Homeopathic remedies for hatred

Anacardium – easily offended. Hypochondriac. They become vengeful and malicious in their hatred, although they often appear indecisive in their decision-making. They are subject to mood swings. Sometimes they are rude with a desire to swear with obscene words, and at other times they forgive everyone. This polarity is characteristic of feelings of inferiority. They secretly feel inferior to the object of their hatred.

Cuprum metallicum – hatred in people with fixed ideas in the mind. They become suspicious and vicious. They suffer from spasms, convulsions and have a metallic taste in the mouth.

Lachesis – hatred in talkative people. They can become very angry and will look for an opportunity to harm the offender with words. They have a desire to stick the knife in and then twist it some more, for added effect. Furthermore, they feel bloated and do not wear tight clothing around their necks.

Natrum muriaticum – hatred in melancholic. They are easily irritated and hold grudges for a long time, often for years. They cherish their hatred, which they find quite justified. Likewise, they are worse at comfort and have cravings for salty foods.

Nitric acidum – these people do not forget even the smallest things. They are absolutely unable to forgive. They themselves cannot apologize. Not only that, but they are prickly in nature and pester people with their health problems.

Phosphorus – hatred in creative, artistic and very sensitive types. They love to be the center of attention and dislike being pushed out of that position. They can hold grudges and flare up instantly.

Sulphur – people with a strong sense of justice. They hate institutions and organizations. They are philosophical. Stooping fidgets. They can be very good servants because they are very passionate about their hatred.