Homeopathy for allergies

Psorinum. Allergies at the same time of the year. Impetigo (Sulphur. Hepar sulphuris). The skin is dry. The skin looks dirty even after a bath. The face is covered with sebum. Sad and depressed. Untidy. Bad breath. Dry, scaly and itchy eruptions. Cough morning and night (Phosphorus. Tuberculinum).

Bronchitis and asthma from open air. Worse when sitting. Cough with yellowish-green salty expectoration. Cough after purulent rash or eczema. Better lying down with outstretched arms. Patients do not hope for recovery. It seems like they are dying. The cough comes back every winter.

Dulcamara. Allergic rhinitis. Red-haired women with frequent colds. Diarrhea. Chronic diseases of the respiratory tract. Lymphadenitis. Symptoms on the left. Arthritis from cold and from dampness. Worse from cold and damp air. Better in dry hot weather and when moving.

Silica. Sluggish and slow children with diathesis. Eczema behind the ear. Moist and scaly eruptions. Dizziness. Long-term non-healing wounds. Thinks he’s falling forward. Redness and burning in the face. Pain shoots from back of neck to right eye. (Spigelia left eye). Looks like my head is going to explode. Better from a tight bandage. Offensive sweat in head and face.

Antimonium crudum. Urticaria from meat or overeating. Skin symptoms depend on digestive disorders. Horn growths. Thick hard scales. Spongy ulcers. Pustules and boils in indigestion. Urticarial rash. White bumps with a red rim. Measles with violent vomiting.

Complaints after swimming in cold water. Old people have inflammation of the skin, calluses and horny growths. Fistulous ulcers. Fungal infection of the joints. Obesity. Severe bleeding and effusions.