Homeopathy for itching

Psorinum. Itching worse in bed. Problems of glands and skin. Gonorrhea. A rightly chosen Sulfur refuses to act. Herpetic eruption with intense itching. The skin is dirty and dark, as if the patient had never washed. Skin as if oiled. In children, the rash from the scalp spreads to the face, cheeks, and ears.

The rash becomes wet and discharges fetid pus. Suppuration from ears. The pus resembles the smell of rotten meat. Ulcers on the legs or around the ankles. Ulcers heal slowly and are painful. Herpetic and itching eruptions in the crook of the elbows and in the popliteal fossa.

The body emits a foul odor. Intolerable itching in warm bed. Itching between fingers. Itching in the folds of the joints. Itching worse from warmth of bed. Itching and scratching to the point of blood.

Croton tiglium. Itching and violent burning of the skin. Urticaria on the skin of the abdomen. Vesicular erysipelas of the genitals, with great itching. The voice is hoarse and muffled. Vesicles and pustules on scrotum and penis. Better while walking. Worse in the morning and during rest.

Mercurius. Itching in right shoulder blade. Crunch in the elbow joint. Itching on left elbow. Itching and eczema on the forearm. Sharp pricks between the shoulder blades. Trembling in right shoulder blade. Pimples and boils on shoulder blades and abdomen. Burning in the hands, everything falls out of the hands. Tearing sensation in the elbow joint. Drawing pain in the hands, with coldness of the fingers. The fingers are numb.

Coffea arabica. Itching keeps the patient from sleeping. Fear of death with severe pains. The patient cannot bear even mild pain. Cold water relieves toothache for a long time. Exhaustion of the body after work in hot weather. Vision and hearing are sharpened. Weak noise seems loud.

Aconitum. Itching and numbness in fingers, with heart disease.

Actea racemosa. The arm appears to be tightly bandaged to the body.

Selenium. Itching in the folds of the skin and between the fingers. Itching is accompanied by tingling. White coating on the tongue. Colic in liver from motion and pressure.

Pulsatilla. Numbness in the elbow, with enlargement of the right ventricle of the heart. Itching worse from warmth of bed.

Staphisagria. Itching over the heel, in the Achilles tendon. Itching in right big toe. Pain in sacrum interferes with walking. Sudden sharp pain in the back. Paralytic drawing in shoulder joint. Drawing pain in the deltoid muscle. Itching pimples on the elbow. Twitching in left forearm. Eczema on the hands. Itching in left palm. Sharp pricks in the palms. Goose bumps, no chill, on thighs. In the morning, dull pain in right knee.

Spigelia. Itching of palms and fingertips. Pain in index finger of right hand. Drawing pain in left buttock when walking. The knee hurts when touched. Burrowing pain in left knee. Itching and pain under the kneecap. Pain in right calf when walking. Cramp in left calf when walking. Pain in right foot. Itching and goosebumps in right sole. Sensitivity to touch all over the body. Attacks of heaviness and fatigue in the limbs.

Borax. Violent itching of the skin when undressing.

Belladonna. Itching all over the body and eruption of red dots. Chest and abdomen covered with small, red, raised, painless patches. The body is swollen, reddened and burning with burning heat. Skin eruptions, as in measles.

Blood-red spots on the face, neck and chest. Great swelling of the face, intense heat. Redness and heat in the face, with great thirst. Stinging stitches in the soles of the feet. Parts of the body that are covered with a blanket sweat. Blistering with clear lymph. Very hot, sweats without thirst. Rash like scarlet fever. Sweats easily when walking outdoors.

Carbo animalis. Violent itching in right armpit. Harrowing cough in bed in the evening. After eating, chest tightness. In the evening in bed, wheezing in the chest. Coldness in the chest. In sacrum, sudden sharp pain. Left arm goes numb in the morning in bed. When walking, sharp pain in the left knee joint. Pain in calves when walking.

Numbness in the feet in the morning. Violent itching in the toes, which were once frostbite. Very frequent spasm in the fingers during the day when walking on a rough road. Itching all over the body in the evening in bed.

Phosphorus. Burning in palms and hands. Burning in the mouth, in the stomach, in the small intestine, between the shoulder blades and in the anus. The heat begins in the hands and spreads to the face. The burning goes up the spine.

Cocculus. Itching of the skin under the covers. Solitary purulent pimples on the temples, on the chest and between the shoulder blades. Red shapeless spots on the skin of the chest and behind the ears.

All symptoms are worse from eating, drinking, sleeping and talking. The symptoms are especially severe after smoking tobacco and after coffee. Headache worse from cold air. Fresh air seems too cold. Joints crack when walking. Numb feet and hands.

Secale. Burning in various parts of the body. It looks like sparks are falling on them.

Sulphur. Violent itching. Scratching makes it easier, but causes a burning sensation. Itchy eruption, from water and bathing. Skinny and emaciated. Stooped. He falls heavily into a chair. Tries to lie down. It’s hard to keep your head up. Apathetic and lazy. The energy runs out quickly. Fine facial features.

Eyelids with red veins. Dirty and unkempt. Bad breath and sweat. Acute sense of smell. The children look like little old people. Children are concerned about their health. Itching of the wrists of the elbows in the evening, with yellowish vesicles. Itching and burning in the palms. Pain over sacrum when walking.

Burning between the shoulder blades. Rheumatic pain in left shoulder. Sweaty brushes. The skin of the hands cracks. In the morning, trembling in the right arm. Involuntary twitching of fingers. The joints of the fingers are swollen and red. Violent perspiration between the fingers. Lots of burrs on the fingers. Burning in the feet. Patients stick their legs out from under the covers.

Arsenicum. Better from warmth.

Petroleum. Itching and weeping of the scrotum. Burning pain in anus after stool. The stool is yellowish, watery, slimy and bloody. Diarrhea after sauerkraut, after riding in public transport and during pregnancy. Diarrhea in the morning and in stormy weather. Violent desire to urinate, with itching of the urethra.

Worse from cold, during thunderstorms, and from traveling in transport or ship. Erections and wet dreams with sexual excitement. Chronic gonorrhea. Isolation of blood with semen. Menses are too scanty. Aversion to sexual intercourse in women. Lustful dreams.

Cina. Violent itching at night. Eruption of red, itchy pimples in the evening. After eating, tearing pain in shoulders and head. Twitching of limbs. Epileptic convulsions, conscious (eclampsia). Trembling all over with blue lips.

Causticum. Burning with pain. Sepia. Violent itching without rash. Jaundice. White chair. Scratching makes it easier, but causes a burning sensation. Mercurius solubilis. Intolerable itching in a warm bed. Itching worse from warmth of bed.

Crispus. Violent itching of the skin when undressing.

Itching worse at night in bed, scratches burning – Sulph. Itching, tickling, goosebumps – Sul-ac. Crawling, tickling, itching all over body – Morph.

Unbearable itching all over body, worse at night from warmth of bed, dry skin, great irritation – Alum. Itching beginning when the place is exposed to cold – Rumx.

Burning itching in weak faces – Ars. Itching as if climbing, after scratching itching is elsewhere; itching in the vagina – Mez. Itching in old people; genitals in women – Rhus-v.

Itching in the urethra, after gonorrhea; itching in female genital parts – Nit-ac. Itching of female genitals and anus – Ambr.

Burning or itching as from a bite; inflammation and swelling of parts – Kreos. Severe itching with peeling of the skin; psoriasis (psoriasis) – Petr.

Itching of genitals – Carb-ac; in the genitals before menstruation; scrotum – Graph. In swollen genitals, Sep. Itching after menstruation – Tarent. Itching and burning in the genitals, with eruptions on the inner thighs during menstruation – Sil.

Itching of the genitals during pregnancy; in constipation and hemorrhoids – Coll. Itching in the genitals – Calad.

Rawness, itching, burning in female genital parts – Carb-v. Heat, itching, blistering herpetic eruption on genitals – Dulc. With inflammation of labia – Apis; Coc-c. Itching on the pubis – Berb. Itching at anus – Lyc.