Homeopathy for whooping cough

Corallium rubrum. One of the best medicines for whooping cough. The indications for it are as follows: the attacks are so close to each other that they seem to follow each other without interruption; the fits are so violent that the child suffocates, becomes purple and black. Suffocation before the attack and great prostration after it. There is often aggravation in the morning.

Coccus cacti. Violent cough with gagging and profuse expectoration of thick, tenacious, protein-like mucus. This expectoration is more likely in the evening, and during the day the cough is usually dry.

Hydrocyanic acidum. This remedy is most similar to cuprum: during the attack the child becomes stiff and unconscious, intense coloration of the face, cyanosis of the lips and circumference of the mouth; the attack is relieved by a few sips of cold water.

Squilla has the opposite characteristic; if the child drinks any amount of cold water, a violent fit immediately sets in. During the day the cough is mild, but every night from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. suddenly begins a very painful suffocation; the child rises on tiptoe, leans back, as if about to suffocate; gradually breathing is restored with a whistle when inhaling; the second attack is milder than the first, and the rest of the night passes fairly well.

Pertussinum – Prepared from mucilaginous sputum that contains the whooping cough virus. Pertussinum should be consumed at the onset of the disease and may be even earlier, during the dubious period of an ordinary cough. During an attack, the child stiffens and loses consciousness, sharp coloring of the face, cyanosis of the lips and circumference of the mouth; the attack is relieved by a few sips of cold water.

Homeopathy for migraine

Severe headache attacks

Sanguinaria canadensis. Migraine with nausea and vomiting. The pains begin in the occipital region and focus on the right eye. Pulsating pains. The patient cannot bear any sounds or smells. The slightest concussion worries the patient. Pain in occiput like flashes of lightning. Right-sided headache begins in the occiput.

Unilateral nausea headache; pain coming from the back of the head and going into the right eye, relieved by lying down and sleeping, with bilious vomiting, pain in the teeth and ears, pain in the limbs, electric shooting in the head and trembling (profuse menstruation). The pain increases and decreases with the movement of the sun.

Iris versicolor. Migraine appears periodically from stress. Pain throbbing above the eyes. Fog before eyes at the onset of headache. Migraine begins with blackouts in the eyes and is accompanied by sour vomiting. Pain in the lower orbital and dental nerves. Migraine with acidity in the stomach. Pain over the eyes on one side.

Headache beginning with a blur before the eyes; dullness, heaviness or throbbing and shooting in forehead and right side, with nausea, vomiting and great oppression. A migraine begins with a blur before the eyes. Headache on the right side of the forehead.

Despondency. Nausea in the evening from cold air or coughing. Biliary vomiting or vomiting of sweetish liquid. Throbbing pains in forehead or right temple, with nausea, sour or bilious vomiting. Copious flow of saliva. The tongue is covered with sebaceous matter. It seems that the mouth and tongue are burned. Sour or bitter vomiting. Temporary blindness and sour vomiting.

Gelsemium sempervirens. Migraine with shivering and polyuria. Anxious. Convulsions with trembling. Irritable. Slow pulse. Worse insolation. The pain goes from the back of the head to the forehead. Flu fever. Dull, severe pain in the head, especially in the dome. Beating in the temples, heavy eyelids, with dim vision, dizziness. Better with continuous movement. Visual impairment before migraine.

Weakness and trembling of the limbs. Gait disturbance. Worse in wet weather. Sensitive. Worse before a thunderstorm. Better outdoors. Better after copious urination. Headache with sensation of a band around the head or across the forehead. Headache with pain in eyes when moving them. Red face.

The eyes are filled with blood. The upper eyelids are raised with difficulty. Speech is difficult. The language is inflexible. The patient answers questions slowly. The child wakes up nervous. Dull severe pains in the head, especially in the vertex, with throbbing in the temples, dizziness.

Drowsiness is replaced by convulsive movements. The face twitches. Severe loss of strength. Parts of the body are very painful. The patient cries out when moving. Chill in the back. The tongue is coated white or yellow. Constipation. Yellow chair. Congestion in the portal vein (Nux vomica).

Sepia. Pain over one eye of a beating nature. Terrible blows of pain make the patient’s head tremble. Worse from long, fast walking. The pains return in jerks, with heat in the head and darkening of the eyes. Heavy eyelids. Yellow face. Penetrating, tearing and throbbing headache, chiefly in the forehead or over the frontal tubercles; aggravation of pain at the slightest touch, causing the patient to moan.

Nausea and vomiting are worse from the slightest movement; better when kept quiet; desire to sleep in the dark on closing the eyes, and sleep comes soon, and after that after a while the headache stops. The lean patient cannot bear light, noise, or movement. Gouty headaches in the morning with nausea and vomiting (Nux vomica). Monthly scanty.

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Homeopathy for flatulence

Accumulation of gases in the intestines

Carbo vegetabilis is a useful remedy if a person feels chilly, puffed up like a drum. The passage of gases up and down relieves the condition. Gases are collected in the intestines. Collapse with cold knees. Rancid eructations with burning. Belching relieves symptoms. Bloody diarrhea in severe cases. Burning pains in the folds of the colon. Abdomen greatly distended with gases. Offensive dark brown stools with mucus. Burning thirst, but the patient cannot stand water.

China – bloating does not go away from the release of gases. The people who get the most benefit from this remedy are the big fanatics. Dark, offensive stools. Dyspepsia with flatulence. Diseases from loss of vital juices. Flatulence. Diarrhea from eating or drinking.

Lycopodium. These people are pretty serious. They have problems late in the day and early in the evening. Bitter or sour taste with flatulence. Abdomen greatly distended with gases. Gases collect in the stomach. Belching of sour taste. Flatulence and fermentation in the intestines, with diarrhea. Constipation with ineffectual urging.

A large amount of feces remains in the intestine after stool. Ascites. Cirrhosis of the liver. Gases press on the diaphragm. Profuse red urinary sediment in dyspepsia. Excessive appetite followed by bloating. Terrible pain in back before urinating.

Nux vomica. Flatulence. Sour taste in the mouth in the morning. Fullness in stomach after eating. Gas presses on the bladder. Constipation with ineffectual urging.

Sulphur. Flatulence. Accumulation of gases in the sigmoid colon in the left groin. Sour and bitter taste in the mouth.

Arsenicum album. A strong burning sensation causes the patient to constantly change position. Better from warmth.

Graphites. After eating, the stomach is distended with gases. Colic, cramps and burning pain in the stomach. Dyspnea at night, better by eating. Gastralgia relieved by eating (Petroleum. Chelidonium. Anacardium). The taste of eggs in the mouth in the morning. Worse from meats (Pulsatilla, Ferrum). Distension of the abdomen, with congestion of blood to the head. Constipation. Mucus stool (Cascarilla).

Aloe. Violent rumbling in abdomen before stool.

Hydrocyanic acid. Intense pain in stomach and intestines, with great flatulence. Worse afternoon and evening. Pain in the intestines with bloating. Spasms of the muscles of the back and jaws. Sunken eyes. Blindness. Prolonged insomnia. Strong anxiety.

Cholera with marbled coldness of body. Better outdoors and coffee. Asphyxia. Involuntary stool. Blueish skin tone. Hiccup. Prostration.

Chelidonium. Pain from the right hypochondrium extends under the right shoulder blade.

Momordica balsam. Accumulation of gases in the splenic flexure of the colon.

Natrium sulphuricum. Violent rumbling in the intestines, as from flatulence.

Podophyllum. Rumbling in ascending colon.

Chamomilla. Restlessness and tearing pains in the abdomen. Rushing about. Can’t find a place.

Belladonna. Heartburn when smoking. Cough and great thirst after eating. After beer internal heat. Nausea after breakfast. Vomiting in the evening. Unsuccessful attempts to pull out. Aversion with inclination to vomit before eating. Vomiting of mucus and bile.

Strong thirst compels to drink a huge amount of water. Vomiting and profuse sweating. Loss of appetite after smoking. He wants thin soup and bread and butter.

Pain in the right iliac region is worse from slight touches, even from touching the bed. Flatulence increases from the slightest concussion. Lack of thirst. Thirst in the evening, but all drinks are disgusting.

Bitter belching after eating. Burning, sour belching and retching. Belching and dizziness. Vertigo and flushes of heat. Vomiting of undigested food.

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