Homeopathy for genital itching

Sepia. Violent itching of the vulva, leading to miscarriage. Menses too late, scanty or profuse. Amenorrhea. Pain in the lumbar region and frequent urination with metritis. Metrorrhagia during menopause. A drawing or pressure on the bottom, as if all the organs would fall out through the perineum.

The patient is forced to cross her legs so that they do not fall out. Abscess of the labia. Constrictive, burning or prickling pain in the uterus. Sexual intercourse is painful due to dryness of the vaginal mucosa; followed by bleeding. Aversion to sexual intercourse. Exhaustion after intercourse.

Cantharis. Violent itching in the vagina and lustfulness. The sound of water causes spasm. Imperative urge to urinate. Urine comes out in drops with extreme pain. The pain is burning and cutting in the neck of the bladder. Violent pains with intolerable tenesmus. Urine burns. Every drop of urine is like burning acid.

Burning pains in the urethra, with ineffectual attempts to urinate. When urinating, the pain in the back and abdomen is so severe that the patient cannot urinate without groaning or screaming. Tearing pains and burning in the urethra before, during and after urination. Marked sexual arousal.

Thuja. Tickling, itching and heavy bleeding from warts. Unbearable pains and tenesmus of the bladder at the end of urination. Cutting after urination. Red urine with thick brick sediment. Burning in urethra when not urinating. Cutting when urinating.

Natrium muriaticum. Inflammation of the vulva with hair loss in the vulva. Itching of the vulva, with hair falling out of them. Pimples on the forehead. Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy; morning sickness with vomiting of frothy watery mucus. Coitus painful due to dryness of the vagina. It is accompanied by burning and tingling. Dry mouth and skin.

Nitricum acidum. Voluptuous itching of the vagina after intercourse. Discharge of bloody fluid from the vagina or bleeding due to overexertion. Menses irregular, early, profuse, like muddy water. Pain in the back, buttocks and thighs during menstruation.

Kreosotum. Violent itching of the vulva and vagina, worse during urination. Lochia lumpy, offensive, intermittent discharge. Cancer, erosion of the cervix. Atrophy of the mammary glands with the formation of small, hard, painful nodes in them. Severe pain during intercourse. Burning in the genitals, followed by discharge of dark blood.