Homeopathic remedies for jealousy

Apis mellifica – busy as a bee. Jealous workaholics. They are very protective of family and loved ones. When someone threatens their safety, their home, their relationship, they are ready to sting. They are suspicious. Physically, they are prone to problems of mucous membranes, skin and joints. Clumsy.

Arsenicum are fastidious, orderly and restless people. They envy someone who is neater and has more aesthetically refined things.

Hyoscyamus are talkative, suspicious and indiscreet. Jealousy can be so strong that they act thoughtlessly. Fits of laughter at unimportant matters. Fear of being poisoned. Afraid of food, medicine and drinks.

Lachesis are talkative, suspicious people with a bloated belly. Jealousy acts as verbal abuse. Jealousy increases before menstruation or during menopause.

Lycopodium are restless and tense people. They anticipate events with fear. They tend to be professional and may be envious of the accomplishments or popularity of their peers.

Nux vomica – irritable people who use stimulants. They are impatient, never satisfied with their position, and prone to jealousy. They often face digestive problems.

Pulsatilla are timid, sentimental and very changeable. They are easily influenced by others. They are rarely thirsty.

Stramonium – talkative, quick mood swings. They may appear calm, but they flare up and commit violence. They may bite, scratch or stab in this mood. Likewise, they are full of fears; darkness, animals and loneliness. Furthermore, they are prone to stuttering.