Homeopathy for apathy

Opium. Dark red swollen face. Deafness. Deep drowsiness Pale, gaunt, dark red face. Wheezing breath. Comatose sleep with noisy, rattling breathing. Bloodshot, half-closed eyes. Hot sweat.

Hyascyamus. Total deafness. Perspiration and profuse sweating. The pupils are dilated and insensitive. The lower jaw hangs down. Stupor. Big eyes. The patient grabs something, pinches the blanket. The patient mumbles indistinctly. Acid sweat. Weakness, laziness. Doesn’t recognize his stuff. Complete loss of feeling.

Madness with diarrhea. He talks a lot and incoherently. Talkativeness and silly laughter. Incoherent words. Extreme happiness, restlessness, haste. Confused in his fantasies, believes humans are pigs. He is silent and thinks of himself.

Apis. Sudden sharp screams. Stupor.

Phosphorus. Brain fatigue. Dizziness with itching. Irritability and high suggestibility. Back pain. The back seems to break with every movement. Local burning pains on the back. Better by friction.

Nux vomica. Cerebral fatigue with acid regurgitation. Worse in the morning. Inability to practice.

Silicea. Nervous exhaustion from the slightest exertion. Numbness of toes. Back numbness. Constipation. Can’t stand anything cold. Worse by draft

Aconitum. The patient wants to think about one thing but gets carried away by another until confused. Bad memory. It seems to the patient that what has just been done was a dream. He can’t remember what he was doing now.

Empty head in the morning. Confusion in the head, with pains in the temples, as after drunkenness. Think that thoughts are born in the stomach. After the dizziness, the thoughts come back.

Phosphoric acid. Apathy and indifference. The patient does not care what happens to him or others. Brain exhaustion from overwork. Classes cause heaviness in the mind and limbs. Diseases caused by sadness and negative emotions. Diseases caused by disappointed love (Ignatia in acute conditions). Diseases of the uterus and ovaries.

The patient lies in a sleepy stupor until awakened. Prolapse of the uterus. Weakness of nervous origin. Burning in spine and limbs. Apathy and drowsiness. The patient wakes up easily and completely from hibernation. In rapidly growing children, diarrhea is preceded by a rumbling in the intestines. Diarrhea is not debilitating.

A short nap is refreshing. Diseases caused by excessive sexual addictions. When lying down, the patient thinks that his legs are rising above his head. Lack of erection. Itching in the scrotum. Burning in the spine at night. Diseases caused by loss of seminal fluid (cinchona). The patient easily awakens from his daze.

Baptisia. Weakness, with a dull expression. The patient falls asleep while answering questions. An increase in brain activity precedes delirium. Dark red face. Stupid, gloomy and crazy looking. The tongue is covered with a yellow coating with a brown stripe down the middle. Breath, sweat and discharge extremely offensive. Black plaque on teeth. The tongue is red on the edges, with a tan coating in the middle.

Arnica. Apathy and indifference. The patient does not understand how seriously ill he is. depression and deafness. Stupor with discharge of stool and urine. When speaking, the patient falls into a stupor. The patients fall asleep and answer your questions. Petechial, bloody rash or bruising. Involuntary passage of stool and urine.

Helleborus. Dilated pupils.

Natrium mur. Chronic Effects of Grief. Pain in the crown. Sadness and tears. Emaciation. Dry and cracked skin around the nails.

Cicuta virosa. Morning dullness and torpor. It’s hard to remember who he is. Convulsions after concussion. The patient moans, screams, gesticulate, and makes strange movements. The patient is very concerned. Intoxicated, stunning. Dizziness when walking. Trembling when walking. When walking, like drunk.

All objects move in a circle while sitting. Swing from side to side. Falls to the ground from dizziness. The headache disappears when sitting upright. The headache is relieved by flatulence. Dark red, lentil-sized rashes on the face cause burning pain. Reddening of the face.

Lachesis. Offensive discharge and exhaustion. The patient cannot pull the tongue into the mouth. Bleeding with dark blood. Black blood oozes from cracked lips. Dark blood flows from the bowels, mud like charred straw. Trembling of the protruding tongue.

Nux moschata. Loss of thoughts when speaking, reading or writing. He’s clinging to his teeth.

Acid muriaticum. Exhaustion and delirium. Weakness. The patient cannot keep his head on the pillow and slides down.

Cinchona. Weakness from dehydration. The child is sleepy, the pupils are dilated, and breathing is shallow after diarrhea. Diarrhea involuntarily disappears. The body is cold. Weakness from loss of blood and anemia.

Gelsemium. Nervous excitement with exhaustion. Weakness and pain in the muscles. Dilated pupils. Tremors in the back. Fever with rapid pulse and drowsiness. The face is red. Muscle weakness. Intense muscle pain and fatigue. The head appears to be unusually large. Aggravation of the fever in the afternoon.

Arsenicum. Weakness from excessive muscle tension.

Phosphorus. Decay and exhaustion after exhaustion of the nervous system.

Stramonium. Red face. Big eyes. Talkativeness. The patient is afraid of being alone. The need of society.

Carbo veg. Cold and blue skin. Swollen veins.

Anacardium. Feeling of a plug in different parts of the body.

Tarentula. Extreme sensitivity to music. Excitement. Extreme fear. Back pain.

Natrium carb. Hypersensitivity to music and noise.

Chamomilla. When he writes, he skips whole words. Dullness. Misunderstands the question. Getting tired of thinking fast. He sits and thinks. Stutters, makes mistakes in spoken words. Careless and careless. Dry cough from tickling throat, worse at night. Worse in winter and cold weather.

Causticum. Haze or fog before the eyes.

Psorinum. The dry, scaly rash returns every winter. The cough comes back every winter.

Iodinum. Hard goiter in dark-haired people.

Spongia. Goiter suffocation after sleep.

Belladonna. The pupils first narrow, then widen.

Sulfuric acidum. The brain in the front part moves freely from side to side.

Lycopodium. Dropping of the lower jaw. Imminent stroke. Deafness. The eyes do not react to light.

Nux moschata. Insensitive. Irresistible sleepiness.

Rhus tox. Persistent quiet delirium. Stupor.

Leptandra. Icteric skin. Strong prostration. Heat. Dry and cold extremities. Dark, tarry, offensive stools with bloody mucus