Complications of chemotherapy

Homeopathy for complications from chemotherapy

Nux vomica. Constipation after chemotherapy. Metallic taste in the mouth in the morning or after eating. Sour taste in bread and milk. The food seems tasteless. Feeling of hunger against the background of aversion to food. Lack of hunger. Thirst with aversion to water, milk and beer. Wolf hunger after drinking beer. Bulimic attacks in the afternoon. During eating there is heat in the head, nausea and fainting.

Inclination to vomit and nausea after eating. Vomiting of food and pain in the stomach. Heartburn and headache. Anxiety, dizziness and fainting. Body coldness and chilliness. Tiredness and drowsiness. Belching with spasms of the esophagus. Stormy hiccups. Belching with air is difficult. Heartburn after eating sour or fatty foods. Belching and vomiting of blood with clots. Indigestion from overeating and from too much medicine. Feeling: all the insides are about to fall out.

Sensation of constriction or tightness under the ribs. The patient cannot bear tight clothing around the hypochondria. Stitches in the region of the liver. Bloating of the abdomen after eating. Colic with flatulence in the morning and after eating. The gases cannot escape and put pressure on the organs of the chest. Anxiety, fatigue and desire to lie down.

Phosphorus. Bitterness in the mouth after eating. Sour taste in mouth after eating. Loss of taste sensations. Desire to eat only cool food. Desire for spicy food. Hunger after eating. Bulimia at night with great debility. The patient faints if he does not eat. Thirst, desire for refreshing drinks. Belching with pain in stomach after eating. Vomiting of sour food. Heartburn. Hiccup. Nausea after eating. Nausea disappears when eating or drinking water.

As soon as the water warms up in the stomach, it erupts back. Vomiting of mucus at night. Vomiting and diarrhea. Pain in stomach is ameliorated by cold food. Sharp pain all over the abdomen. Shooting pain in the liver. Distension of the abdomen after eating. Enlargement and induration of the liver, with pain. Flatulence. Profuse diarrhoea, with great debility. Diarrhea exhausts the patient. Constipation. Constant ineffective urge to defecate.

Arsenicum album. Putrid or acrid taste in the mouth. Complete lack of thirst or drinks all the time, but little by little. Desire for cold water, coffee and milk. Loss of appetite. Aversion to all food, especially meat and butter. Vomiting, eructation and pain in stomach after eating. Frequent convulsive hiccough at night. Great pain in stomach when touched. Bloating and tension in the abdomen. Pain in stomach after eating or at night. Sensation of pressure in the region of the liver.

Ascites. Unbearable burning in abdomen. Pain in abdomen on coughing and laughing. Exhalation of gases with a putrid odor. Constipation with frequent fruitless urging. Burning in anus. Involuntary passing of stool. Violent diarrhea, with vomiting, thirst, and great weakness. Night diarrhea. Discharge of mucus from the anus. Prolapse of the rectum with great pain. Itching and burning in the rectum at night.