Cancer of the lymph nodes of the neck

There are metastases, but the primary tumor site is not defined

Scrophularia nodosa. Enlargement of any lymph nodes. Hodgkin’s disease. Skin lesions. Resorption of breast tumors. Drowsiness, fatigue and fullness all over the body. Irresistible sleep before dinner and prolonged after dinner. Itching of the vagina. Hardening in the mammary glands (Scirrhinum).

Eczema behind the ears. Milk scab. Violent photophobia (Conium). Spots before eyes. Pain in the liver on pressure. Painful bleeding hemorrhoids. Great dyspnea with oppression of the chest and trembling. Pain in the bifurcation of the trachea. Itching with prickling on the dorsum of the hand.

Great drowsiness in the morning and after eating, with a feeling of weariness. Ringing in the ears and sudden stoppage. Accumulation of sweet saliva. Perspiration in the throat. After dinner, frequent urination. Contractive pain across the chest. Cramps in the palms. Weakness in the knees.

Conium. Hard cancerous tumors with tearing pains. The lymph nodes are painful, enlarged and hard. Indolent indurations, with a feeling of numbness. Seals in the abdomen. Enlarged mesenteric lymph nodes. Cervical, axillary, or inguinal lymph nodes appear as knotted bands or rosaries (Bar-c). Colds of the glands. Malignant process in the glands. Pain in axillary glands, with sensation of numbness in arm.

Hard scars and keloids (Bellis-p., Calc-f). Bruised feeling (Rhus-t.). Pain in previously injured area (Arn). Always chilly. Takes cold from slight exposure to cold. First, the lymph nodes are affected. Lymph nodes are enlarged or atrophic. Mood swings. Loves the sun. Feels restless in the sun. Lack of appetite. Bulimia.

Cistus canadensis. Cancer. Enlargement of glands and lymph nodes. It affects the glands of the nasopharynx, neck and left mammary gland. Herpetic eruptions. Creeping ulcers. The patient is sensitive to cold. Coldness in throat and stomach. Discharge from mucous membranes is thick, yellow and offensive.

Suppuration. Itching inside and out. Crawling sensation all over the body. Malignant diseases of the cervical lymph nodes. Poison bites. Poison wounds. Gangrenous ulcers. Burning. Sealing and hardening. Corns with cracks. Headache if the patient skips a meal. Cracks in the corners of the eyes. Eczema in the ear.

Feeling cold or burning in the nose. Chronic rhinitis. Osteomyelitis of the lower jaw with suppuration of the cervical lymph nodes. Cancer of the lower lip, with ulceration and bleeding. Pain in throat when coughing. Lymph nodes swell and suppurate. Goiter with frequent diarrhea.