Five hysterical means. Nash


Hysterical spasms in the chest. Nervous suffocation spasms, especially when cold. Hysterical palpitations, with shortness of breath, prostration, fainting spells, and exclamations of “I will die!” Very excited. Laughing or crying. Swearing until her lips turn blue. Falls into a faint. Loses consciousness.


Pain is relieved by pressure. Menstrual colic, with pallor and cold sweat.

Asa foetida

Large accumulation of gases in the intestines. Lump in throat. Hysteria from suppression of secretions. Flatulence with eructations, everything rises up. Reverse peristalsis. Nervous symptoms appear after suppression of leucorrhea. All discharges are offensive. Ulcers are extremely sensitive to touch. Osteomyelitis with hypersensitivity to touch (Hepar).


General nervous irritation. She cannot calm down. Tearing pains and convulsions in various places. Sensation as if floating in the air (Sticta pulm.). It’s like your feet are floating in the air. Hypersensitivity of all senses. Sensation as if threads were hanging in the throat. Sciatica, pain worse when standing. It is better if the leg lies on a chair or in a supine position.

Ambra grisea

Convulsive cough with frequent eructations of air. Discharge of blood between periods, after hard stools, or when walking. Very nervous women. They cannot defecate or urinate when others are in the room. Any slight exertion causes bleeding. Nervous old people.