Homeopathic remedies for abdominal pain

Veratrum album. The patient doubles over in pain. Easier when walking. Prostration. Cold sweat on forehead.

Nux vomica. Cramping ineffectual labor pains extending to the rectum with urge to stool and frequent urination.

Chamomilla. Pain increases and subsides gradually. Better from pressure. Spasms in children with flatulence. Severe bloating. Belly is like a drum. Children thrash about in pain. Gases come out badly, without bringing relief. Pain from the back goes down the inner surface of the thighs.

Cocculus. Violent pressure in the groin, as if there were a hernia.

Kalium carb. Great tenderness in the region of the stomach.

Lycopodium. The hernia is right-sided.

Carbo animalis. Frequent ineffectual urge to stool. During stool, tearing pain goes from the genitals to the abdomen. Pain in anus. A sticky fluid oozes from the rectum. A boil appears on the anus. Swollen haemorrhoids burn with fire when walking. Tearing pain in pubic bone. Pressure in bladder at night.

Secale cornutum. Pain in emaciated and weak women.

Sepia. Fainting during childbirth.

Natrium mur. Pain in the lower abdomen in women increases in the morning.

Lilium tigrinum. It seems that the contents of the abdomen come out of the vagina.

Murex. It seems that the contents of the abdomen come out of the vagina. The patient sits cross-legged.

China. Strong pressure on the sore spot relieves suffering.

Podophyllum. Pain and numbness from right ovary going to right thigh.

Apis. Pain in the ovaries, as if bruised.

Cantharis. Burning pains in ovaries.

Lachesis. Tumors of the ovaries. The disease begins on the left side and moves to the right ovary. The patient unfastens clothing near the stomach to avoid pressure. The patient cannot put his hand on his stomach.

Belladonna. It seems that the contents of the abdomen come out of the vagina. The pain is aggravated by standing and sitting straight. It looks like the back is broken.

Dulcamara. Diarrhea and spasms of the intestines with colds.

Aconitum. Threat of abortion from fright.

Coffea. Pain after an abortion. Threatened abortion with pain.

Colocyntis. Convulsive pains in the abdomen. The patient bends in half. Easier when pressing on the abdomen with a hard object.

Magnesia carb. The patient bends in half. Better after stool.

Cocculus. Colic from accumulation of gases. Excessively swollen abdomen. Feeling that the abdomen is filled with sharp stakes or stones. Worse at midnight. Gases are constantly moving. They come out without bringing relief, because new ones are formed.

Plumbum metallicum. Terrible pain from the abdomen extends to the whole body.

Stannum. Spasms of intestines are relieved by hard pressure. Better by pressing the abdomen to the knees.

Pulsatilla. Spasms of intestines are relieved in open air. Easier when walking or slow movements.

Staphisagria. Colic in thin children. The stomach bulges forward like a pot.

Dioscorea. The pain begins to the right of the navel and passes to the whole body and limbs. Worse from bending. Better when straightening the body.