Homeopathy for alcoholism

Alcohol abuse

Nux vomica. Diseases from the abuse of liquor, highly seasoned foods, and laxatives. Gastritis from alcohol and too much food. Dry mouth without thirst. Constipation. Belching. Pain in the back of the head or over the left eye. Sour taste in the mouth, accumulation of flatus and urge of vomiting.

Sickness from excessive eating and beautiful living. Thin, lean, yellow and wiry alcoholic. Early awakening, at 3 o’clock in the morning. Ineffectual urge to stool. Pain in stomach from eating. The pains return every morning and are accompanied by sour vomiting and unsuccessful urging to stool. Eliminates the effects of allopathic treatment.

Acidum sulphuricum. Alcoholics drunk to the extreme (Nux vomica). They are pale, wrinkled and cold. Alcoholic dyspepsia. Chronic gastritis with high acidity. Asthenia. Adynamia. No appetite. Need for alcohol. Bleeding. Worse in the morning. Severe intoxication. Better from alcohol. They can’t even eat or drink water without vodka in it.

Cough causes pain in the liver. Watery diarrhea, foul-smelling. They are always in a hurry. Hemorrhoids, burning nodes, fill the entire rectum. Liquid discharge from the rectum. Hasty, agile and restless patient. Depression. The patient answers questions slowly (Phosphoric acid). The patient trembles from head to heels. A pointed, pale face with blue circles under the eyes. Sensation as if the egg white had dried on the skin.

The feeling of coldness and relaxation in the stomach causes the patient to need strong alcoholic beverages.

Syphilinum. Alcoholism. Chronic tonsillitis. Urination is slow. Proliferation of the adenoids. Anorexia in children. Aversion to meat. Fissures in the anus and rectum. Acidity with heartburn. Ulcers of the stomach or duodenum. Constipation.

Opium. Alcoholism with stupor. Strong drowsiness. Coma. Stupor. The pupils are significantly constricted or greatly dilated. Dark red face. Face purple and swollen. Alcoholism. Delirium tremens.

Animals are seen jumping out from different corners of the room (Lachesis. Stramonium). Cough with choking attacks in alcoholics. When coughing, the face turns blue. Hemoptysis in alcoholics.

The chest is hot, and the extremities are cold. Cough with expectoration of frothy mucus and blood with drowsiness (Antimonium tartaricum). Sleeplessness with aggravation of hearing. He sees scary ghosts. Sound sleep with wheezing breath. Apoplexy. Diarrhea from fear and cold. Vomiting from negative emotions. Slow, full pulse. Snoring while breathing.

Sulphur. Headache in alcoholics. Worse from alcohol. Gastritis from excessive consumption of alcohol and mealy foods. The patient is intolerant of milk. Sour vomiting in drunkards. Hunger at 11 am.

The abdomen swells up after eating. Coldness and shrinkage of the genitals. Flushes of heat from the slightest movement. Weakness in the morning. Aggravation from coffee. Craving for beer and alcoholic beverages.

He drinks a lot and eats little. Aversion to meat. Milk causes sour belching. The liver is dense, jaundice. Violent offensive flatulence in the evening. Big belly and emaciated limbs. They don’t like to wash. Chronic constipation. Burning in anus with hemorrhoids. Alternating diarrhea and constipation.

Lachesis. Nervous weakness and trembling in drunkards. Jaundice. Fetid, watery stools. Worse in spring. The tongue is smooth, red and shiny (Kali bichromicum). Belly swollen. The patient is worse from wine and acids. The patient’s waist is very sensitive to touch (Herasulph.).

Spasms of the stomach. Vomiting of bile and mucus. Flatulence better after belching. The belching comes on quickly and constricts the throat. Voluptuous pictures, but weak erections.

Carbo veg. Dyspepsia from revelry, copious food and alcohol. Hangover. Headache in the morning in the back. Buzzing in the head. Worse in a warm room. The pain goes through the head into the eyes. Clumsy, fat and lazy. Nausea and weakness.

Dyspepsia from fatty foods, meats, sauces. Milk causes bloating with gases. Belching and rumbling in the abdomen. Rancid or putrid taste in the mouth. Constipation. Hemorrhoids after a feast. Blue bumps come out. Watery diarrhea with violent urging.

Veratrum album. Vertigo in alcoholics. Loss of control over your movements. Cold sweat on forehead. Talking about the failures of others. Rushing around the room screaming or sitting in thought. Sudden fainting. Loss of vision with cold sweat on forehead. Migraine.

It looks like a piece of ice has been placed on top of the head. Postpartum mania and convulsions. Bluish and puffy face with bulging eyes. Desire to tear and bite. Extreme fun. It seems that the tuft of hair is electrified. Hair stand on end.

Selenium. Strong craving for vodka from weakness in stomach (Staphisagria and Hepar sulphuris). Weakness in the back when walking. Paralysis. Stitching over left eye from heat of the sun.

Headaches come back in the afternoon and are aggravated by a strong smell. Headache with copious clear urine in hysterical patients. Worse from tea and lemonade. Headache in alcoholics. Better than vodka.

Arsenicum album. Delirium tremens. Terrible dreams. Gangrene. Carbuncle. Crayfish. Burning pain in ovaries. Better from hot compresses. Worse from cold. Tongue white or red with elevated papillae. Strong thirst. He drinks little by little, because water irritates the stomach. Blue, protruding hemorrhoids. Burning in the stomach. Worse after alcohol, ice cream and ice water in hot weather.

Ranunculus bulbosus. Diseases from alcoholism. Hiccup. Epileptic seizures. Delirium tremens. Colic in chest from change of weather. Intercostal neuralgia after pneumonia. The pain is worse in wet weather. Sharp pains in the diaphragm. The belt seems to tighten to the waist at the point of attachment of the diaphragm to the margins of the lower ribs (Cactus grandiflorus).

Stramonium. Alcoholic delirium. Very little urine is produced. Exalted sex drive. Complete impotence from onanism. Excessive talkativeness during the menstrual period. Nymphomania. Sings obscene songs.

Postpartum mania with many hallucinations. Postpartum convulsions with profuse sweat and great fear. Dry cough with choking. Neurotic asthma. Worse looking at water or trying to swallow it.

China. Lung abscess in alcoholics with hectic fever. Prolonged suppurative processes. Hectic fever after opening an abscess. Cheeks are red.

Nervous irritability and great prostration from fever. Weakness and diarrhea. Copious night sweats. Collapse after opening a cold abscess in osteomyelitis of the spine.

Scutellaria. Delirium tremens. Hysteria. Nervous depression. Better when moving outdoors. Insomnia with nightmares. Worse indoors. Excitation in children during teething. Trembling and twitching of the muscles. Chorea with nervous restlessness.