Homeopathic remedies for Raynaud’s disease

Cold hands and feet

Raynaud’s disease predominantly affects women and has no known cause. It usually affects both hands and is aggravated by cold weather. Affected fingers change color: white, blue or red. This is due to a slowdown in blood circulation in the small blood vessels of the fingers. If this occurs with atherosclerosis or diseases of the arteries that cause narrowing, then these symptoms are known as Raynaud’s phenomenon.

Calcarea carbonica helps with cold feet at night.

Cuprum – when the soles are on fire, but the rest of the foot feels cold.

Sulphur is very helpful when people suffer from feeling cold feet, but the skin is warm to the touch.

Phosphorus – when the hands are cold, but actually warm.

Blue arms and legs work well with Carbo veg.

Or, if the person is older, then Baryta carb.

Lachesis, Crotalus and Elaps for swelling and paralysis.