitting. Deep cracks in fingers. Stratification and exfoliation of fingernails. Burning in buttocks. Coldness of both thighs. Itching eruptions on the thighs, especially on their surface.

Legs involuntarily twitch forward. Involuntary twitching in the legs. Trembling in legs when walking. Tiredness and restlessness in the legs in the evening. Very severe swelling of one leg.

Nux vomica. To move in bed, the patient must first sit up. Pain is aggravated by turning or arching the body. Pain on movement. Lumbago during menstruation. The patient cannot roll over in bed until he has first sat up.

Pain with every movement; pain from dry cold, Bry. Stiffness in the small of the back, worse in the morning on waking; diseases of the bladder and rectum – Berb.

Lumbago from dry cold; worse before storm, Rhod. Twisting pain in small of back and urinary tract, worse from motion, Colch. Paroxysmal pains – Kali-bi.

Dull pains, sexual excitement – Pis-ac.

Lumbar pain after eating and sitting; slightest movement causes belching and cold clammy sweat, Ant-t.