Homeopathy for molluscum contagiosum

Thuja. Bleeding warts with burning. Flat, fleshy and moist warts with fissures. Mushroom-like or cauliflower-like warts on stipes with itching. Warts sessile after vaccination or suppression of diarrhea. Mottled skin with brown spots. Marble skin with a network of capillaries. Vitiligo, after vaccination or suppression of warts.

Dry or greasy skin. Putrid pustules in closed areas. Furuncles with bloody contents. Herpes. Shingles. Eczema. Freckles and moles. Scarring. Nevuses. Urticaria with papular eruptions.

Sepia. Mottled skin with abrasions. Rough, rough or cracked skin in the folds. Thick crusts on elbows. Ulcers in small joints. Sore pain in the skin all over the body. Sensitivity to the slightest touch. Itching in various places, changing into burning. Itching rash about the joints. Itching and burning in ulcers at night. Itchy blistering rash on face, arms and legs. Red-brown spots on the neck with scales. Yellow spots on the face. Lichen.

Natrum muriaticum. The skin is oily or dry, yellow. Cracks in the skin or herpetic eruptions in the area of ​​the folds of the joints or in the area of interphalangeal joints on the hands. Dry eruptions on the edge of hair growth. Warts on the palms. With hives, whitish blisters form. Corns. Painful scars. Redness in the area of old scars.

Cracks in the fingers. Ingrown toenails. Salty hair. Lip herpes. Restraint. Desire for loneliness. Goodwill. Fear of crowds, thunderstorms and narrow spaces. Desire for salt, fish, oysters, garlic, and anything bitter. Awkwardness. Drops things.

Lycopodium. Itching during the day when warm. The skin is cracking. Painful eruptions. Urticaria is chronic. Large red spots on the skin. Itching of liver spots. Abundance of freckles. The spots are covered with wrinkles with deep cracks or thick crusts. Large boils appear periodically.

Bleeding ulcers with burning sensation. Itching at night. Ulcers with indurated, red edges. Weeping abrasions. Easily bleeding diaper rash. Unhealthy skin with vesicles. Birthmarks. Warts. Calluses cause tearing pain. Exanthema with burning pain.