Homeopathic remedies for memory loss

Memory loss

Alzheimer’s disease affects brain cells and leads to loss of memory, cognition and reduced intelligence. The disease primarily affects the elderly. Patients get lost in familiar places and are unable to recognize their family members and friends. They forget the words and cannot speak.

Patients become suspicious, angry, moody and highly dependent on family members and caregivers. Homeopathy can slow the progression of the disease and relieve symptoms. Here are a few remedies commonly prescribed for this condition:

Baryta carbonica helps those who regress back to childish behavior. They may experience fear, timidity and shyness, they lack confidence. There is memory loss, and some patients may suffer from chronic diseases of the endocrine glands.

Natrum sulphurica can bring relief to those who are obsessed with past unpleasant events. They may feel sad and lonely, overwhelmed with self-pity. Patients are unable to express their love. These people often have headaches and painful joints.

Nux vomica patients are often angry. Insensitive to other people’s feelings. They are grumpy and irritable. However, they themselves are extremely sensitive to everything. They are easily offended and insult others.

Alumina is an excellent remedy for those who are depressed and afraid of losing their mind. They lose their identity and therefore often change their mood. The patients are cold, constipated, and very hasty in their actions and movements.