Homeopathy for lung cancer

Phosphorus. Restricted breathing. The cough is wheezing and dry. Cough with retching and burning in the airways. Cough from laughter. Expectoration frothy, sweetish or cold. Pneumonia on the left. Pain in the upper chest on the left. Sensation of heat in chest when coughing. Choking after coughing.

Repeated bleeding. Sudden loss of strength and fainting. Sudden attacks of weakness and shooting pains. Feeling of emptiness in the chest. Sensation of tightness in the chest when coughing. Easily angry, from which he suffers. Anxious. The need for empathy. The patient laughs at serious things.

Arsenicum album. Dyspnea is worse from smells and from laughter. Wheezing, hoarse breathing. Asthma in the middle of summer. Cough dry at night. Sputum scanty, frothy. The face is bluish, covered with cold sweat. Strong anxiety. Pulmonary edema. Feeling of burning or coldness in the chest.

Cough with expectoration of bloody sputum. Burning everywhere. Stabbing pain in the upper lobe of the right lung. Yellowish spots on chest. Worse at night and from cold food. Better from warmth and motion.

Conium. Dry, nocturnal cough. Worse from cold air. The sputum does not come out well. Yellow and purulent sputum with an unpleasant odor. Dry, barking cough. Coldness of the chest. Pain in apex of left lung. Pain in one side of the chest. Pressure behind the sternum. Throbbing pains in the heart, with pain in the upper left side of the chest.

Cannot bear pressure of clothes on chest (Lach.). Cancer of the left lung after removal of the left breast for cancer. Great puffiness and purplish coloration of the whole left arm (Lach). Swelling and enlargement of lymph nodes in the left armpit. Sensation of tightness on the left side of the chest.

Bryonia. Hoarseness of voice with perspiration. Asthma in the afternoon. Cough on going from cold to warm air (opposite Phos.). Cough when talking. The cough is dry, hard and painful. Choking cough after midnight. Rusty sputum, streaked with blood. Dry and chapped lips. Doesn’t want to be disturbed. Right sided pleuropneumonia. Cough with severe pain in the chest. Dry pleurisy during pneumonia. The pain is relieved by lying on the affected side.