Homeopathy for periodontal disease

Carbo vegetabilis. Jerking toothache. Throbbing pain from hot or cold. Pain from too salty food. Chronic loosening of teeth. The gums exfoliate from the incisors and the necks of the teeth are exposed. Irritation and ulceration of the gums. Bleeding gums. Heat in the mouth. Dry mouth without thirst. Roughness of the mucous membranes in the mouth and on the tongue. The tongue is covered with a white or yellow-brown coating. Sore mouth. Abrasions on the tongue.

Borax. Spasmodic pain in teeth in damp weather. Pain with swelling of the cheek or swelling of the gums. Sharp, drawing pain in carious teeth. The pain spreads to the head. Pain on contact with cold water. Pressive prickling in teeth immediately after supper or breakfast. Better from smoking tobacco.

Shooting pain in teeth, with shootings in ears and headache. Ulcers on the gums, with inflammation and swelling of the cheeks. Bleeding gums. Bleeding aphthae in the mouth and on the tongue. Numbness of the tongue. The mucosa of the palate is wrinkled.

Mercurius corrosivus. Teeth become loose, hurt and fall out. Black plaque on teeth. Aching pain in gums at night. The gums are loose, swollen and bleed easily. The gums flake off the teeth and ulcerate. The gums are covered with false films. Gangrene of the gums. Lips and tongue wrinkled.

Tongue covered with thick white coating and edematous. Dryness of the mouth, with unquenchable thirst. Stomatitis. Mouth congested. Burning in mouth and gums. Bad breath. Salivation with a salty taste. Thick, acrid saliva.

Kreosotum. Jerking pain in teeth in the morning on waking. Bad smell from sick teeth. Dark spots on teeth. Teeth begin to decay as soon as they appear. After extraction, dark, slightly clotted blood oozes from the hole. The gums are bluish-red, soft and porous. Gums edematous, infiltrated with dark watery liquid. The gums bleed easily. Gums are spongy, covered with ulcerations. Scurvy.

Ammonium carb. Toothache on pressure on the teeth. Toothache during menses. The pain radiates to the cheeks and ears. Worse from hot liquid. Stitching pain in molars when chewing. Stubborn shooting pain in teeth. Caries. Chronic looseness of teeth. Rapid tooth decay. Inflammation, swelling, suppuration and bleeding of the gums.