Homeopathic preparations for childbirth

Cimicifuga. Very painful labor pains. The woman is extremely impressionable. Thoughts of failure haunt every day. Abnormal position of the uterus, with cutting pains across the abdomen.

Pulsatilla. Pain in uterus during pregnancy (Hamamelis). Malposition. Menstruation absent, late or scanty. Regula is preceded by colic with severe convulsive contractions. Amenorrhea (lack of regulation) after soaking the feet.

Regulations are replaced by vicarious (replacement) epistaxis. Slow, feeble, and ineffectual efforts cause fainting (Nux vomica). Retention of placenta after childbirth (Cantharis). Postpartum pain. Pulsatilla causes milk separation (Urtica urens).

Helonias bioica. Prolapse of the uterus after childbirth. The feeling of fatigue goes from the back to the limbs. Better during work than at the beginning of it (Rhus tox). Pain in the lumbar region is accompanied by uterine disorders. Amenorrhea (Pulsatilla) with flushing to the kidneys. Urine scanty and cloudy.

Heaviness and pressure in the pelvic region. Bloody discharge after childbirth. It seems that the chest is seized in a vise at night. Purulent inflammation of the vagina. Erosion of the cervix, with offensive leucorrhoea. The slightest movement causes bleeding. Persistent itching of the vulva, with rash and abrasions.

Caulophyllum. Atony (lethargy) of the uterus during childbirth. The pains are sharp, convulsive in the bladder, in the groin and in the lower limbs. The head is hot. Headache passes in the open air and is accompanied by nosebleeds.

Acidum fluoricum. During pregnancy, marked rush of blood to the head. Strong itching. Burning pains in the area of ​​small spots. Menses too early and profuse. The blood is thick with clots. The slightest movement causes nausea.

The patient is not afraid of anything and is satisfied with herself. Acrid, irritating leucorrhoea. Fever without chill. Better from cold. Heat and sour sweat. The nipples are very red, sore and cracked. Apathy, with great prostration.

Belladonna. Peritonitis. The abdomen is swollen like a drum. The abdomen is very sensitive to touch. The patient cannot bear the weight of the blanket. The slightest noise makes it worse.

Tilia europea. Postpartum inflammation of the uterus, with violent downward pressure and hot sweat.

Psorinum. Pregnancy with uncontrollable vomiting. Unpleasant body odor. Violent fetal movements. Profuse, offensive leucorrhoea, with pain in the small of the back. Afraid of the cold.

Terebinthina. Pressing down in the region of the uterus. Burning when urinating. Urine cloudy and dark. Dry and red tongue.

Aconitum. Fear of death during childbirth. Retention of urine from cold. The cervix is ​​painful and unable to dilate. Violent burning in the bladder. Childbirth is fast. Burning in urethra when urinating.

Postpartum uterine contractions are painful, persistent, last too long, with great restlessness. Hematuria with varicose veins in the bladder. Acute postpartum peritonitis. Acute orchitis with high fever.

Postpartum convulsions from fright. Absence of menstruation from cold or fright. The mammary glands are hot, hard, tense. Menstruation late, scanty and protracted.

Menstruation stops because of wet feet or cold baths. Uterine bleeding very violent with fear of death. Prolapsus of uterus with great anxiety. Pressure down in the uterus. Postpartum lactational mastitis. Scant amount of milk.

Glonoin. Convulsions during childbirth. Bright red puffy face. Full and hard pulse. Fainting with foam at the mouth. Hands clenched into fists. The thumbs are drawn inward. Fainting, purplish face and black spots before the eyes when menses are delayed. Familiar streets seem unfamiliar to the patient (Petroleum).

Mel cum sale. The pains pass from one iliac bone to another.

Сuprum. Cramps of the flexor muscles.

Belladonna. Oropharynx does not expand during labor (Gelsemium).

Before difficult childbirth – Arn. Constipation in the last months of pregnancy – Coll. False labor pains; tight mouth and weak attempts; postpartum efforts – Caul; from strong nervous tension;

Puerperal melancholy – Cimic; from maldigestion – Puls. Restlessness and fever – Acon. Convulsions – Hydr-ac. Constipation – Verat. Childbirth fever – Acon. Sepsis – Sep.