Homeopathy for orchitis

Testicular inflammation

Apis. Orchitis with severe testicular hypertrophy. Stinging pains in right ovary. Morning diarrhea. The stool is green, yellow, watery or viscous. Urine dark and scanty in ascites. Urinary incontinence at night and when coughing. Pain in the region of the kidneys and bladder.

Aurum. Hardening of testicles. Melancholy, with thoughts of suicide. Exhausting erections and wet dreams. Everything doubles. Objects move randomly. Photophobia. Loss of vision. Music brings relief. Red swelling of the left nostril. Complete loss of taste.

Passionately desires sour. Liver enlargement and ascites. Nocturnal diarrhea, with burning in the rectum. Obstinate constipation with hemorrhoids. Heartbeats cause great anxiety. Intolerable nocturnal pains in the bones, aggravated by heat.

Hypersensitivity to pain and cold air. Chill and stiffness. Worse in the morning, from being cold. Warm pajamas are unbearable. Better from motion, while walking and getting warm.

Ustilago. Chronic orchitis. Sexual dreams every night with ejaculation. Great emaciation of the genitals. Attacks of severe pain in the right testicle. Sexual dreams with ejaculation. Significant mental depression. Frontal pain when walking.

Thuja. Aching pain in testicles. Urine red with dirty brick sediment. Chronic urinary incontinence. Chronic gonorrhea. Ulcers on the foreskin and glans penis. Sexual desire is extremely increased or suppressed. Warts, condylomas in the form of cauliflower on the genitals, on the hairy parts of the body and on the mucous membranes. Spongy tumors. Aversion to life.

Pulsatilla. Epididymitis (inflammation of the epididymis). Testicles swollen and painful. Better outdoors and in a cool place. Yellow or green discharge from the urethra. Tearing pains in testicles. Worse in a warm room. Ejaculation at night with erotic dreams. Heart symptoms from dyspepsia. Violent chilliness and pain in sacrum during menstruation.

Cold water seems to be running down my back. Gouty arthritis. Worse from warmth of bed, on left side, in wet weather and before menstruation. Worse from fruit, nuts and ice cream. Better from cold air and cold things. Strong desire for fresh air, which brings improvement.

Cystitis. The urine is often cloudy with mucus. Cystitis during pregnancy (Cantharis, Equisetum and Dulcamara). Gonorrhea with yellow-green discharge. Orchitis (inflammation of the testicle). The testicle is enlarged, painful and dark red (Hamamelis).

Clematis. Gonorrheal inflammation of the testis. It is hard as a stone (Conium, Arnica, Staphisagria, Spongia, Aurum).

Rhododendron. Chronic inflammation of the testicle. It is hardened, but tends to atrophy. It seems to be crushed.

Acidum oxalicum. Severe pain in spermatic cord on least movement.

Spongia. Hardening and swelling of testicles. Contractive pain in cord and testis. Pinching pain in testicle and cord on motion (Pulsatilla. Hamamelis. Gelsemium).

Mercurius solubilis. Orchitis with yellow-green discharge. The testicles are swollen. Green highlights. Constriction of the foreskin (phimosis).

Mezereum. Testicles and scrotum swollen. Stools of mucus and blood, with tenesmus. Prolapse of the rectum. Better from cold dry air and wrapping up head. After urination, a few drops of blood are released. Skin itching at night intolerable.

Thick yellow pus under yellow scabs. The child scratches his face for a long time. Peeling on the skin, resembling fish scales. Worse at night, from motion, from touch, and from damp air.

Zincum. Orchitis from bruising, with jerking pains. Increased libido with strong erections or complete impotence. The testicles are very painful. Testicular atrophy. The gums are bleeding. Restless foot movements. Insatiable hunger. Strong thirst.

Asthma with flatulence. Dry, spasmodic cough with mucus and blood. Better in the open air, while eating, and from heat. Back pain relieved by walking.

Conium. Hardening of testicles. Sexual weakness. Ejaculation without erection. Vertigo when turning over in bed. Vertigo in menopause. Afraid to be alone, but shuns society. Makes a lot of noise out of nothing. Easily excited. Lack of humour.

Vertigo when lying down. Extreme photophobia with mucus and pus. Ptosis and induration of the eyelids. Paralysis of the eye muscles. Cataract from injury. Sour belching and bloating.

Iodum. The testicles are hypertrophied, with sexual arousal. The testicles are atrophied, with complete impotence. Better from cold air, after eating and after sleeping. Dry brown skin. Yellow, clammy and moist skin. Chills most of the time. Sour sweat in the morning. Acrid sweat on feet. Rachitic children cannot bear heat. Worse from heat, cannot wear a hat. Worse from motion, noise and at night.