Homeopathy for gonorrhea

Thuja occidentalis. Gonorrhea with greenish discharge and burning pain when urinating. Warts, condylomas on the genitals, in the anus, on the perineum and on the mucous membranes. Warts, grainy like cauliflower on cervix.

Wet warts secrete a sticky fluid (weeping warts). Ulcers on the genitals with a dirty yellow base and hard edges. Deep cracks covered with pus in the anus, perineum, scrotum or glans penis. Sweat on the genitals with a sweet smell.

Yucca. Gonorrhea. Red skin. Burning and swelling of the foreskin, with redness of the urethra.

Acidum benzoicum. Chronic gonorrhea. Better in warm air and in the evening. Burning pain in urethra. Warty growths and warts with copious discharge. Bad urine.

Acidum nitricum. Pointed warts. Loss of sex drive. Loss of hair on the genitals. No erections. Ophthalmia. The urethra is inflamed and painful to pressure. Peeling of the skin. Discharge of mucus, blood and pus from the urethra. Violent itching of the foreskin. Balanitis. Gonorrhea. The cornea is dull. Painful urination.

Deep bleeding ulcers with torn edges. Brown-red spots. Hard, purulent brown nodules on the scrotum. Ulcers and warts. Ulcers with cracked edges. Enlargement of the tonsils. Weeping cracks in the anus. Liquid and green leucorrhea. Sharp pains in the bones.

Digitalis. Burning and purulent discharge from the urethra. Strong erections. Involuntary ejaculations in sleep without dreams. Emissions with great debility. Gonorrhea. The foreskin is swollen.

Mercurius corrosivus. Gonorrhea. The foreskin is dark purple. Phimosis or paraphimosis (Colocynthis). The head is dark red.

Petroselium. Gonorrhea. Violent urge to urinate. The patient cannot retain urine. Inflammation of the urethra in gonorrhea. Patients complain of pain at the base of the penis. Irresistible urge to urinate.

Alumina. Yellow discharge, with burning and itching along the urethra. Induration of testicles after gonorrhea. The tongue is covered with a viscous coating. Swelling and bleeding of the gums. Teeth feel loose and elongated. Green stool in children. Jerking toothache. The rectum is tight, as if it were dry.

Salivation is increased, but the mouth feels dry. The stool is hard, lumpy, or covered with mucus. Throat red and inflamed. Diarrhea when urinating. The voice is hoarse. Chronic catarrh. Loss of appetite. Aversion to meat. Desire for starch and chalk. Desire for garlic, acids and inedible things. The liver hurts like a bruised one.

Decreased libido with involuntary ejaculation. Has great difficulty in emptying the bowels with soft stools. Dry and hard skin cracks and bleeds. Itching and burning from the warmth of the bed.

Conium. Chronic cystitis with leakage of urine. Urine flows and then stops. Prostate hypertrophy in the elderly.

Staphisagria. Long filiform warts. Pale face. Dark circles under the eyes. The skin is yellowish white. Testicular hardening.

Jacaranda. Chancres on the penis.

Corallium rubrum. Very red chancres.

Mercurius. Irit. Green discharge from the urethra. Worse from sweat and warmth of bed.

Sabina. Warts with itching and burning in women.

Euphrasia. Large warts with cockscombs.

Cinnabaris. Combination of syphilis and gonorrhea. Fan-shaped warts (acute warts). Violent itching in the joints.