Homeopathy for deafness

Hearing loss

Mercurius. Ringing in both ears. Vibrations in left ear. Red spots on the face. Great swelling of the left cheek. Hissing or roaring noise in the ear in the morning. Buzzing in left ear, like a wasp buzzing. Moisture flows from both ears. Pus flows from both ears. Very painful pimple on nose. The tip of the nose is swollen, red and itchy. Bleeding from left nostril. Nosebleed during sleep.

Syphilinum. Progressive deafness. Putrid taste in the mouth. Purulent otitis. Coryza with offensive, green discharge. Teak. Deep red cracks on the tongue. Difficult speech. Paralysis of the right side of the face. Imprints of teeth on the lateral surfaces of the tongue. Paralysis of the tongue. Bad breath. Fetid, putrid breath. Copious, stringy saliva. Candidal stomatitis.

Rhus tox. Whistling, ringing in the ears when walking. Photophobia and lacrimation at night. Bloody pus from the ear. Inflammation after cataract extraction. Yellow, purulent, mucous discharge from the eyes. Eyes red, stuck together with a sticky mass in the morning. Veil before the eyes.

Pressure in stomach after eating. Colic forces to double over, at night and from humidity. Excessive bloating of the abdomen after eating. Green stool with jelly-like balls or flakes.

Feces of blood and mucus at night. Constant tenesmus. Craving for cold milk and heavy dreams. Mucus or jelly-like stool. Involuntary bloody urination. Snowy white sediment in urine. Tearing pain in region of kidneys after getting wet. Urine is excreted involuntarily at rest and at night.

Stannum. Ringing in left ear. In the evening, creaking in the left ear. It seems that the objects next to him are very distant from him. Drawing in right side of forehead when stooping. Pimple on left eyebrow. Dull, sunken eyes. Burning and itching in left eye.

Eye twitching. Nosebleed in the morning. Burning pain under right eye. Cramp and spasm in the jaws. Sour and bitter taste in the mouth.

Spongia. Ringing in right ear. Furuncles on the left ear. Eruptions on the tip of the nose and on the lips. Itching in left cheek. In goiter, shooting when swallowing. Pressing sensation in the goiter. When singing, pain in the larynx. Burning in throat, larynx and ears. Sweet taste in the mouth.

Phosphorus. Poor hearing of the human voice (Ignatia vice versa). Deafness with noise and buzzing in ears. Excessive sensitivity to sounds. Deafness.

Secale cornutum. Noise in the ears with marked hearing loss. Constant nosebleed. The blood is dark and thin. Epistaxis in the elderly or alcoholics.

Lips are pale or bluish. Salivation with offensive breath. White, moist, flabby tongue. Great dryness in the throat and inability to swallow. Burning in throat with intense thirst. Craving for sour foods.

Veratrum album. Roaring noise in ears as from wind. Deafness with chest pain. Red spots and vesicles on the nose. Nosebleed from right nostril. The smell of manure. Lips crack. Foam at the mouth.

Clenching of the jaws. Grinding of teeth. Stutters. Can’t speak. Burning in mouth and throat. A large amount of saliva alternates with dryness and stickiness in the mouth. Salivation, saliva sticky.

Cinchona. Deafness with ringing in the ears. Eye movement is very painful. Touching the hair causes severe pain at the roots. The eyes are very sensitive to bright light. The sclera of the eyes is very yellow. Night blindness. Toothache from tea, in cold air, better from clenching teeth.

Thick, dirty, yellow coating on the tongue. Passionate desire for sour. Wolf hunger at night. Bitter taste in the mouth. Thirst for cold water, drinks little and often. Nausea at the thought of food.

Phosphoricum acidum. Roaring tinnitus with difficulty hearing. Ringing of bells in right ear. Drawing pain in left ear. Itching and twitching in the lobe of the right ear. Pimple on tip of nose. Nose bleed. Pus flows from the nose. Yellow-brown purulent eruptions on the lower lip.

Fissure in the middle of the lower lip. Bleeding from gums when touched. Burning pain in front teeth at night. Shootings at the tip of the tongue. The tongue is completely dry. Pain in the left side of the throat. The bread scratches the throat.

Sulphur. Ringing and howling of the wind in the ears. Tearing sensation in left ear. Splashes in the ear, as if there were water in it. Black pores on nose and upper lip. Nose bleed. Tumor of the upper lip. The gums are bleeding. The tongue is red with white dots. In the morning the tongue is very white and dry. In the morning, a lot of mucus in the mouth. After eating, great dryness of the mouth. In the morning, burning in the mouth without thirst.

Sarsaparilla. Ringing in left ear. Constriction in right ear. Pain in the chewing muscles on the right. Pimples on the face and small pustules on the upper lip. Drawing pain on right side of collarbone. Bitter taste in bread. Pain in the left iliac region.

Wakes up at night with pain in anus. Urge to urinate, but little urine passes. Burning when urinating, with discharge of long flakes. Sharp stitches in the inner side of the left knee. Injections over the right ankle.

Tearing sensation in right big toe. Itching passes in bed. When exposed to cold air, miliary papules appear. Burning and itching all over the body, with trembling and chilliness. Dreams of misfortune. Quiet and angry. Annoying flies on the wall. Gloomy and sad, but disposed to work. Every word offends him.

Arnica montana. Buzzing in ears. Noise in ears. Hearing loss. Ringing in left ear. Heat in left ear and cheek. Increased hearing acuity.

Ledum. Hearing loss in the right ear. Paleness of the face and noise in the ears, like the ringing of bells. Noise in ears as from wind. Deafness of right ear, as if stuffed with cotton. Great thirst for cold drinks, especially water. Bitter taste in the mouth. Nausea in the morning.

Frequent bouts of hiccups. Bitter belching after eating. Cutting in abdomen in the evening. Frequent release of gases. Stool with blood. There is a red moist spot on the coccyx with itching.

Spigelia. Pressure as from a cork in left ear. Itching and goosebumps in right ear. Noise in the left ear, as if wind were blowing into it. Itching in right ear. Violent buzzing in the ears in the evening. Flapping in the ears, as from the wings of a bird, after which liquid flows from the ears and the tester begins to hear very well.

When he speaks, bells ring in his ears. In the evening, the ear is blocked, as if the ear was plugged with a finger. Burning in upper lip. Burning pain in right malar bone. Pricks in the left cheek. There is a black, painless papule on the lower lip.

Manganum. Noise in the ears and difficulty hearing. In the morning, noise in the ear, like the ringing of bells. When walking in the right ear, like a frog croaking. Pain in left ear, sensation as if something were crawling up the eardrum.

Shooting pain from stomach to ear when laughing. When he speaks, dull shootings in the ear. Coldness in right ear, as if a cold wind were blowing into it. Red pimple on lower lip. A few sips of coffee eliminate toothache.

Magnetis poli ambo. A thin whistle in the ear, like a beating pulse. Hissing noise in front of ears. In the ear, noise like boiling water. Electrical discharges in the ear. Deafness, no noise in the ear. Intolerable itching and stitches in the muscles of the face, in the evening. Fiery sparks before the eyes, like shooting stars. Sweat on the face in the morning. Itching of the eyelids in the inner corner of the eye. Lower eyelid. Itching in the ear.

Carbo veg. Ringing, humming and hissing in the ears, with vertigo. Tearing pain behind right ear. Pain in right ear in the evening. Loud speech causes pain in the ears. Every evening the left ear reddens and becomes hot. Itching behind the ear. Heaviness in the nose. In the morning violent nosebleed and chest pain. The tip of the nose is covered with scabs.

Magnetis polus australis. Pain and ringing in the ear. Roaring noise in front of ears. Pain behind left ear. Pain between the eyebrows. The eye with which the magnet was in contact waters. Inflammation and dryness of the eyelids. Pricks in the left eye. Items are doubled. Sensation as if a cold wind were blowing on the ears.

Dulcamara. Tinnitus. Cracking in the ear, as if something had broken there. Pricks in the right ear. Violent epistaxis of bright red blood from the left nostril. Twitching of lips and eyelids in cold air. Lots of sticky saliva. Itching and sensation as if something were crawling on the tip of the tongue. Dry rough tongue.

Cocculus. The right ear is hard of hearing. Heat in right ear in the morning. Hissing and noise in the ears, as from running water, with difficulty in hearing. Heat in cheeks without thirst. Redness of the cheeks and heat in the face without thirst in a cold room. Tilts the head as the neck muscles cannot support the head.

Arsenicum album. Deafness, as if ears were stopped up. Ears stuffed inside when swallowing. Ringing in right ear when sitting. The nose smells of tar and sulfur. Pain behind ear when sitting. Tearing pains in the lobe of the left ear. Pain in the root of the nose. Doesn’t understand what they are saying. Shoots in the ear in the morning. Hissing in the ears. Ringing noise in the whole head. Loud tinnitus. Convulsive, sudden pain in the ear in the morning. Burning in the ear in the evening.

Chelidonium. Ringing in the ears, like whistling. Ringing in left ear while walking. Pressure inside the right ear canal. Toothache in left upper jaw. Trembling at tip of nose.

China. Hearing loss. A ticking in my ear like a distant clock. Tinnitus. It seems like something is crawling in the ear. Noise in ears. Tickle in the ear. Burning in left nostril. Seems to smell like a corpse. Epistaxis in the morning after blowing nose.

Cicuta virosa. Loud ringing in left ear. Hearing badly. Discharge of blood from the ears. Staring into nowhere. He does not see clearly, everything merges. Everything doubles and looks black. Very dilated pupils. Heat and burning around the eyes. Violent eruptions on the cheeks. When swallowing, something bursts in the right ear.

Carbo animalis. Ringing in the ears at night. Eruptions of copper color on the face. Spasmodic pain inside left ear. Red spots on the cheek. In the afternoon heat in the face. Epistaxis in the morning when sitting. Swollen nose. Blisters on the lower lip.

Belladonna. Pain radiates from upper jaw to ear. Air comes out of the ears. Pain in ears after hiccups. Purulent discharge from ears. Noise in ears when sitting. Sharp pain from ear to chin. Sharp pain in ear during eructation. Ear pain and hearing loss.

Drawing pain from ears to occiput. Sudden pain in the parotid gland. Boring pain behind right ear. Hissing in the ears, dizziness and dull pain in the abdomen. Vibration and gurgling in the ears in the morning.

Cannabis indica. Pulsation in the ear. Noise in ears. Sharp jerking pain from right ear extending to shoulder. Spasmodic pain in the teeth in the lower jaw on the left side. Eruptions on the lips and in the corner of the mouth. Speech is like a metallic clang. Anxiously recalls a thought and cannot express it in words.

Aurum met. Ringing in the ears and dullness of hearing. Cannot hear clearly. Vertigo returns on the slightest movement. Vertigo makes the patient sit up.

Jerking toothache in upper front teeth. Swelling of the back of the hand. Exhaustion from intellectual labor. During dinner, tearing pain in middle finger.

Vertigo on stooping and walking in the open air. Confusion in the head in the morning on rising. Sudden sharp pain over the heart. Roaring noise in the ears in the morning. Itching and prickling in the right side of the face. Buzzing and crackling in left ear.

Tearing pain in left side of face. Tearing pain in left auditory canal. Tearing pain in zygoma and right jaw. Eruption of small pimples with suppurating tips on the face and neck.

Digitalis. Pressure in left ear. Hissing before ears, as if water were boiling. Pimple with burning pain under left nostril. Bright blood flows from both nostrils. Eruptions on the neck. Tumor of the lips and tongue. In the morning, the tongue is covered with a white coating. Salivation. Sweet saliva in the mouth becomes salty. Halitosis. After smoking, taste of sweet almonds in the mouth.

Silica. Deafness after inflammation of the tympanic membrane. Hypersensitivity to noise. Catarrhal otitis. Inflammation of the eardrum. Aversion to meat. Eustachitis. Sweats from the slightest effort. Roar in the ears.

Acne around nostrils and chin. Chronic otorrhea. Sensation of a hair on the tongue. Fetid, thick pus in otitis media. The face is pale and waxy. Cough when picking the ear.

Cyclamen. Sensation, cotton in the right ear. Acne on the back of the head does not hurt when touched. Pupil dilation. Headache with blurred vision, fog before eyes. Itching and tingling in the eyelids. Itching of right cheek. Deterioration of smell. Dry lips without thirst. Numbness of the upper lip.

Bryonia alba. Ringing in front of left ear, as from small bells. Burning pain near left ear. Hard-boil behind ear. Buzzing in front of right ear. Ears stuffed up. When walking in the open air, sudden pain in the ears. The ears are bleeding. Ulceration of the auricle.

Camphora. Tearing sensation in left ear. Redness and heat of the cheeks and lobes of the ears. Tinnitus. Dark red abscess larger than a pea in the left external auditory canal. Dryness at the back of the tongue, with much saliva.

Asarum. The right ear hears worse than the left. Burning and shooting pain in left cheek. The pressure in the right ear canal passes into the right side of the mandible. Warmth in left cheek. Constrictive pain in left cheek. Burning in the mouth when washing the face with cold water. Shootings in the right cheek.

Platinum. Nervous deafness with tinnitus. Stool scanty, hard, dry, difficult to pass. Vertigo when going downstairs. Numbness in the forehead. Feces sticks to the rectum and anus like soft clay. Tickling in right temple.

Better in the open air, from motion, after sleep, and from cold air. Objects appear smaller than they really are. Yawning with sleepiness. Wolfish hunger with hasty absorption of food. Loud belching on an empty stomach and after eating. Violent fermentation in the stomach.

Chamomilla. In the evening, dullness of hearing. Roaring in the ears, as from a stream of water. Tinnitus. Nose bleed. Ulcerated nostrils. Lips crack and peel. The lower lip is cracked in the middle.

In deafness due to obstruction of the Eustachian tube: Merc, Hydr, Mez. Deafness from injury: Chin-s. Deafness with roaring and loud noises in the ear, and hearing is better during the noise: Graph. Deafness with murmurs and vertigo (Ménière’s disease): Nat-sal, Chin.

Deafness with cold feeling in abdomen; noises in the ear when coughing; intolerance to music which aggravates the cough: Ambr. Long-standing deafness with leakage from the ears: Elaps. Deafness, as if ears were plugged : Mang. Deafness associated with a diseased condition of the blood and blood vessels (Cooper’s vascular deafness): Ferr-p