Homeopathic remedies for otitis

Ear infection

Argentum met. Tearing pain in a small point above the left ear. Sharp cutting pain from left ear extending to brain. Right ear blocked. Drawing pain from the lobe of the right ear extends to the lower jaw. In the morning, itching of the earlobes. It scratches the ear until it bleeds from severe itching on the outside of the ear.

Thuja. Ringing and noise in the ears. Pain in right ear. Increased excretion of earwax. Itching of the face. Hardening of the left wing of the nose. Nosebleed in the morning. Twitching of upper lip. Red pimples above the lip. Tongue coated white without thirst. Great thirst for cold drinks. Heartburn on bending over. Bread tastes bitter.

Psorinum. A foul-smelling pus comes out of the ear. Sulfur is indicated but does not act. Weakness without organic disease. Papules and ulcers on the face of young people. The corners of the mouth are ulcerated. The eyes are glued. Fiery flashes before the eyes. Worse from motion and in the evening. Blockage of the nose with tenacious mucus. Better in the morning and during rest. Belching of rotten eggs.

Belladonna. Otitis. Boring and tearing pains appear suddenly. Pus forms quickly.

Aconitum. The patient loses consciousness after a buzzing in the ears. Tinnitus. Pain in jaw joint when chewing. It looks like something is crawling on the cheek. Pain in jaw joint when chewing. The cheek on which the patient lies is perspiring. Sensation of a crawling worm in right ear. Tearing pain in left ear. The cheek on which the patient lies is perspiring. Pain behind left ear. It seems that the cheeks are swollen and have doubled in size.

Aurum. High sensitivity to noise. Otitis with offensive discharge from the ear. Otitis with osteomyelitis of the mastoid process. Better from music. Buzzing in ears. Red nose with scaly rash. Exacerbation of the sense of smell and its subsequent loss. Rhinitis with yellow-green secretions. Fetid scabs in the nose.

Discharge from nose like egg white. Runny nose in the morning. Toothache at night and from cold air. Bad breath during puberty. Ulcers on the gums. Increased salivation. Pain at night. Appetite increased. Thirst. Aversion to meat. Tympanic membrane injury. Pain in the mastoid process. Iritis, with pain in the bones surrounding the eye socket.

Silicea. Inflammation of the ear, with discharge of a foul-smelling, watery fluid. Purulent inflammation of the mastoid process. Inflammation of the cornea (keratitis) with scabs. Ulcers form under the scabs, perforating the cornea (Acidum nitricum). Pus in the anterior chamber of the eye. Eyelids covered with purulent styes.

Pulsatilla. Otitis. External ear hot, red and swollen. Shooting, tearing or throbbing pains at night. Copious, thick, yellow discharge from ear (Silicea. Belladonna and Mercurius). Otitis media with deafness. Noise in ears.

Chamomilla. Otitis media with red cheeks. The patient cannot bear the pain.

Carbo animalis. Otitis. Purulent bloody discharge from the ears causes abrasions on the skin. Swelling over mastoid process (Acid nitricum, Aurum and Capsicum). Copper-red pimples on the face (Mercurius bijod., Acidum nitricum and Badiaga). Deafness. The patient cannot determine where the sound is coming from.

Plantago major. Earache accompanied by toothache.

Tellurium. Inflammation of the middle ear, with discharge of offensive pus. The smell is reminiscent of herring pickle. Otitis media extends to the brain or to the mastoid process.

Arnica montana. Pain in left ear cartilage. Tearing pain in ear. One ear seems to be hotter than the other. Heat and burning in the lobe of the ear. Shooting pains from right ear to left, then to eyes. Long shooting behind the ear.

Taraxacum. Chirping in left ear like crickets. Purulent pimple in the corner of the right wing of the nose. The upper lip is cracked in the middle. Burning shooting pain in left side of tongue. In the morning, completely dry tongue, covered with a brown coating. Red fried meat tastes sour. A bitter taste travels up the esophagus to the mouth. After eating and drinking, great chilliness.

Angustura vera. Hearing is more acute than usual. Twitching in front of left ear. Tearing twitching inside right ear. Furuncle over the right mastoid process. Throbbing pain behind the ears. Pulling sensation now in the right, then in the left ear. Ringing and burning in right ear. It looks like something is stuck in the ear. Ear cramp. Heat in the earlobe. Heat in ears and cheeks.

Ambra grisea. Roaring and whistling in the ear in the afternoon. Hearing is getting worse day by day. Nosebleeds in the morning. Very severe dryness inside the nose. Cracking and creaking in left ear. Deafness in one ear. Violent tearing pain in the lobe of the ear and behind the ear. Dry blood accumulates in the nose. Spasm in the lower