Homeopathy for gastritis

Inflammation of the stomach lining

Hydrastis. Gastritis with low acidity. Does not digest bread and vegetables. Gastric ulcer. Sour burp. Constipation with hard and lumpy stools. Jaundice. The skin and eyes are dark green-yellow. The urine is very dark. Excrement is light.

Angustura vera. Taste of peach oil. Drawing pain in right side of abdomen when walking in open air. Dull shooting near the umbilicus. Rumbling in abdomen with eructation. Bread tastes sour. Bitter taste after smoking tobacco. Putrid taste in the mouth. Great thirst for cold drinks. Under the ribs on the right, cramps appear when moving.

Frequent hiccups and nausea while eating. Bitter taste in mouth after dinner. Putrid mucus collects in the evening in the mouth, the patient cannot drink. Multiple eructations of air after eating. Cutting in pubis with pressure in rectum.

Momentary trembling on the left side of the abdomen. Cramping in the abdomen when walking. No desire to drink. Thirst for warm drinks. Biliary eructation. Cutting pain in left side of lumbar region.

Pulsatilla. The tongue is coated with a thick, white coating. Heartburn. Vomiting from hot drinks. Desire for cold drinks. Feeling of drooping of the stomach. Weakness and emptiness in the stomach. Biliary eructation in the evening. Purulent taste in the mouth in the morning. Burning taste in the mouth. Sweet taste of beer.

Bitter taste in the mouth in the morning. Bitter taste with desire for lemon juice. In the morning, aversion to milk. All food seems too salty. After drinking coffee, bitter taste. The wine tastes bitter. Bitter taste in bread, rolls, butter and meat. Fresh meat looks rotten. He does not want to eat anything warm, and wants only butter, bread and fruit. In the morning, after milk, nausea. Feeling as if a stone were in the stomach.

Diseases of the stomach from the abuse of ice cream. Worse from biscuits, cakes or fatty foods. The mouth is dry, but there is no thirst. Feeling of heaviness in the stomach after eating. Mucous or watery diarrhea after midnight. The patient demands lemonade (Cyclamen, Sabina and Belladonna). Dyspepsia from mixed foods: meat, cake and ice cream.

Heaviness in stomach one hour after eating. Food seems to linger in esophagus (China. Abies). Bloating, stitching pains and rumbling, after waking from sleep or after supper. Worse from fatty foods (Ipecacuanha, Thuja and Carbo vegetabilis).

Antimonium crudum. The tongue is coated with white. Pain in the stomach from bathing in cold water. Diseases of the stomach from sour food and sour wine. Indigestion from fatty foods. Nausea. Vomit.

Ipecacuanha. Gastritis from colds, ice water, or cakes and sweets. The language is clean. Nausea.

Camphora. Vomiting of bile with blood. Bad breath in the morning. Foam in the front of the mouth and scratching on the palate. Unpleasant warmth in the mouth. The taste of the beef broth is too strong. Tobacco smoke is bitter. Food tastes bitter. Meat is more bitter than bread. Nausea with salivation. Cold sweat on face when vomiting. Cold in the epigastrium. Burning in stomach.

Apomorphinum. Vomiting without nausea.

Arsenicum album. Prolonged hiccough before fever. Gastritis from a cold with ice cream or ice water. Worse after ice cream (Carbo vegetabilis). After breakfast and dinner, pain in stomach and nausea. Constrictive feeling in chest when eating. Anxiety with nausea in open air. Vomiting with stool. Violent burning and severe pain in stomach.

Burning pains. Anxiety, fear and thirst. Worse from small amounts of cold food or drink. Better from warmth. Food or drink causes diarrhea, pain, or vomiting. Worse after eating and drinking. Nausea in the morning. Vomiting in children after eating and drinking. Aversion to food, with great thirst.

After eating, bitterness in the mouth. Bitter taste of beer. The food is not salty enough. Cannot swallow food. Food tastes salty. Does not tolerate the smell of cooked meat. Aversion to any food.

Podophillum. Persistent urge to vomit.

Asarum. Vomiting of greenish gastric juice. Hunger in the morning. Vomiting with great anxiety. Constant nausea in the throat. The eyes are filled with tears. Eructation of air when walking in open air.

Trembling with nausea. Dryness and scratching in the throat. Lack of pleasure from smoking. Hiccup. Bread tastes bitter. Sticky mucus in throat. Tobacco smoke tastes bitter. Frequent belching. Accumulation of fluid in the mouth.

Acidum sulphuricum. Sour vomiting.

Aconitum. Pressive pain and constriction in the stomach and in the hypochondrium. Vomiting and frequent stools. Cold stone lies in the stomach. Retracted on an empty stomach, navel. Burning and constriction in umbilical region. Cold above the navel on the left erupts from the inside out.

Aethusa cynapium. Vomiting in children. Milk is ejected with great effort. The child becomes weak and sleepy. No thirst.

Erygeron. Bloody vomiting with burning in the stomach.

Bryonia alba. Tongue, very white coated. Shootings in the throat when swallowing. In the evening, dryness in the back of the throat. Wants wine and coffee. Doesn’t taste food. Powdery taste in throat. Bad breath. Bitterness in the mouth after dinner and in the morning.

Smokey taste in throat in the evening. In the morning, on an empty stomach, insatiable hunger. In the morning, hunger with thirst and heat. White furred tongue. Putrid taste in the mouth. Heaviness in the stomach. Diarrhea from heat in summer. Yellow-green or watery defecation. Defecation with the smell of old cheese.

Does not want milk, but enjoys drinking it. Lack of appetite. Great thirst after eating. Red rashes on the neck. Burning blisters on the front edge of the tongue. Choking on swallowing food and drink. Scraping in the throat. Dryness on the palate. Spitting much soapy and frothy saliva. Dry mouth without thirst in the morning.

Sweetish, disgusting taste in the mouth. Frequent belching of air. Violent belching after eating. Bitter taste in the mouth in the evening. Feeling as if a stone were in the stomach. Pressure in stomach relieved by belching. Worse when hot weather sets in after cold weather. After eating bitter eructation. Sour burp.

Nausea before going to bed. Vomiting of green and yellow mucus. Vomiting of solid food, not liquid. Nausea even though he hasn’t eaten anything. Nausea in the morning. In the evening, vomiting of mucus. Compression in the lower part of the esophagus.

Kreosotum. Profuse vomiting.

Bismutum. Profuse vomiting with great thirst. Vomiting water. It erupts as soon as it touches the stomach. Food stays in the stomach longer.

Opium. Reverse peristalsis.

Antymonium tartaricum. Violent nausea with general coldness. Cold sweat and drowsiness. Better after vomiting.

Iris. Vomiting of very sour masses. Sour belching. Slime hangs in threads. Bitter or sweetish vomiting. Profuse salivation. Vomiting of thready albuminous mucus.

Ferrum met. Nighttime vomiting of food that remains in the stomach all day.

Petroleum. The pains in the stomach are relieved by eating.

Causticum. Violent burning in the stomach, aggravated by a small amount of cold food or drink. Better from warmth.

Anacardium. Hungry pains in the stomach. Better after eating. Pain from the stomach extends to the back. The feeling of exhaustion is relieved by eating. The pain returns after two hours, when the patient is hungry.

Nux vomica. Heartburn. Sour taste. Pressure in the stomach, as if there were stones in it, 2 hours after eating. Bloating in the stomach. As soon as the patient swallows food, it comes back again. Feeling as if a stone were lying in the stomach an hour after eating. Sour taste after eating. Heartburn. Hypochondriac.

Abdominal distention, the patient must unbutton his clothes. The patient cannot concentrate after eating. Worse from eating at night (Ipecacuanha. Cinchona). Diseases of the stomach from overeating, taking drugs, coffee, tobacco and alcohol.

Dyspepsia one hour after eating. Strong hunger the day before the attack. Desire for meat and fatty foods. Great thirst, but water upsets the stomach. The patient unbuttons his clothes after a light meal.

Bismuthum subnitricum. Violent burning in the stomach, with violent eruption of food, will be a remedy.

Kreosotum. Food cannot be digested. Food is expelled from the stomach undigested after a few hours.

Lycopodium. Constipation with vain urge to defecation.

Carbo vegetabilis. The urge to stool is relieved by passing flatus. Ordinary food causes indigestion. Worse from fatty foods. Great flatulence, worse lying down. Abundance of gas in the stomach. Great burning and icy coldness in the stomach. Worse from fatty foods. Heartburn and acidity.

Zincum metallicum. Heartburn from sweets.

Phosphorus. Stomach burning and dull pain. Strong weakness. Prolapse and emptiness in the stomach.

Cantharis. Burning in stomach. Burning pains in stomach and throat. Strong thirst.

Ipecacuanha. Nausea continues after eating.

Kalium bichromicum. Flatulence, pain and malaise immediately after eating. Heaviness in the stomach. Loss of appetite.

Ferrum metallicum. Night vomiting.

Chelidonium. The stomach perceives only hot drinks.

Phosphorus. Gastric bleeding in amenorrhea.

Cocculus. Insomnia causes weakness, emptiness and exhaustion in the stomach.

Abies nigra. Pain in stomach after eating. It seems that a hard, undigested egg lies in the stomach. Sensation, stone in the epigastric region.

Natrium muriaticum. Drowsiness, torpor and heaviness in the stomach after eating.

Kalium carb. The bloated stomach is ready to burst.

Nux moschata. All food turns into gas. A swollen stomach presses on the organs of the chest and abdomen.

Calcarea carb. The swollen and swollen stomach resembles an overturned gravy boat. Sour vomiting of curdled milk. Sour vomiting.

Staphysagria. Loss of energy and exhaustion. The patient seems to be dying. A relaxed stomach hangs down.

Sulphur. Hunger appears at 11 o’clock in the morning. Weakness, emptiness and exhaustion in the stomach at 11 o’clock in the morning.

Ignatia. Relaxed stomach hangs down. Emaciation, emptiness and weakness in the stomach is not relieved by eating.

Iodum. Pulsation in stomach, back and fingers.

Sepia. Emptiness and emaciation in the stomach. Vomiting in pregnancy. Emptiness in the stomach. Nausea at the thought or smell of fatty foods (Colchicum).

Lachesis. The touch of clothes to the region of the stomach is accompanied by pain.

Argentum nitricum. The stomach is ready to burst from gases. Difficult belching. Air rushes out with a loud noise. Noisy burp. The patient desires sweets.

Crocus. Something in the stomach jumps or moves.

Natrium phosphoricum. Loss of energy in the stomach. Puffiness. Expressed thirst. Pain and vomiting from water. Increased acidity of the stomach, After sour vomiting on the teeth, remains set on edge. Sour burp. Yellow coating on the posterior pharyngeal wall.

Profuse flatus, cutting pains under chest, vomiting of mucus – Carb-v. Vomiting, pain in the pit of the stomach extending into the chest, swelling – Carb-ac.

Violent pains in the stomach, cutting or burning; vomiting of mucous masses, loss of strength; cooling – Ox-ac. Tongue white, eructation by winds and food – Ant-c.

Sour belching – Sul-ac, with gastric pain and flatulence – Arg-n. After meal; especially fatty, oily and sugary – Calc.

Eructation of food with acid an hour after eating – Sulph. Fullness after least meal, constipation, urine with red sediment – Lyc.

Constant eructations and vomiting of very sour liquid – Rob. Earthy complexion, yellow tongue, fainting after eating, alternating diarrhea with constipation – Hydr.

Pain in stomach spasmodic and grasping – Nux-v. Burning pain – Ars. Cutting pain – Ox-ac.