Colic in children

Lycopodium. Cutting pain over umbilicus. Burning pain in abdomen. Dyspepsia, with violent croaking sounds in the abdomen. Pain in the lower abdomen. Sensation of fullness and distension in the abdomen, with coldness of the feet. Gurgling and rumbling in the abdomen on the left side. Tearing, shooting, throbbing and pressing pain in the region of the inguinal ring.

Spasmodic pain in abdominal muscles at night. Infringement of intestinal loops, swollen with gases. Incomplete passage of gases. The gases cannot come out and cause severe pain. Great accumulation of flatulence in the abdomen, with rumbling, especially in the right hypochondrium. There is constant fermentation in the abdomen with loud croaking sounds. Violent rumbling of gases in the left hypochondrium.

Argentum nitricum. Stitching pain in left abdomen. Raw pain in abdomen, with great hunger. Attacks of severe pain occur at irregular intervals. The patient rolls on the floor in pain. Fullness, heaviness, distension of the abdomen with anxiety. Flatulence. Spasms. Cutting pain. Spasms, feeling of a tight bandage. Pain in the hypochondria. Intolerance to tight clothing. Most stomach symptoms are accompanied by violent eructations.

The patient burps air and a little undigested food (Phos., Fer). Air tends to leave the stomach, but the esophagus is spasmodically compressed. Sensation of spasm, pressing pain in stomach and nausea. The attack passes with violent and frequent belching of air.

Colocynthis. Distension of the abdomen with flatulence. Spasmodic pain and constriction in the intestines after a fit of anger. Extreme penetrating spasmodic pain causes the patient to double over. Pain in the abdomen while walking in the region of the navel. Colic with cramps in the legs. Colic after eating. The pains in the abdomen are relieved by double bending and after exercise.

Cutting and shooting in the abdomen, with trembling and tearing pain. Great tenderness, soreness and feeling of emptiness in the abdomen. Rumbling in the stomach. Constant nausea and belching. Bitter taste in all food and drink. Colic and diarrhea, although the patient eats very little. Pain in stomach after eating. Vomiting of food or greenish liquid. Vomiting with diarrhea.