Homeopathy for colds

Aconitum. Frequent violent sneezing with pain in the abdomen. After midnight, there is a short, sudden cough from tickling in the larynx. Dyspnoe during sleep, after midnight. Morning hoarseness. Cough after drinking. Difficulty in nasal breathing during sleep. Food and drink enter the respiratory tract when swallowed. Choking, swallowing saliva. Violent cough from contact with tobacco smoke in a smoker.

Arsenicum album. Thin, watery, corrosive upper lip discharge from nose. Throbbing headache in forehead. Ulcers and scabs in the nose. Great restlessness and burning. Sneezing does not bring relief. Acrid, irritating nasal discharge. Eye affections with intense burning pains. Loss of hope of a cure, with great restlessness and exhaustion.

The patient is weak, emaciated and chilly. He is always warmly dressed, experiences intense thirst, restlessness and anxiety. Pale waxy skin. Anxiety and intense fear of death. Photophobia. Deathly pale face, pointed nose, sunken eyes.

White waxy face, sunken, twisted features. Neuralgia of the face, burning pains worse at night. People are neat, fussy and restless. Excoriation and soreness of the skin above the upper lip.

Lips chapped, bluish, dry, or covered with black mucus. Strong desire for cold water, drinks often but little. Licks dry lips. Everything looks green. The eyes are sunken, motionless, dull, with blue rims around them.

Ringing in the ears, hearing loss, or unusual sensitivity to sound. Shortness of breath after midnight. Cough with mucous expectoration. Bad breath and drowsiness. Jumping up, screaming and twitching of limbs. Mucous dark color.

Gelsemium. Headache, trembling, chills and muscle pain. Patients do not like cold and damp. Fatigue, pain in the nose, very sleepy. Sleepy person with dull headache.

When trying to get up, dizziness and trembling occur. Fatigue and apathy. Prolonged low temperature without thirst.

Nux vomica – Colds are accompanied by nausea and vomiting. Fever alternates with chills and trembling. Patients are very sensitive to drafts or opening. The person is usually very irritable and impatient during illness.

Eupatorium perfoliatum. The flu is characterized by deep bone pain. Headache with pain in the eyeballs and pain in the muscles. The patient tosses and turns in bed, but this does not alleviate the pain.

Pyrogenum. Severe flu. Pain all over the body, the bed feels too hard. They are restless and very weak. Patients feel as if their limbs were scattered and disjointed (Baptisia).

The body is red, hot and sweaty, but sweating does not bring relief. The sweat is smelly. Bad breath. Strong headache. The pulse rate is disproportionate to the fever: with a slight fever, the pulse is very fast.

Baptisia. Throughout the body great soreness, weakness and great weariness. They feel very bad, worse from motion. Patients do not know where they are. They feel drugged (Pyrogen). Sensation as if his limbs did not belong to him. It is one of the main remedies for stomach flu with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Phosphorus. Often takes colds and trembles when chilled. Vertigo from the smell of flowers (Nux vomica, Hyoscyamus). Spasmodic cough with bleeding. Direct. Loves people. Afraid of loneliness. Hot flushes. Living imagination. Anxiety before sexual intercourse. Fear of snakes. Indifference to relatives (Helleborus, Sepia).

He oscillates between sympathy and indifference. Indifference to your children. Weakness and exhaustion. The patient wants cold water. Strong desire for icy drinks, which may induce vomiting.

They are anxious and want sympathy and attention. Bronchitis with loss of voice. They are very thirsty and easily dehydrated.

Belladonna. Sudden onset, high fever. Hot red skin, throbbing headache, sensitivity to light and noise. Colds with heavy, dry, spasmodic cough at night. Profuse night sweat. Constant desire to cough up, with predominance of elements of spasm, as if something were caught in the bronchi.

The cough is much worse in the evening and when lying down. Takes cold from least draft when head is uncovered. Worse after cutting hair. Spasmodic, dry cough at night and loose in the morning. A flaming eruption on a very pale face.

Fever at night with great chilliness. Thirst after sweat. Worse in the afternoon, especially at night. Better in a warm room. Fluid coryza from one nostril. Dry cough with coryza before dinner. Violent aching in occiput when coughing.

Coryza with a herring smell in the nose. Violent cough in the afternoon. Rough hoarse voice. Heat after cough. Nocturnal cough wakes up at night. Dry hacking cough with scraping in the throat. Cough with taste of blood in the mouth.

Violent cough during sleep, with gnashing of teeth. Sensitive to drafts when the head is uncovered. High susceptibility to colds. The patient is sensitive to drafts. Frequent colds. Acute febrile illnesses with flushed face, dilated pupils, throbbing right-sided headache.

Symptoms appear suddenly. The person is sensitive to light and noise. He feels much worse when he lies flat. The patient wants to be supported in bed. Sleep restless, fever after midnight. Delirium from fever.

Eupatorium per. Very thirsty, pain in muscles and bones. Headache, worse from motion.

Bryonia. Dry, painful cough, worse at night, thirst. Bryonia is indicated for a violent cough, dry, violent and painful, so much so that the person has to hold his head or chest when coughing. Joint pain, and the symptoms will be much worse for any kind of movement. They want silence and are left alone.

Influenzinum. Bacillinum. A specialized remedy for the prevention and treatment of colds and flu. Often prescribed for patients at risk.

Mercurius. Often sneezes in the morning. Chills and goosebumps appear before a cold. Acrid pus flows from the nose with the smell of old cheese. Difficulty breathing in the morning. Shots in the left side. Pain in both breasts.

Unusual swelling of the breasts and nipples, becoming harder than usual. After eating, under the breasts, jerking and constriction. Eruptions as from smallpox over the anus. Pain in sacrum, as if sitting on a hard couch. Itching in the sacrum when walking.

Nux vomica. Headache, pain all over, irritable, nauseated, (also good for a hangover!). Cold – can’t get warm, even in bed.

Tuberculinum. Cold air causes colds. Cold follows cold.

Pulsatilla. Catarrh in the nose, stuffed up ears, worse at night, better in the open air and from attention from relatives.

Arum triph. Burning fluid exudes from nostrils, scraping nose and lips. Fluid acrid coryza. He constantly picks his nose until it bleeds. Breathe with an open mouth. Lips swollen, chapped and bleeding. He constantly picks his lips and nose.

Tongue red, with protruding papillae. Pronounced discharge of acrid saliva. The oral cavity is covered with raids and ulcers. The pharynx and nostrils are ulcerated. Irritating, brown diarrhoea. The voice is hoarse. Diphtheria. Worse in the morning lying down. Better on rising and in the middle of the day.

Ammonium mur. Feeling of coldness between shoulder blades.

Paris quadrofolia. Green viscous discharge from throat in the morning.

Calcarea phosphorica. Colds from damp weather. Pain on motion (Bryonia). Heat all over the body during a cold. Big head. Vomiting milk. Colic after eating. Green, slimy and offensive loose stools with flatulence. Desires lard or ham. Children are slow to think (Baryta carb).

Argentum metallicum. Clear mucus without pus separates from the pharynx. Burning and itching in the larynx. Mucus is easily expectorated.

Rosa damascena. Give at the beginning of a cold. Deafness and ringing in the ears.

Sinapis nigra. Dryness and heat of the nasal mucosa. There are no divisions. Worse afternoon and evening.

Arsenicum jodatum. Enlargement of the lymph glands. Fever, catarrh, burning nasal discharge, sneezing.

Sulphur. Corrosive coryza and nonacrid lachrymation.

Euphrasia officinalis. Mild coryza and acrid tears. Ptosis. In the morning, copious, liquid coryza and violent cough with sputum. Pain in left ear. Eruptions of pimples on the wings of the nose. Severe bleeding from the gums. At noon, hunger without appetite.

Hiccups and eructations with taste of food. Dropping of the upper eyelid after a cold (Rhus. Causticum). Wide smooth condylomas of the anus. This is a remedy for colds. Symptoms are opposite Allium cepa. The discharge from the eyes is usually acrid, and it causes inflammation, while the discharge from the nose is watery. Watery discharge from the eyes, but discharge from the nose, is quite acrid and irritates the nose and around the nostrils. People feel better outdoors.

Stannum. Copious mucopurulent discharge from the nose. Sticky and viscous mucus mixed with blood. The voice is hoarse and hoarse. Dyspnea improves after expectoration. Restless and distressing cough at night. Cough from talking and walking fast. Exhausting fever with chill at 10 am. Profuse sweat at 5 am.

Silicea. An uninsulated head or legs lead to a cold. Very strong sensitivity to cold air. Sickness from a small draft on the head or back. Cough from rapid movement. Profuse purulent sputum.

Copaiva. Profuse green-grey, offensive expectoration.

Natrum mur. Sneezing, clear discharge, prefers to suffer alone and avoids sympathy. There is sneezing in the cold. Passion for salt.

Pix liquida. Purulent sputum. Pain in the region of the third costal cartilage on the left.

Manganum. Reading aloud and talking causes dry cough. In the morning, urge coughing. In the morning, cough with sputum. Sputum with blood. Tickling and itching in left palm. Burning and itching of right thumb. Feeling cold in left thumb.

Weakness in the legs with drowsiness. Prolonged tickling in the instep of the right sole. Most symptoms appear at night. Most of the symptoms are aggravated by bending over.

China. High sensitivity to drafts.

Calcarea carb. Feeling of inner coldness. Feeling of coldness in certain parts of the body.

Magnetis polus australis. Sneezes in the morning. Coryza and cough, with green mucous expectoration. Frequent bouts of shortness of breath. Threads of mucus in hard stool. Urinary incontinence. Drawing sensation in spermatic cord. Itching in the scrotum. Impotence, ejaculation, does not occur. Rumbling and gurgling in left hand. Cold in left hand.

In the evening, exhaustion in the right arm. Sensation of heat and twitching in the finger that touched the magnet. Pulsation in the finger that touched the magnet. Cracking in the knee joint when moving.

Ferrum phosph. Slow onset, mild fever, worse at night, epistaxis.

Baryta carb. Great sensitivity to cold.

Dulcamara. Colds come on in damp and cold weather.

Pulsatilla: Polyps in the nose. Irritable, rarely drink and prefer to be outdoors.

Sanguinaria: Hypersensitivity to odors, reaction to flowers and aerosols. More problems on the right side. Polyps in the nose.

Teucrium: The main homeopathic remedy for nasal polyps, especially if there is a history of other polyps: fibroids or colon polyps.

Arundo: intense itching in the nose.

Wyethia: Itching in back of nose and palate.