Homeopathic remedies for dacryocystitis

Inflammation of the lacrimal sac

Silicea. Inflammation of the lacrimal sac. Hair falls out. Lachrymation with redness of the eyes. Blockage of the tear duct. The discharge is watery and acrid. Swelling of the walls of the lacrimal duct. Constant tearing. Blepharitis. Irit. Redness and suppuration of the edges of the eyelids. Chalazion.

Suppuration of the lacrimal ducts. Choroiditis with pus in the anterior chamber of the eye. Fistulas of the lacrimal ducts. Barley. Strong photophobia. Ophthalmia. Corneal perforation. Otitis with suppuration. Noises in ears with deafness.

Daylight blinds the eyes. Clouding of the cornea. Furuncles around the eyes and eyelids. Chronic runny nose and loss of smell. Teeth ache from cold air and water. The mouth is constantly dry. There is a sour taste in the mouth after eating.

Pulsatilla. Dacryocystitis. Discharge of yellowish-green mucus from the nose. Conjunctivitis with thick, yellow discharge. Inflammation of the eyes after measles. Purulent inflammation of the eyes in newborns.

Argentum nitricum. Neonatal ophthalmia (Pulsatilla. Mercur). Better outdoors and worse in a warm room (Pulsatilla). Discharge of yellowish-green mucus from the nose. Purulent conjunctivitis. Thick, yellow pus, not acrid. The eyelids are covered with thick crusts.

Acidum fluoricum. Lacrimal fistula. Increased tearing. Forgets almost everything. Sensation of sand in the eyes. Breath is offensive. Blinks constantly. Red spots before the eyes. Nose stuffed up, red and swollen.

Nausea and vomiting of bile with diarrhea. Chronic nasal catarrh. Tubercles on the face with ulceration. The liver is enlarged and sensitive to pressure. The face is hot.

Rhus tox. Conjunctivitis with severe convulsive symptoms. Spasmodic closure of the eyelids. Hot tears flow out with the formation of pimples around the eyes.

Euphrasia. Pus causes abrasions and irritation around the eyes. Strong lacrimation.

Syphilinum. Ophthalmia in newborns. Skin ulcers. Children with dry and wrinkled skin. Children are emaciated with senile and angry faces. Recurrent abscesses and suppurations (Pyrogenium).

Kreosotum. Inflammation of the eyelids, with discharge of hot, burning tears, early in the morning.

Acidum nitricum. Corneal ulcers.

Hepar sulphuris. Purulent inflammation of the eyes and pimples with extreme sensitivity to touch. Eyelids swollen with purulent styes. The patient can bear touching the eyes. Cold air and drafts aggravate the pain. Purulent otitis (Belladonna, Chamomilla, Pulsatilla).

High sensitivity of the nervous system. Unbearable pains lead to fainting. Cannot bear to be touched by hands or clothing. Neuralgia of the right side of the face. Hasty speech and hasty action (Belladonna. Lachesis, Dulcamara. Sulfur).

Petroleum. Blepharitis. Inflammation of the lacrimal canal. Pimples with itching and burning. Bubble (vesicular) rash turns into eczema. Fissures of the skin in winter, with burning and intolerable itching.

Dislocations of the joints in rheumatic patients. Pain in the knees and neck. Scabs and pus come out of the nose. Painful cracks in the nostrils (Graphites). Dry, agonizing cough at night in children.