One single homeopathic remedy is able to balance the body’s energy and boost immunity. After that, the human body itself can cope with its problems. This may take time. The longer the disease exists and the weaker the body, the more time will be required. The disease should come out in the form of skin rashes, loose stools, with sweat. You have to be patient a little. But there is no other way.

We can pick up a homeopathic remedy without leaving home through Internet correspondence. In acute illnesses, the medicine is given frequently (after 1/4 hour in low dilutions of 6C). In chronic, long-term cases, give 1 grain and wait until the drug has finished its effect. Only then take the drug again.

The best time to give medicine is one hour before meals or one hour after. During homeopathic treatment, a temporary slight exacerbation of a chronic disease may occur: increased fatigue, headache, diarrhea or skin rashes. All this suggests that the body began to fight the disease. In case of a pronounced exacerbation, homeopathy should be discontinued and a doctor should be consulted.

Compliance with the recommendations (drink water up to 2 liters per day, take sorbents) will reduce the manifestations of exacerbation. It is not recommended to drink alcohol, coffee, strong tea and spicy food during treatment. It is advisable to follow a diet so that the homeopathic remedy manifests itself in full force.

Keep in mind that high potency homeopathy (200C and above) is valid for more than a month after a single dose. Repeated administration of the drug is necessary only when the effect of the previous dose is terminated. Even a single dose of coffee, tea, mint and alcohol will interrupt the therapeutic effect of the drug.

But it should be emphasized that homeopathic treatment is aimed at the cause of the disease, which means it can help where traditional medicine is powerless. This means that you have a real chance to get rid of your illness, and not just relieve the symptoms for a period. It must be remembered that the causes of diseases are our thoughts and actions.

Illness simply signals to us about spiritual problems that we do not want to solve. Compliance with the minimum motor mode is also necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Doing the exercises of Tibetan monks once a day for 15 minutes is enough. Good luck!