Homeopathy for rhinitis

Arsenicum album. Frequent sneezing without coryza. Violent coryza with hoarseness and sleeplessness. Discharge of watery mucus from the nose. Violent runny nose. Profuse epistaxis after violent vomiting. When irritated, profuse nosebleed. Coryza is runny and irritating. Burning near nostrils.

Dryness of the nasal mucosa. Violent continuous sneezing. Discharge of acrid fluid from the nose. Sneezing and runny nose every morning, the symptoms pass quickly. Frequent sneezing with runny coryza.

Squilla. Acrid mucus from nose. In the morning, an attack of severe liquid coryza. Coryza with ulceration of nostrils. A strong dry cough causes pain in the abdomen. Drawing in left shoulder blade. Sticky mucus in the mouth and vesicles on the tongue. The left eye is smaller than the right. The eyes seem to float in cool water.

Stinging in outer corner of left eye. Tearing pain behind left ear. Burning taste and burning in throat. Insatiable hunger or anorexia. Everything seems sour and bitter. Sweet taste of meat and soup. Nausea with eructation.

Belladonna. Small red bumps on the root of the nose. Sharp pain in the tip of the nose in the evening. Does not tolerate the smell of tobacco smoke and soot. Nose bleed. Very cold nose. Redness and burning of the tip of the nose. Purulent pimples covered with a crust appear on the cheeks and nose.

Smell of rotten eggs in the nose. It looks like something is crawling up the tip of the nose. Painful left nostril in the morning. Great swelling of the upper lip and ulceration of the nostrils.

Ammonium mur. Nose stuffed up at night. Acrid, watery discharge from nose. Fissures of nostrils and upper lip. The patient expectorates tenacious mucus from the throat with great difficulty. Pulsation in tonsils. When coughing, the mouth fills with saliva. Cold between shoulder blades in bronchitis. Lump in chest.

Kali hydroiodicum. Coryza in damp weather. Red swollen nose. An acrid, watery fluid flows from the nose. The eyes are itchy, watery and swollen. The heat is replaced by chills. Urine is brightly colored. Offensive, acrid, thick, green coryza, with burning in the nose. In sciatic neuralgia, the pains are worse at night. Worse from lying on the affected side. Papular eruptions on head and back. Chatty patient. Inflammation of the iris (Mercurius corrosivus).

Natrum carb. Copious coryza from the least draft. Fetid coryza (ozena). Thick yellow-green discharge from the nose. Hard, offensive scabs in nose. The tip of the nose is red and scaly. Accumulation of mucus in the throat in the morning causes coughing. Cough with purulent green sputum when the patient enters a warm room (Bryonia).

Carbo veg. Very often sneezes without runny nose. Sneezing with lachrymation from left eye. Hoarseness, in the evening. The voice is deep and rough. Itching in the larynx causes cough with sticky salty sputum. Frequent short hacking cough. A hard cough causes pain in the upper chest. Evening cough causes nausea and vomiting.

Coughs up large quantities of green mucus. Sneezing causes sudden, sharp pain in the abdomen. Violent runny nose. Menstruation, black before five days. Cramping pain in abdomen before menstruation.

Violent itching of eczema before menstruation. In the morning, a large amount of liquid leucorrhea. Discharge of white mucus from the vagina. Blockage of left nostril for an hour.

Calcarea. Discharge of thick, yellow pus from the nose. Nosebleeds in the morning. Enlarged lymph nodes in the back of the head and armpits. Rash around nostrils. Smell of rotten eggs from the nose. Summer diarrhea. Desire for eggs. Milk is vomited in the form of white curdled lumps. Increased appetite and thirst in the evening. Green, sour diarrhea from undigested food in the evening.

Chamomilla matricaria. Colds in children. Nose stuffed up and dripping hot, watery mucus. Sneezing keeps you awake. Troublesome dry cough. Rhinitis from cold, windy weather.

Cinnabaris. Coryza with violent pressure at the root of the nose. The tonsils are enlarged and red. Great dryness in the throat at night makes the patient wake up. Accumulation of fibrous mucus in the posterior orifices of the nose.

Mercurius corrosivus. Accumulation of thick mucus in the nose. Through ulcers of the nasal septum. The uvula is dark red, swollen and elongated. Burning in throat (Arsenicum album, Arsenicum jodatum. Capsicum). Cramp in pharynx, with vomiting on swallowing (Belladonna).

Nux vomica. Coryza from dry cold weather. Perspiration, pain in the throat.

Mercurius vivus. Inflammation of the nose and throat from damp, cold weather. Hot and stuffy nose. Fluid irritating coryza. Minor discharge from the nose, heaviness in the chest. Sore and sore throat. Pain in the joints. Heat in the face.

Face red and sweaty. Yellow-green, thick nasal discharge (Pulsatilla). Coryza with stuffy feeling in the nose. There is no nasal discharge.

Aconitum. Cold after hot body. Pleurisy with high fever.

Zincum. The body is so exhausted that there is no strength to form a rash. The child wakes up frightened and moves its legs restlessly.

Terebinthina. Edema with dull pain in the region of the kidneys and smoky urine.

Sambucus. Runny nose. The child suddenly jumps up, as if choking.

Sticta. Rough, dry, barking cough. Nose stuffy and dry, Ouch. Nasal secretions dry up so quickly that they cannot be expelled.

Cocculus. Blowing bloody mucus from the nose. Violent coryza all day. Shortness of breath, swallowing air through the mouth. Wheezing, wheezing breath on inspiration. Itching in the back in the evening after undressing, with eruption of red pimples. Paralyzing pain under left shoulder blade. Painful cracking in the cervical vertebrae on moving the head.

Aurum metallicum. Yellow-green discharge from the nose, odorless. Nose swells from walking in open air. Heightened sense of smell. Tickle in the nose. Offensive odor in the nose. Abrasions in both nostrils. Yellow dry crust in right nostril. The smells are too strong. The smell of brandy in the nose.

Tearing sensation in right chin. Nostrils ulcerated and painful. Abrasions in the nose. Swollen cheeks, lips and nose in the morning. The tip of the nose is red. A knobby nose from an addiction to alcohol. In offensive coryza, nostrils sore and cracked. Brown-red raised patches on the nose. Red swelling of the right nostril.

Tears well up in my eyes from the burning pain in the lower part of my nose. Sunlight makes you want to sneeze. Religious sadness. Abrasions in the nose. Drawing pain, tickling and itching in the forehead. Something seems to be crawling inside the nose. Reddish swelling on the left side of the nose. Tearing pain in left eye. Deep ulcers in the nose, with a dry, yellow crust.


Purulent, smelly department, Phos. Loss of taste in colds, Puls. Throbbing pain, swelling, Mag-c. Tumor, with boils under the eye, Merc-c.

Drilling and blisters – Chel. Runny nose, sneezing and runny nose, Euphr. Discharge thick, not irritating, Merc.

Swelling of the nose, constriction in the larynx and hoarseness, Hep. Fluid, corrosive coryza; dry cough, constriction of the chest, Sang.

Tickling cough when inhaling cold air; constant sneezing, coryza – All-s. Fluid, irritating nasal discharge, nose red and swollen, Kali-i.

Loss of smell in colds, Sulph. Loss of smell and taste in colds, Mag-m. Excruciating pains in the bones, Eup-per.

Tendency to take cold, Nat-m; in women with frequent and profuse menstruation, Calc.