Homeopathy for the effects of radiotherapy

Radium bromatum. Weight loss. Feeling of an onset of illness; can barely move. Aching pains all over the body. Great restlessness, must constantly move. Can hardly move due to weakness. Black stinking stool. Pain in limbs and joints; can’t walk. Fatigue, exhaustion and weakness. Exhaustion. Sensation: the whole body is on fire. Sharp punctures all over the body, like electric shocks.

Generalized itching. Rash all over the body, lacrimation and complete weakness. Sudden pain. Sensation of an electric discharge in the whole body during sleep. Nausea before eating, relieved by eating. Slow digestion, although appetite is good. Colic in stomach, relieved by violent eructations.

X-ray. Hyperemia of the skin with desquamation. Blisters with intense pain. Non-healing ulcers. Bone marrow destruction. Osteomyelitis. Violent burning, stinging and stabbing pains. Loss of strength and apathy. Fatigue and weariness. Feeling faint. Trembling is everywhere. Tingling in the limbs, like numbness. Discharge with a strong odor. Calloused warts. Condylomas after exposure to x-rays (Calc-fl.). Tumors of the mammary gland. Leukemia. Lipomas. Thickening of nails. Multiple sclerosis.

Cadmium sulphuratum. Extreme exhaustion and prostration, prostration with vomiting. Icy coldness in the body. Weakness in one arm and one leg. Crawling sensation under the skin. Feeling of numbness. Pain in paralyzed parts of the body. Twisted mouth with paralysis of the facial nerve. Trembling of the lower jaw. Can’t close eyes. Difficulty speaking and swallowing.

Craving for cold water in small portions; pulls it out immediately. Violent urge to vomit and spasms in the throat. Severe nausea and vomiting. Black vomit. Goosebumps combined with heartburn. Pigmented spots on the face from exposure to the sun. Stopping breathing on falling asleep. The patient is afraid to fall asleep again. Prolonged insomnia. Sleeping with open eyes. Body cold as ice.

Phosphorus. Sudden loss of strength. Fainting. Sudden attacks of weakness. Sweating and shooting pains. Involuntary actions. Empty feeling in stomach. Oppression of the chest when coughing. Paralysis of the throat and rectum. Feeling of internal itching. Tickling and throbbing in various places. Numbness. Burning sensation. Spasmodic contraction, muscle twitching. Afraid to be alone at dusk. Afraid of ghosts and thunderstorms.